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Gun X Sword - Wendy Garret - Episode #17 Series (Max Factory)Gun X Sword - Wendy Garret - Episode #17 Series (Max Factory)

rikagarikaga9 years agoReview
hi friends~
i'm Rikaga ^^
today i'm going to review Wendy Garret from Max Factory's 600 collect series ^^
and this Wendy is a girl from the anime Gun x Sword, a highly-full action-packed series ^^

(forgive the size, i'm not good in resizing ^^;)
click on the picture to see more details.

as we see, the box.

the box is showing all characters in swimsuit version, very sexy to me. lol.
sorry for the flash^^
still learning on it.

and the bonus sticker. yes! there is a bonus sticker! 1 big horse and 3 of the small ones around.
my friend took one away to stick it to her phone so i guess i loose one; no big deal anyway.

now let's see the sculpt.
very good sculpt for a few cm tall trading figure ^^
i'll discuss about the posing later. she is a tsundere girl;
trying to be Van's bride ^^
she is well made in this swimsuit form^^

http://j.imagehost.org/t/0624/wendy_11_1.jpg http://j.imagehost.org/t/0326/wendy_3.jpg http://j.imagehost.org/t/0137/wendy_4.jpg http://j.imagehost.org/t/0846/wendy_5.jpg

feel free to see on your own ^^
the painting; there's no figures made perfect, and so isn't she. she is just a few cm tall trading figure. lol. but i have to admit, the paintjob on her swimsuit curves are pretty "layered" with a few more lays of paint.

she is posed well, and you can almost make her sit anywhere;
there. she sits on the character i hated the most. no fence. kay? lol.

sorry i had no pictures of her base right now; but let me describe it.
circle shaped (duh)
transparent blue color which is good in my opinion. ^^
but she isn't sticking to her base so there's freedom to make her sit anywhere anyway ^^

Packaging. i already wrote about it at the top. ^^

last, the enjoyment.

a very cute trading figure; and she's the first swimsuit girl figure i've bought, and she wasn't bad; in fact, i like her^^
i could have gotten home with another figure in my hand but she's only one left in stock and i have to acquire her, so.....
well, i can't expect more of this! ^^
will complete this line if i had more money.

can sit on anywhere
kawaii face
the gun pocket in her back is castoffable
pretty nice details.

the eyes isn't really well painted (or stick-ed if it was a sticker)
the gun pocket is kinda hard to put in; or to take off.
her spiky hair might cause discomfort of space if you brought her for a trip to the sea etc.

final words is, i like this figure and i hope you do, too. ^^
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