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Crazy Prices! How much is too much for you?Crazy Prices! How much is too much for you?

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari3 months agoAsk MFC
With prices on figures increasing as of late I never thought I'd see a figure priced to a certain extent that if I was drinking anything when seeing the price for the first time I would have done a spit take upon seeing the cost for that figure.

This past month there was an announced Masterpiece Optimus Prime Version 3, normally when they do another Optimus Prime release I roll my eyes at it since it's something of the repetitive dull routine every year for Hasbro or Takara to release a new version of Prime and this time the price still has me shaking my head.

You know what the price is for Masterpiece Optimus Prime?



MP44 supposed to be more cartoon accurate and have a TON of Accessories but I can't stop thinking about that price, also saw that a Masterpiece Rodimus Prime MP-09 [that's the one with the Trailer] is getting re-released in January at $230 and the more I look at the Masterpiece series there is only one thought in my head after seeing those prices.


Not paying that much for a figure and that sort of thing just drives me up the wall to see something that looks great and then suddenly the price drains all interest in it.

It's not just figures saw a Bleach Artbook coming out next month and it looked interesting till I saw the price: $140 for an Artbook and looking at how things are getting more expensive it makes me glad to stick to clearance shopping to get scaled figures.

Still just somewhat shocked from the price of MP Prime,good thing the first release version of Masterpiece Prime in this collection and no need to even think of getting another one.

Anyone had a similar reaction to seeing something new but then you want to flip a table over how expensive the item is?

How much is too much to you to spend on a single figure?
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100 is pushing it unless I truly want it and will have 0 regrets, 200 and higher (with a sole exception of ITEM #549417) is where I draw the line. Also if the nendo is pricier than the scale or figma I don't buy it
2 months ago
I only really collect model kits, so my limit is pretty simple.

I don't buy anything if the total cost with shipping exceeds ~250USD. Anything more than that usually has too many parts, and I'm basically guaranteed to lose interest half way through building it, because I don't have a lot of patience.
3 months ago
All are in USD.

The most I've payed for a 1/3 Dollfie so far is $975. That was for a Sheryl Nome right before Volks re-released her.

Not counting shipping, I don't think I've exceeded $200 for a static scale figure.

For a Macross 1/60 Valkyrie, my most expensive one was about $360 (a YF-30 ordered long after the fact, because I was dumb and didn't order one during it's original release). I can't say I'm particularly phased when their prices are around the $300 range. I actually feel it's a good deal if I can get one I want for around $200. But I'm still not on board for the prices on Yamato Premium Finish versions.

I'd say for anything non-Dollfie, I'm pretty desensitized to anything below $400.

For transformable toys, I'm still pretty sensitive to anything over $250 if it isn't a Macross Valkyrie.

For scales, the price range of $100 to $150 seems pretty normal to me.
3 months ago
I try to stick to figures that cost $50 or less. $100 is my general limit, and $200 is my absolute hard no. That's too much money for something I'm only going to look at (or carve into parts for my customs).

I'm heartbroken that a Nendoroid I passed up on when it was $30 seems to have skyrocketed to $250 since they announced a companion coming next year. No way in heck am I paying that much! I'll just buy the companion and hope for a rerelease sometime in the future. >.>;
3 months ago
3 months ago
depends on scale and type.

don't mind going as high as 700 if it is a totally awesome 1/3 scale.
300 for 1/4 bunnies
300 for 1/7 if it has cool looking pose and gear (like Jeanne Alter)
275 for 1/8 if it comes with something massive like a bike (P5 Makoto w Joanna)

300 for mechas in the chogokin line

i guess 300 is the magic number (looking at megahouse, don't you dare go above this for the Elric brothers and L/Kira combos).
3 months ago
It varies with me, but generally I try to avoid going over $50 per individual figure if it can be helped--especially stuff like amiibos and Funko Pops. (The most I've paid for the latter thus far is Cortana, who I got at ~$40 and was going for $100+ everywhere else I looked)

It's why I don't own any Bring Arts figures as of this post. [thinks about KH!Sora and 2B, grumbles over prices which never seem to dip below $100]
3 months ago
Most I ever spent was around $360(including EMS) for a grail ITEM #1618 I'd been eyeing up for some time. Otherwise, I try to keep within a budget of $120-$130 for new figures/pre-orders and around $60-$90 for pre-owned A/A or A/B.

The exception being NekoPara's Chocola ITEM #549563 and Vanilla ITEM #549564 by Grizzly Panda (Native).

My will could not contend with the compelling power of NekoPara.
3 months ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Figures are one thing but then there's dolls, you'll end up selling your soul
3 months ago
Most I've ever dropped on a PVC of one character was $175 with shipping, but that was because it was a steal. ITEM #41773

I think the scale Yue figure will easily beat this after shipping.
ITEM #464229

Most I will pay for a non-GK comission is 20k unless it is more than one character. I.e. this: ITEM #740179

GK: depends on the character and intricacies requested. I have a commission right now that I've dropped $600 on roughly.
3 months ago
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