LOOT: Bleach 1/6 Ichigo - Hollow FormLOOT: Bleach 1/6 Ichigo - Hollow FormLoot

StacycmcStacycmc1 year ago

Hello fellow collectors!

So let me first say, that I am a fan of Bleach, and while there are a few Ichigo figures out there, I wasn't really "in love" with any of them that were still obtainable for a decent price. I wanted an Ichigo, that 1) showed Ichigo's face, but 2) if it could be super bad-ass and have his hollow mask or something...BONUS for sure!

I first saw RYU Studios Ichigo prototype, way back when it was just a digital concept art (ITEM #602161), I remember thinking OMG, this is it!!! Finally!! BUT...then I researched RYU and well nothing negative about their company at all, as their pieces look great...other than good luck getting them without selling your kidneys and left leg if you live in most parts of the world. I won't go into great detail, as I think I did that already on the product page above, but basically you'll end up having to go through a proxy who will have to pay custom fees and shipping (because guess what, they can't get it from the warehouse because their license doesn't cover there or something like that) add in the proxy fees then shipping from them to you, and all that adds up to damn near the cost of the actual figure itself, so a $700 figure (which is already pretty expensive if you ask me) then becomes around $1300-$1400. So, thus ended my hopes of getting RYU's Ichigo.

So I'd pretty much given up, when I happened across a picture of this figure on one of the Facebook groups I'm in. This is Ichigo - Hollow Form by Last Sleep:


I thought, wow...that's pretty impressive! AND you get Ichigo with 2 heads (with and without his Hollow mask), plus his bad-ass Vasto Lorde form all in ONE figure? I went back and forth on it, as I did love it and felt this may be my only chance ever to have an Ichigo I really loved (by the way I do also love the Tsume piece (ITEM #345809) and the Square Enix piece (ITEM #41749), but their aftermarket price tags resulted in a no-go for me, plus the SE one is kinda small and the other while totally bad-ass is a form where you can't see Ichigo's face, he doesn't have his signature orange hair, and he is only ever in that amazing form, for like 2 mins). So anyway, my only concern with the Last Sleep piece was that 1) it's unlicensed and 2) why is hair blonde, not orange? So...then I saw a post they made where they showed some additional shots of his Hollow head, and in that his hair was the perfect orange, and they noted they were fixing the color on the final version. So, my fear of forever losing out, won out and I pulled trigger and ordered the piece!

And I can say, I do not regret it one bit!! When I opened him up and started taking out the pieces, and ESPECIALLY once I got it all together, I was sooo glad I went ahead and got this. He was way better than the promo pics made him out to be, so all my sadness about not being able to snatch up the RYU figure, quickly faded away (as until this moment, it was still somewhat my favorite)!

So I'll quit running my mouth, and share pics of the unboxing, the assembly and of course the final piece!

Ok, so here are some of the box. It was quite large and fairly heavy. I had to enlist the help of my dearest husband to get it unpacked. :D Oh, and Sadie (my 18+ year old cat) and Moxxi (my 2 year old Jack Russell) would also like to think they assisted as well.


After removing it from the shipping box, it had a nice black box and inside that it was packaged really well in a super thick styrofoam chest so to speak. :D

Click Here to See More UnboxingClick to Closehttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/01/06/2128671.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/01/06/2128672.jpeg

Inside the Styrofoam were two layers of pieces of the statue tucked away into their own individual slots. Each piece was carefully wrapped with paper with more Styrofoam shoved into nooks and such to keep it all safe and sound. There was a top layer that opened up and then the main chest could be separated into to pieces as well to reveal the bottom layer:


Luckily I had my QA team on standby to inspect each piece as I removed it from the box.

It came with what I'm assuming is a neat little display card that was in a black envelope with string holding it shut:


He came with alternate heads for his more "human" form to swap between (with or without the Hollow Mask), plus the head for his Vasto Lorde form that stands in the back:


Click to See More Head ShotsClick to Close

Here are a few shots of the two bodies:


Click Here for More Part ShotsClick Here to Close

And after taking it all out, I was able to start the assembly!! Much to my dismay there were no instructions for assembly nor did they include a reference image (why in the world not I'll never know), but it was kind of like working on an expensive puzzle, and eventually I was able to get it to come together (though I did have to cheat and reference a few google images once or twice for some of the red swirly goodness)! It uses magnets for the most everything to hold things in place, and some are pretty stout...

Last Sleep - Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki - Resin Figure

And finally here are a few close-ups of the fully assembled statue (you can click on these to see a larger version of the pic):

Last Sleep - Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki - Resin Figure

Click to See MoreClick to Close
Last Sleep - Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki - Resin Figure

And for now, I'm actually using his box as a display stand until I can get some things worked out:


And a couple of my favorite shots...

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/01/04/2127919.jpegLast Sleep - Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki - Resin Figure
Last Sleep - Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki - Resin Figure

Thanks for reading, and hope you saw something that was at least a wee bit entertaining for you!

Laters!! :D

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rai1 year ago#47809632LOVE THIS SO HARDHaha, right?! I was soo happy with it after seeing it in person, I mean it really surpassed my expectations! They really needed to snap better pics of him, they didn't do this figure justice at all in those stock photos they had, so I'm glad I was still somehow convinced to pull the trigger, LOL!!
1 year ago
Lady-Megatron1 year ago#47801631I'm so happy you did a review.
It's a fantastic piece. I pretty sure you don't need another one XD (forget Ryu).
And you did some great pictures there.
Big thanks!!
Haha, yes you're right, I feel way better about passing on the Ryu piece now! LOL! And thanks so much, glad you enjoyed the blog, figure, and the pics!! LOL! :D
1 year ago
rai why am i like this?
1 year ago
I'm so happy you did a review.
It's a fantastic piece. I pretty sure you don't need another one XD (forget Ryu).

And you did some great pictures there.

Big thanks!!
1 year ago
chosokabe_senshu1 year ago#47704916wooow! under 33lbs? that's sounds surprisingly "light," considering how big the whole statue looks like.
I was wondering tho. With $1300, you could have bought LOOOTS of good quality figures, especially the upcoming remake of the G.E.M figure of Ichigo. But as long as you're happy and satisfied with that version, then I guess its worth it.
But aside from Ichigo who already had lots of figures from different manufacturers, I'm hoping that some company would release a good quality figure of ma waifu, SoiFon!!! I NEEEEED HER IN MY COLLECTION!!! XD
Ah yeah $1300 is WAY too much, luckily I got the same scale figure, with an extra Vasto Lorde attached, for only $675 shipped, so yeah a LOT less than the RYU option I wanted...basically like 1/2 price and I got 2X the figure LOL!

As far as the GEM figure goes, I wish they would've made a NEW Ichigo figure. I like the old GEM ok I guess, but I don't love it. It's merely ok to me. Definitely nothing I fell in love with as I want more action and badassery. With all the really awesomely handsome looking guy fijgures that are coming out lately, MH should've definitely redid a badass version of him instead, as I definitely think they could've did it better. I still like the figure though, but I'm honestly not sure how much of it is simply because it's one of the VERY few Ichigo figures available. LOL!

But yeah no matter, I am EXTREMELY satisfied with this figure, and I'd forego 4-5 1/8 scale PVC figures for this massive 1/6 Resin of dual Ichigo's all day long!! :D
1 year ago
wooow! under 33lbs? that's sounds surprisingly "light," considering how big the whole statue looks like.

I was wondering tho. With $1300, you could have bought LOOOTS of good quality figures, especially the upcoming remake of the G.E.M figure of Ichigo. But as long as you're happy and satisfied with that version, then I guess its worth it.

But aside from Ichigo who already had lots of figures from different manufacturers, I'm hoping that some company would release a good quality figure of ma waifu, SoiFon!!! I NEEEEED HER IN MY COLLECTION!!! XD
1 year ago
chosokabe_senshu1 year ago#47702410oh my god!!! I didn't expect that the package and price was THAT big!!!
but all that aside, I do like the details on the figure, from the body, head(s), the effects, the use of the sculpture's colors, and the base (and also your two special shots).
hopefully you'll be able to find a perfect-sized case for Ichigo for a better display and preservation.
Haha, yeah the box was enormous. Should've seen the look on my husband's face when I told him it was a statue, LOL. He is NOT a collector...LOL!
The price is high as well, but the one I wanted was going to cost me $1300 or more so I was happy with this price in comparison, and he's quite large and detailed compared to all myother figures (which are PVC), and he's resin with a really nice weight to him. The box and all was just under 33 lbs...so it was fairly hefty! :D
1 year ago
ptitange231 year ago#47626922Yes, spread the payments or have the choice to pay later saves us life !! looool xD I chose to pay later for the last Chobits Chi Figure ! ;) I could not to buy it, it was inhuman to myself !! looool xD ;)
The Ichigo figure is expensive but it is worth it ! She is sublime !! Lucky !! ^_- Bisous Stacy !!
Haha, well thank you I am very pleased with it!! :D
1 year ago
evenstar881 year ago#47625426Malaysia, where Ryu is based :)
Ah nice...I wonder if their license covers Malaysia...if so you could be in luck! :D Their stuff seems to be really nice, but just not an option where I live. :(
1 year ago
RubyRed1 year ago#47618106I had my eyes on the Ryo one too, but the price is madness. I think you got yours for a reasonable price.
Btw I love the lighting of your detolf! It looks awesome - this light purple shine is really stunning. How did you do that?
And your hot guy collection - very cool!

Yeah that shipping and such added on as well, just makes it toooooo crazy. Yeah, in comparison I think this was a great deal, LOL..though still pricey.
The lighting in the detolf is actually LED's and I have it set so that they slowly fade into all the colors (so they'll slowly change from red to purple to blue, green, etc.). I just got them from Amazon, but they've worked out really well so far. :D
Haha, and thanks, glad you like my manly men collection. They are indeed pleasant to stare at! LOL! :P
1 year ago
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