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The Best Figure you acquire in 2018The Best Figure you acquire in 2018

jnarajnara15 days agoReview
Since 2018 is gonna pass in a few hours, may i know which figure is the best figure you ever acquire in 2018?

For me its Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - Shikishima Mirei - 1/7 (Kadokawa). I always wanted to buy this figure but unfortunately its so expensive but one day it popped out it pre-owned and im glad i bought it.
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4 days ago
4 days ago
Hi, for me it's ITEM #464829 :)

Just amazing pose and very good quality.
12 days ago
rubylily (15 days ago) #47195208-snip-
Oh you're right! I forgot she reached me during 2018. She's on my top favorites as well
13 days ago
For me it's ITEM #396963

She had been released over a year before I got her. I did actually pre-order her but the site never got her in nor have any updates about her (to this day she is still preordered on that site, facebook account was deleted, they dont reply to their emails nor Twitter messages and I had to pay a £20 deposit on her which is now gone. The site is still up though >>). So after giving them months upon months to get her I gave up. Then someone on here was selling her and I jumped. I'm so happy to have her on my collection <3
13 days ago
ITEM #460012

Was late to the party for Gecco Doll, but still managed to find her close to retail.

She is awesome and big.

If its more generic anime stuff, ITEM #501857 takes the cake for me. Perfect sculpt, nice scale, almost like a mini diorama, only complaint i have is the base could be more detailed.
13 days ago
ITEM #331664 for me - waited over a year for her and really, really happy with the final product. new favourite :>
13 days ago
For me it has to be Leviathan ITEM #97001
She's been on my wishlist back and forth for so many years, but I've never ended up purchasing her. 2018 I was lucky enough to find a seller for her in Sweden, who was looking to get rid of their entire collection, so I also got her for a really sweet price!
13 days ago
This is such an interesting post!
This year I tried to minimize the number of figures I acquired and even sold some I owned, so when I read this I go to my MFC manager and look at how many I got... WTF?! 67?! No way! Σ(°△°|||)︴
But then I looked at the categories, 4 scales, 15 action (most of them nendos), 26 gachapons! ∑(O_O;) the rest are nendo accessories... a lot (×_×)⌒☆
Now I know what I need to control better this new year... (・・;)ゞ
Well I would be doubting between ITEM #639573 and ITEM #604653, they were the ones I most expected to own, but since Lala came with too many flaws, the first place belongs all to Kaito KID from Kotobukiya! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Also, he is my first figure with limited bonus! It was such a hard decision to make whether to go for it or not...
14 days ago
Tough choice, 2 Persona 5 scales in same year. Winner goes to:

Sakura Taisen's Kanzaki ITEM #604550

btw, i can answer for next year too. 2019 will be Jeanne Alter ITEM #464669 unless she gets delayed to 2020
14 days ago
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Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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