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Salty salesSalty sales

DaichukiyoDaichukiyo3 months agoDiary
Hey everyone, if you are looking for an uplifting blog post to read, it's probably best you click away, because warning: there's a lot of salt ahead!

Basically, I sold an item I paid a lot of money for at a loss because I needed the money. I was totally fine with this as I hoped someone would enjoy it much more than I would. The reason why I am extra salty is because my post office made me pay $20 postage to send it within my own country, because it was 6g over the 500g cut off point (which would have only cost me $8.50). To sum up: I only have $30 left of an item that cost me $90. I just feel really disappointed and upset. I also kind of regret it. Has this ever happened to anyone else before? Feel free to comment your salty sale stories below so we can cry together! ;~;

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Kuromii Haikyuu nerdlord
Yes! I had the exact same problem when I tried to send a Christmas parcel to my friend in Japan last year. It was 6g over the 2kg limit, so the price shot up from £20 to over £50!! I asked the post office staff if there was any leeway because REALLY? 6 GRAMS??? But nope, so I said don't worry I'll repack and took it home, put it all in a box that was fractionally smaller, packaged up again and took it back the next day. 200g lighter.

"Furious" does not cover what I felt xD
3 months ago
No, as I don't sell figures, statues or goods, if I no longer want them for some reason, I gift them. I have however overpaid for an item due to not doing research on it before buying... which I learned to accept because it did teach me a valuable lesson about taking my time and not just blindly rushing into something.

As for a salty story... well I am ashamed to admit several years ago in what I call the first age of my collecting... I started seeing someone who was against figure/toy collecting (actually against me collecting anything at all TBH), as such when we moved in together I gave away everything I had collected up to that point... many anime characters, lots of horror characters and monsters, and all of my old toys and such from growing up. It took the better part of a year to realize how stupid I was. In the end I really should not be salty since I was just a moron and it was no fault of life or fate that led me to do any of that, and really just taught me a lesson I should have honestly already known. The one good thing that came out of it was most of the toys and such donated did go to several needy kids. Oh well live and learn.
3 months ago
Ahh I just sold a figure on eBay and accidentally way undercharged the shipping! The selling price was quite low as well so it was a really bad sale but I was just tired of having her in my room lol so I didn't bother canceling it. My friend told me that he really liked her the same day I sent it so I really wish I just gifted it to him instead though... ;v;

Oh well, sometimes you make bad sales but you probably made someone's day and I'm sure you'll find some good sales in the future to make up for it~
3 months ago
I regret giving away some figures, manga, and anime that I've given away for free. I'm not salty or bitter about it, it's more of a "well I wish I still had them/I could've made a little money at least"
3 months ago
In future, look at courier services. I recently sold a special edition game for £140 and the post office wanted £70 to send it to Czech because it was 5kg. (I had charged £25 postage but no way was I willing to take that loss after I already sold it at a discount as it was).
Guy at the post office told me to look at a courier service instead, so I did. Found DPD, sent it fully tracked, 2 day postage from UK to CZ for £19.
3 months ago
Think about it this way, eventually you will buy some other figure from your wishlist for 60$ less than its release price.
3 months ago
A few years ago, I decided to sell a couple of items, as I had determined to steer my collection in a different direction. I underpriced it a bit in order to go ahead and free up some space, and threw in free shipping as well; I wasn't looking for a profit or anything. Fortunately I found a buyer. In a different country than my own (I'm in the US).

At the time I didn't really realize how much it costs to mail things out of the US, so I woefully underestimated shipping costs when I priced my items and included "free shipping". This was a significant error on my part.

After I shipped it out, I went back home and figured out that with Paypal fees and shipping fees, I had earned a grand total of 25 cents on the sale. That's not profit over what I paid for the item originally, but the total amount I ended up getting back for selling it. At least it got to the buyer safely and they were really happy to get it.

I don't ship outside the US anymore. It's usually cheaper for others to just buy it from somewhere in Japan.
3 months ago
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
I recently was looking at a figure I sold years ago that I kinda sorta liked, but just didn't feel I had room for at the time ... I didn't lose money on the sale, but now it's worth like 3x as much and is super rare. Ugh. It's so hard sometimes ... b/c it's nice to get the money (especially if value has gone up), but then a figure can be even harder to find later and there can be regret about selling. I do sometimes miss some of my (outrageously huge) "Previously owned" list LIST #10432 ... but it helps remind me not to go TOO crazy with impulse buys and I try not to entertain the idea of re-buying a previously owned and sold figure!
3 months ago
Libra-pon (3 months ago) #45195271Had something similar happen before when shipping a PVC figure to another country. I expected the shipping to be EUR 10, but ended up paying almost 20 bucks for shipping + tracking. But I personally didn't mind the small loss in the long run because I ended up receiving a very happy message from the buyer, and their happiness is my happiness. Giving a figure a new home and making sure it arrives in the same condition I shipped it in so the new owner can enjoy it just as much as I used to is my biggest priority. Now, I'd be lying if I didn't like the extra cash on the side, but I've come to expect a margin of loss in favor of a pleasureable experience from both sides.
At any rate, sometimes you do underprice and sometimes shipping does come out to be more expensive, but at the same time, you can always make a bargain in the future when you least expect it, so it all evens out eventually. c:
Best of luck in your future sales!

Ah, that sucks how it happened to you too, but it's really awesome of you to be able to see the bright side in things! I really agree with you, making other people happy makes me happy too :) Haha you're also right about the bargain thing, what goes around comes around! And thank-you so much, I hope everything goes well in the future for you too!
3 months ago
ddarko (3 months ago) #45192459I haven’t had a similar experience selling ( though I’ve had my fair share when buying preowned items where I ended up over paying and found it for cheaper elsewhere shortly after ). But the way I see it, you had good intentions and you even wanted someone to be happy and enjoy the item. So I think that was really nice of you. If it helps in anyway, you might have kept the item you sold, had it go through an accident or depreciate, and ended up not even getting $30 for it. So I wouldn’t worry too much over it :)

Aww sorry to hear about you getting overcharged on those pre-owned items. >< Also, thanks so much for your kind words, they really do make me feel better! You make a really good point with that, I should just be happy that someone will hopefully love it much more than I did. ^^
3 months ago
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