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Playsets and DioramasPlaysets and Dioramas

ifob8ifob81 month agoAsk MFC
Hi gang,

I had already discovered a few years ago those things we call playsets and dioramas (mainly for nendoroids, unless you don't care about size proportions), but just decided now to write an entry about the subject, lol. I find the concept very interesting, and cool, to give your characters environments, and accessories.

But I'll tell you something though, concerning dioramas... I like the idea of giving an environment to characters, like a ''board'' to stand on and background to show in the back. However I'll be honest, I think anyone could make dioramas by themselves, or at least, could pay anybody to draw backgrounds they would like to have, if they don't feel artsy enough. In itself, making a diorama or just a background isn't too complicated: just a few cardboard pieces put together, using glue, tapes or whatever... On the pieces, you could just glue a drawing of your own for the background, or just take an image from the internet.
WAIT, I DO NOT MEAN TO PROMOTE ANY FORM OF ART STEAL, so just make sure it's legally alright to download the pic and to glue it on the diorama... (especially if you wish to post pictures of it blogs, such as MFC...). So my final comment concerning dioramas is... would I actually pay to get one of those ?... Well no.

Playsets however, are, something more of my interest. Well first, I find them a little more graphical, and they come with a variety of accessories, such as balls, fireplace, furnitures, etc. Personally I know I'm not good or patient enough to make those by myself, so I appreciate it when I see those little pre-made things lol. :P Well I just haven't bought any playset yet because none of them really interested me enough though.
However I do like:

The Engawa (???): ITEM #676321 ITEM #693383

The gymnasium: ITEM #689531 ITEM #689530

The classroom: ITEM #6859 ITEM #6858

The japanese house: ITEM #7838 ITEM #7837

It's really nice because you can connect two different pieces of a themed playset together, to make the playset even larger. I appreciate attention given to details, colors and accessories. Yeah, I like the playset concept. Having said that, I take some fun in imagining some playsets I'd like to see produced, with some accessories, of course. :P

A hill or a clearing in a forest: old (forsaken or not) japanese temple in background, with a river, bridge, and/or a well, stairway, god statues, a few animals

A pond in a very dark forest: with animals, maybe old statues, forsaken stuff came from old previous wars (inspiration: Mononoke Hime, that scene when Ashitaka enters in the forest for the first time...)

A public park: with fountains, birds, benches,...

What about you, friends, do you have some ideas, just for fun, of dioramas or playsets you'd like to see produced? Write them in comments, and give if you wish, links to pictures showing exemples of places you'd like to see in a playset or diorama. Ideas could actually come from movies, animes, series, etc. Your choice! :)
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Rajke Ca fanatic
It would be nice if some specific designed props where made on Figma and Nendoroid scale. With that i mean props like the classroom chairs seen in Puella Magica Madoka, the furniture in the Espada room from Bleach, Skulltula's from the Legend of Zelda, Metroid prime probs, that kind of stuff. Horror themed stuff is something that i find interesting in 1/12 scale.
Probs are for me more important to buy than the diorama itself. With the diorama's that are released you are more bounded to the sizes of the manufacturer. Not only in the sizes of the ground plate but also in height. I prefer to make the walls and floor myself and using props to fill in the diorama. The biggest reason is that a diorama with custom sizes always fits with the space you want to use for the diorama because of the measurements made in the design stadium. A second reason is that there are a lot of diorama's that doesn't include lights. That doesn't mean that a manufacturer shouldn't make diorama's. But with items like these ITEM #635130 , ITEM #605424 i have some doubts. 15x15 centimeters is a small size and i think they are somewhat expensive for what you get. Also i am missing the props for sets like these.
1 month ago

Pro kitchen\cooking class (Shokugeki anyone?))
Kindergarden\kid's room
New Year\Christmas decorations (Japanese and western)
Gardener\Flower shop
Magic\Fantasy alchemist shop
Atelier\Tailor's room
Ramen eating place

phew I'm out XD
1 month ago
Ideas for nendoroid playsets? From the top of my head:

Office (with desk and office chairs nendoroids can sit upon)
Nurse room\doctor office\science lab (nendoroid more Clinic fits right in)
Outdoor cafe vintage style
Beach cafe (with umbrella tent)
Japanese shrine
Palace - throne room (I'd like my nendoroids go royal, lol)
Schoolboy\schoolgirl room
Gym room with sports gear (weights etc)
Art class room (with busts and art supplies\gear)
Grocery shop\supermarket
Bookstore\school library
Photoshoot studio
1 month ago
Oh I would love to have an outdoor ancient Japanese Diorama, with temple in the background.
I guess my quickest route is to purchase the 2018 snow miku as it comes with the torri I really wanted.

I make DIY rooms/house kit to display my nendoroid.
But the DIY kits are set in contemporary time, so they don't fit well with the more traditional nendoroids. (The sword boys for example.)
However, those kit do make wonderful coffee shop and mansion.
1 month ago
I hope some company produces a chemistry laboratory playset. A theatre playset would also be nice.
1 month ago
Oh yes! A topic we often overlook, but they give so much life to figure displays!

I made one for myself with interchangeable walls, floors, and window dressings. The window placement is always the same, so you can tell it's the same structure being used over and over, but I try to keep it as fresh as possible. If I ever start from scratch again, I might make the walls themselves removable, so the windows can change around. The biggest trouble I face is that my taste in furniture is wildly different than my taste in characters.

I haven't yet found a manufactured set that I want enough to buy. I'm not sure what it would take to get me to bite. Maybe a wedding chapel with pretty windows? Or perhaps an onsen with all the trimmings?
1 month ago
PVC anime figure store.

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