[REVIEW]GoodSmile Company Miku Hatsune ~Love is War DX~[REVIEW]GoodSmile Company Miku Hatsune ~Love is War DX~Review

agentmozellagentmozell1 year ago
FULL DISCLAIMER: The stickers I use are a part of the Necoco sticker series by Solalis on Line, I did not draw these.

Hello and welcome back! Its been about two months since my last review and almost a month since I've been meaning to do this one. It's been super busy for me lately since I started a new job and just, wow, the transition has been super hectic for me. But thankfully I have time to site down and do this! I'm super excited to do this particular review so I hope you guys are ready.

Just a warning, this review will be super photo heavy and I'm going to ramble a lot. This is a figure that I've been wanting for YEARS and I'm so happy to finally have her in my possession.

Just a reminder, please go check out my Instagram! I put a lot of sneak peaks in my stories about what's going to be reviewed next and I even save most figure related stories in my highlights! These are mostly related to assembly so people can have a reference. I also post stories of my neighbors dogs and cats and they deserve all the love in the world ♥

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! ♥ Let's get this review underway.


DISCLAIMER: The photos are going to look drastically different than my previous reviews. This is because my mom and I were in the middle of redecorating/remodeling and I couldn't wait to unbox her so I did everything in my room. At the time two of my three lights were out, making the photos darker than usual. If anyone needs any retakes of any photo then please let me know so I can retake them since everything is [mostly] cleared up and my room has better lighting now.


FIGURE ::GoodSmile Company Miku Hatsune ▶Love is War DX Version◀ SECOND RELEASE

Like I mentioned earlier this is a figure I've been wanting for YEARS now. Even though my first nendoroid was bought in 2011 at my first anime convention I didn't seriously start getting into collecting until 2014. By that time I had known about the Love is War and Insane Black Rock Shooter figures, but I had no idea how to get them and whenever I saw them at conventions they were way to rich for my blood. I never thought I would get a chance to own them. But then I found out about MyFigureCollection and I managed to get I.BRS but the Miku just seemed way too expensive and I couldn't justify spending 500+ on one figure.


So I thought I'd never have her. But then GoodSmile announced a rerelease and my life was spared! I placed my order through GoodSmile directly because I wanted to spare myself with the shipping cost and in the end I paid 181.99 USD total! Originally she was supposed to be for 12/2018 but was delayed and released 01/28/2019. Completely worth the wait. ♥


BOX :: 9/10

First off, I want to say that I missed the delivery for this figure because the tracking SAID she was in Chicago and so I went to do errands and I came back home to the slip and the tracking updated to show that I'd missed the delivery.


So I had to pick her up the next day. Funny story, the guy was looking hardcore in the padded envelopes and when I noticed I told him it would be a huge box. Then he found it no problem. He said it was the biggest one there. haha




Well he wasn't kidding... Look at the size of this thing! I even put Mordred on top to show how big the box was.


I didn't take pictures of this, but inside were those tube bubble things versus the brown paper that Hobby Search and AmiAmi like to use.
















I did compare the second release to the first release's packaging shown under "Loots/Boxes" and there doesn't seem to be any difference from then to now. The box is incredibly sturdy and it is very similar to I.BRS's packaging. Even though this kind of packing is very bulky and makes shipping from places like AmiAmi and Hobby Search very expensive I do appreciate it for these kinds of figures. I know I complain about unnecessary packing a lot, but for this figure and I.BRS I like it a lot because it really does help keep everything safe. These figures are massive and come in a lot of parts and can even be slightly more fragile than most. So I like it.

I also like the simplicity of it. They give you very little images of the figure within. Its like they know you need no introduction to this beauty. ♥


Overall, big and needs no introduction. Only docking a point because the blister was very, very loud and woke my mom up.

BASE :: 10/10

If you guys didn't know there are two versions of the Love is War figure:

Regular Version Versus DX Version

The key difference is the base on these figures. For me, and a lot of people, the DX Version is more appealing because it truly encapsulates the song and definably has a bigger affect on how you look at the figure. Now with that said, let's dive into the base for the DX version.

Let's start with the parts the base comes in. The base for the DX version comes with the following:

♠ Stage
♠ Tower w/Megaphones
♠ Base of tower
♠ x3 Fence Parts
♠ x2 Megaphones

Now let's take a look at everything:



The megaphones are HUGE! As you can see I can hold these in my hands without trouble. They are very light though, which leads me to believe they are hollow, which I appreciate (and will talk about why later on). The inside has a beautiful "grunge" effect. The song is called "Love is War" and the main line at the end, depending on your translation, is:

♪Love is blind and callous too♪

Which really brings you to the "dark" version of love and how we will hurt ourselves over it. So I like the effect on the megaphones because it keeps with the theme. It also reminds us of another line:

♪The megaphone I used it broken♪

So no matter your take on the grunge, the effect is beautiful. ♥


This is the base of the megaphone tower, originally I thought it was a speaker, but I was sorely mistaken. I'll say this now, I'm unsure if I like how this attaches. It feels very loose, and I'm unsure that its supposed to be that way. It is aligned properly, its just very loose.


Here is the tower! On the regular version there are no megaphones. On the DX version this has four. All megaphones have the grunge effect.


And here are the gates!

Before I go on, let's take a look at what all we have so far:


That little pink thing is the wire for the megaphone Miku holds, we'll get to my thoughts on that later.

We have a lot so far, but now let's take a look at her stage.






My immediate thoughts about this base was that it is hollow and front heavy. I am slightly disappointed that the ends don't go a little farther back or that the main circle that tower goes on isn't filled to provide some weight distribution. But I think I can fix that later if the front heavy-ness becomes an issue.


I also noticed that the only pegs were the ones for Miku and the fence, the rest are more like groves where you set the pieces on. They don't really have any "grip" if that makes sense. That could pose a problem if your display location isn't very stable.

Now before I put this together let's have a look at the directions:



So the first things we do are put together the tower then attach the fences. I'll be honest, for the steps later I did end up taking down the fences just because I felt they were in the way, especially for putting Miku on. They're very straight forward to attach so this worked for me.


I mentioned this earlier, but when I attached this part it really didn't feel stable. I felt very loose and is easily taken off. I also mentioned that this figure is very front heavy and again, this piece is hollow therefore there is no weight distribution. Please be sure you display her in a stable location to be on the safe side.


This was tricky to get on, I ended up taking the base for the tower off to get it attached. The grove the instructions point out is very tiny!


Before I realized that it would be easier to put Miku on before the fences I had followed the directions and put it on. Surprisingly the directions don't have you put the megaphones on until later.


The megaphones are like the tower, you just set them on the base and while it doesn't "attach" there are groves there for it to slide into. But they can be easily taken off. I'm not a fan of this, but it works.


Overall, while there are some things that I don't agree with and I think the base could be a little more secure for the statement pieces I really do like it. I love how it looks and I think it would be cool to just use the base as a set for your nendoroids or figmas.

PAINT JOB :: 10/10

SCULPT & POSE :: 18/20

Now that the base is constructed let's look at what the figure comes with. Since I forgot to take pictures I'll use the one of her in the blister still:

♠ Miku Hatsune
♠ x2 Pigtails
♠ Megaphone
♠ Wire


First, let's assemble her and take a lok at her in her glory:


She truly is an amazing piece. ♥ Again I want to apologize for the lighting, I know it sucks. I was left with no choice due to my own impatience.


The pigtails reminded me a lot of I.BRS. Her's also came unattached and were also a pain in the butt to put on. I was basically man handling her to get one in all the way because it was a bit stiff and didn't want to slide in properly. The other gave no issues and fit like a glove. Since her hair does flow back so dramatically it is a bit fragile when compared to other figures of Miku where her hair is just shown as green plastic chucks.


In this version you can see a lot of detail in her hair. The paint and the shading is done perfectly to capture the artwork of the song.


Usually when you look at a figure head on you can see a lot of seam lines, but due to the detailing of her hair and the art style the seam lines seem to fade away...


And the hair bands are positioned just right so you can't even see the pegs for her pigtails!


I was impressed with this, you can actually see the stitching on her clothes! I was worried about potential paint transfers, but there seem to be none. The lines are very smooth.


Even more stitches for the clothes! And here you can also see that they even added the detail that most Miku figures forget about--the keyboard! All of the first gen Crypton Vocaloid designs (except Kaito and Meiko) had one of their arm warmers look like a keyboard. I remember on ebay there were some sellers selling a light up version of arm warmers that people would modify to go with their music. I feel that a lot of companies (including GSC) forgo this little detail as most people wouldn't notice it. But I for one am impressed to see this and it really brought back memories of when I forst got into cosplaying. ♥

I also like how the skirt is flowing in the imaginary wind. I believe in this song Miku is on top of a very high tower and she even says:

♪And with wind I'll shine above and make you fall.♪

In other versions it can be translated as "My skirt will flap and then you'll know". Again, this is all depending on the translations you use. However, the end result is the same, Miku is on top of a tower so her skirt if flapping in the high winds.


Not even her belt is spared! Everything is flowing wildly in the invisible wind and GSC captured it all perfectly. ♥


The folds in her clothes as she is rushing to the edge of her stage is wonderful. I wish I could've captured it, but the paint and shading is stellar. Nothing looks wrong or out of place.


And before I get too distracted, I want to point out that this is the main reason why I had to take down the fence. Her pegs are right there and the instructions tell you to attach Miku last. But I was having a hard time with that. I'm sure someone with more dexterity can do it, but I wasn't able to...

That shine though. ♥ The shine is only used on her arm warmers and boots. They're also shaded with a bit of green! That was hard to capture in photos, but they do have a green hue to them.


Her clips have zero bleeding into the tie and you can just barely see her other eye peeking through her bangs. I didn't realize I didn't get this, but her fingernails are also painted in the standard Miku green.

I will say this now, be careful attaching her megaphone. Her hand does not move enough to just slide it in her grasp. I had to do some maneuvering to get it in without damaging her. It's like Union Creative's Akane (and other Psycho-Pass figures) were you just wiggle and pray.




(accidental panty shot)

Now that everything's put together I wanted to do some close ups on the megaphones and show off how incredibly detailed they are! I love that you can see each bolt and metal plate on them. However with that said...



Now you can see why I was complaining about the figure being too front heavy. Here's where I dock points for sculpt because I truly feel that there should've been some weight on the back pieces to give some distribution. I hope you guys can see how the base is actually lifting in the back. You could probably put some napkins or cork pieces in the front to stabilize her, but I feel this is something that should've been caught or corrected. I'm not sure if its like this on the first release, but man, this does cause some worry for me.

The megaphone tower also makes her too tall for a detolf! So this is something to keep in mind.

Let's take another look at her fully displayed:


I have her on top of my detolf and now you can see how massive she is! I'm going to take a small pause and talk about the pose, which I've been avoiding this entire time.

For me who, remembers when this song first came out, the most memorable part was when she stepped on the railing to shout her feelings out. That was the point where I fell hardcore for this song.

Here's a crappy gif I made and here's the video.

MMD has really come a long way hasn't it?

Anyway, that's the pose that sticks out to me. I know that the figure is more based off the main artwork...


..but I still can't help but be just slightly disappointed they didn't have her stepping on the railing. I feel like it's a missed chanced. BUT, I can also see how that would be an absolute nightmare to produce without a million people breaking the railing or even just fitting her hair between the megaphones. So I do understand why, but I am sad.


Now I'll talk rant about the wire.

The wire is given to you the way it is so you can bend it in any way you feel, there's one part that attaches to the bottom of Miku's megaphone, but the other end doesn't attach to anything. Nothing at all. I kinda had to finagle it behind the big one to keep it there. Now, the biggest pain was getting it to look like the prototype. I feel like if you had the proper tools to get it smooth for the turns, it wouldn't be so bad. But I don't have any tools, in fact, I used one of the caps for my perfume to get the turn smooth. Then getting it "wrapped" around her hand like the prototype was almost impossible because I would get it and then the main curve would be destroyed...then when I'd go to fix that it would slide off her hand and just....no. I never want to deal with that again. I was hoping that it would be like I.BRS's chain and just already be that way in the box, but its not and ugh. I didn't like it. When I move that will be the saddest part. Not packing Belldandy back up and making sure she doesn't break. But that. The wire.


Overall, this figure is absolutely gorgeous and, to me, only has a couple flaws.

Now if you're looking to purchase her in the aftermarket I will strongly suggest to Look on places like TOM (in-stock as of this blog) or NinGenLife to take advantage of free shipping. I know these options probably won't help those outside the US, but if you can find a good deal from a fellow MFC member then I would go with them versus a shop as the shipping seems to range 50-100 USD depending on your location. I do hope the rerelease helps with the aftermarket price a bit! I feel that this is one of the few figures people need to have a statement in their collection. ♥

Well then, that was certainly a lot to say! I wish I got more photos, but I knew they wouldn't be that great. I do plan to take more pictures at a later point in better lighting! I just gotta have things settle a bit more here first.

Well, I'll see you guys in the next blog! Don't forget to check out my Instagram! ♥

See ya'll next time and have a lovely day!

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agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
SolidTitania1 year ago#52272530The review was spot on its flaws! Technical issues do always come with groundbreaking figures like these.

I feel that technical issues are unavoidable for more dynamic figures. I have some with UC's Akane, the big one is that her foot doesn't really align with the peg very well so she can easily fall if I'm not careful with moving or dusting her.

Thank you tho! I really try to get everything. ♥

evenstar881 year ago#52273724I don't collect Miku figures but this is grand! Nice review :)

Thanks! I very seldom buy/keep Miku because she's everywhere and I get salty (Kaito PLEASE???). But this one really captivated me. ♥

hibikase1 year ago#52274781Great review as always!

Thanks!! ♥♥

MalGal1 year ago#52275579Awesome review!
I'm glad I'm not the biggest fan of the song, otherwise I probably would've bought this figure and have been very disappointed in all the little problems.
Overall though, she does really look lovely.

The issues are very minor and I can overlook them for the most part. The big one is the stability. That is very disappointing.

Which is your favorite song? :o

Figologist1 year ago#52306587Its a great figure, but I was disappointed that GSC opted not to release the regular version. The regular one takes less space and would be cheaper as well.
One of the better looking Mikus for 2 reasons:
1. Iwanaga Sakurako
2. Its a mature faced miku.
Quite a looker for a 2011 sculpt and in some ways they could have improved it for the price bump. Great review btw!

I can kind of see why they didn't. I feel most comments I saw for a rerelease was for this version. The other version also didn't increase so drastically in aftermarket. When I was writing this I saw most were around the same price as when she was released.

I completely understand the space issue! I run into it a lot. ;; So many great figures and so little room. I think the big thing they should've improved on is the stability I was complaining about. I check her daily to make sure she won't suddenly fall (which I do for Belldandy as well).
1 year ago
Its a great figure, but I was disappointed that GSC opted not to release the regular version. The regular one takes less space and would be cheaper as well.
One of the better looking Mikus for 2 reasons:

1. Iwanaga Sakurako
2. Its a mature faced miku.

Quite a looker for a 2011 sculpt and in some ways they could have improved it for the price bump. Great review btw!
1 year ago
Awesome review!
I'm glad I'm not the biggest fan of the song, otherwise I probably would've bought this figure and have been very disappointed in all the little problems.
Overall though, she does really look lovely.
1 year ago
Great review as always!
1 year ago
I don't collect Miku figures but this is grand! Nice review :)
1 year ago
The review was spot on its flaws! Technical issues do always come with groundbreaking figures like these.
1 year ago
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