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stars_n_kissesstars_n_kisses1 year ago

I've been thinking about this for a while:
While no problems with PayPal itself ,(yet), I would like to try other online money transfer sites.

Plus if I ever start to open artist commissions (or simply selling stuff away like on MFC),
I want to give potential customers more options to pay.

Any suggestion/s which online transfer sites I should try?

I would appreciate it.
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There's the cash app, my mom and brother use it but I don't know much about it other than they trust it enough to use it.
1 year ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Lotta good answers, but here's one I didn't see mentioned: Amazon payments. Been using it for years and it's great!
1 year ago
PayPal fees are awful, yes.
But it's the only one of the few that technically has decent protections for both buyer and seller.

When someone has a legitimate complaint about PayPal, it's usually the seller. The seller fee ends up being ~5% for international orders, iirc.
Buyers complaining about PayPal actually doesn't make sense because they pay no extra fees besides foreign exchange (see below).

The foreign exchange rates are actually *fairly* comparable to the amount that credit cards charge you for an "immediate" currency exchange. The best method to save on currency exchange is to buy the currency outside of the transaction (forex, bank, etc.)

I do think PayPal is fairly buyer-oriented, but I think that there's a good reason for it. I've seen plenty of my friends suffer from people bullshitting their item conditions (mint does NOT mean opened and displayed) and I can see how other payment processors would leave you in the dark when they happened.

Transactions in Bitcoin though, now that's spicy. I don't think they have any consumer protection there, and I'm not getting how it's superior to traditional transactions, because they STILL charge transaction fees and the value is... in flux.
1 year ago
Personally, I'm looking for an alternative way to pay amiami and the rest.
Not only paypal's exchange rate sucks but their fees are getting insane here.
1 year ago
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
PayPal offers buyer and seller protection for six months, that’s the main reason I stick to it. A lot of other services (like Venmo, bank transfers, and Square) do not offer this.

I know KoFi is popular for artists taking commissions, but I’m not sure if it provides that extra security on the off chance you get scammed.

I think if you’re just buying/selling then go through a site that has buyer protection. If you’re not then just Ben aware of the risks you could be taking.
1 year ago
been using PayPal for receiving payments for my contractor services, but moved recently to using Transferwise: transferwise.co...

They have better exchange rates compared to Paypal (though, still check rate for your currency. For me, USD to Canadian dollar, their fee is usually just equates to 0.6% of the current exchange rate of the day). Additionally, you can open a (virtual) US borderless account with them so US clients can use traditional bank transfer methods such as wire transfers or ACH. I believe there's also UK and EU borderless accounts (if you have UK or EU clients).
1 year ago
For commissions you can use kofi
1 year ago
unRyo1 year ago#43579028Problem with Venmo is that they don't protect you if you get scammed.
The entire reason why I hesitate with using it unless I personally know the person that I'm giving/receiving money to
1 year ago
If you do open commissions you might want to look into alternate payment sites anyway, since Paypal won't protect the seller if you're selling intangible goods like digital art. twitter.com/Tig...

Using an invoice may help but you might want to read up on their ToS regardless.
1 year ago
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Jisung1 year ago#43571689With close friends/aquintances, you could always use Venmo since there's no transaction fees involved. But personally, I wouldn't use it for making sales since it involves friending people via facebook or username. So other than that, I'm not very helpful for it :/

Problem with Venmo is that they don't protect you if you get scammed.
1 year ago
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