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Most Expensive Nendoroid?Most Expensive Nendoroid?

After years of collecting, I just recently got my first Nendoroids in the last couple of months. And now I have double digits ordered (qnq) Wow they're addicting..

Just out of curiosity, what's the most expensive Nendoroid in your collection?

This could be expensive retail price or aftermarket craziness.

A few on my wishlist have doubled+ in price orz but thankfully a lot of them have actually binned.

Bonus: what's your favorite nendoroid?

Thanks and have fun discussing
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Prior to the re-release, Sasuke ITEM #455377 was technically my most expensive. I was extremely lucky to find a legit one at a UK store for RRP when he was starting to go over Y9000.

Regarding my favourite, I have a big soft spot for my Racing Eva nendoroids ITEM #236229 and ITEM #236176 even though I've never watched NGE, since I really like motorsport :)
28 days ago
Most Expensive was: ITEM #181577 Used at $150 favorite would be between theseITEM #604438 As I have a beyond personal connection to Lina Inverse & ITEM #197993 because she is my waifu v///v

Bonus round!
My first Nendoroid: ITEM #287735
My first Preorder through GCS: ITEM #549350
28 days ago
ITEM #128032 is technically my most expensive nendoroid, since he went for 8000 yen. However my friend was kind enough to pay half of the price as a birthday present for me. ;;
One of my absolute favorites is easily ITEM #158035.
28 days ago
This is why I'm avoiding nendoroids for now, because I know I will get addicted to them... I already have an Alter addiction R.I.P. Wallet so I can't really afford to grab any, I might try and find a few of my best girls eventually though.
28 days ago
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
I bought all of these for retail, but the aftermarket on these is insane.

ITEM #423596, ITEM #396886, and ITEM #464601. Corrin was only ordered after a lot of thinking it over (I had already preordered the figma at the time, and the nendo is very similar), but I'm super glad I did, given her aftermarket price.

I think Miku is the most expensive one I own, TBH. I USED to own Elias as well, but I absolutely had to sell him when his value was still near retail due to a money emergency, and I totally regret it. GSC refuses to rerelease him for some reason, and now he's way out of my price range.

As for my favorite, it's kind of a hard decision, but I really like ITEM #604438
28 days ago
Moribundead モリバンデッド
My most expensives:
"Normal" Nendo:
Reisen ITEM #633680 with 42,55€ (I just didn't get Mokou yet)

Custom Nendo:
Around 65€ for ITEM #72336 to use for Ib
Around the same for ITEM #396850 for Garry

Looking at their prices now, I was still quite lucky, I guess.

On the other hand, it seems like a neat idea to calculate the price for every one of my customs. Might take a while, though.

In terms of wished items, I still regret not having bought ITEM #464725 s body when I had the chance...
Same with ITEM #72164 and his head.

Oh well, my favourite is still Flandre ITEM #42081 She was my first Touhou figure, is super adorable and I loved her wings ever since I first saw her!
28 days ago
item/455377---&... most expensive nendoroid.Unfortunately I got him after he got released when he was pretty rare (way before his re-release)and I payed like 100$ for him but that's okay. I got it brand new and also got ot meet a trustfull seller thanks to this experience. My favorite nendoroid hmm....it would be hands down this one:ITEM #667643. Although Hinata is far from being my favorite and I don't quite like her in the anime,her nendoroid is absolutely adorable. Just look at that adorable blushy face T_T awe.
28 days ago
my elias nendo! ITEM #464700 my boyfriend found him brand new last year in a random store for £40 but its worth a few hundred dollars
then its the bnha boys, curious how much theyll be worth a month from now :p
edit - after reading some comments wasnt aware how expensive dazai is now holy crap

as for fav not sure i have one but maybe ITEM #675901
28 days ago
The nendo I own with the highest aftermarket price right now is Corrin (ITEM #464601), she's 12k yen on Surugaya! Bought her for around 6k new, one of my first figures so I didn't know where to shop at the time...

The most I've spent was 7.4k yen on damaged box Elise (ITEM #396886), at the time she was going for about 12k-13k for mint box IIRC, so I was super happy for getting such a deal. (She's 9150 yen mint box on Suru now)

As for my favorite nendo, that's such a hard question! FE Sakura's (ITEM #549376) colors stand out in my shelf. Loki (ITEM #647835) was one I definitely knew I wanted at first sight. Horikawa (ITEM #464635) is my favorite swordboy and his smiling expression is what got me into collecting.
28 days ago
Currently the most expensive nendoroid in my collection is Baka Ouji ITEM #72164 I was lucky enough to buy him for about 4500 yen last year. Nowadays he costs around 15000 yen O_O

As for my favorite nendoroid, well, it's hard to choose just one so I'll just list my top 5 in no particular order ^_^

Dazai - ITEM #396850
Masamune - ITEM #13758
Izuminokami - ITEM #464636
Raiden - ITEM #287726
Kratos - ITEM #700223
28 days ago
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