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One to show one to go?One to show one to go?

Tiamat26Tiamat261 month agoDiary
One to show one to go?


Different theme this time to my blog. Would you ever consider buying a figurine and getting a second one so you could sell it on the open after market. Sounds like a risky proposition to me but yet I am tired of the ever increasing prices of figures and I asked myself what was the best way to offset the cost of figurines.

The obvious one is to stop collecting but most of us are not going to do that. and it is not my intention. Get a second job just to pay for your hobby LOL.. Well that would also not work out for the most of us. We all have lives that we want to at least take part in and we want to enjoy what life throws at us. No a second job is most likely not on the radar as well.

Buying a tone of lottery tickets and hoping we strike it rich..

What a pipe dream that is.


Me I am starting to think that it is time to take a chance like at the stock market and buy doubles of certain figurines which to me most likely will gain in value over the next few years if not the next few months after release. This however is a huge gamble. One that can pay off well if you know what to look for and hopefully you can thus make some money on the resell of the Mint in the box seconds. This will thus cut down the cost of your figurine. There is also a huge upfront cost of buying 2 figurines and shipping them.


So how would you as collectors try and offset the cost of buying figurines? I look forward to comments below. Oh and if anyone could help out with the gif I am trying to post would be appreciated. I can't get it to stay on the page Not sure if I should be using URL or IMG

((https: //media0.giphy.com/media/8gX9t89yOfUMlhZy6s/giphy.gif?cid=3640f6095c9155e6712e424f6bcd7a4d))) this is the link that I moved apart to show you.

= )

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I'm sorry, I might sound too naive, but I hate that kind of behavior. Being a profiteer isn't something I could do...
Selling an old figure you don't want anymore at a higher price because of its rarity is okay (in some limits), but buying several figures purposely to sell them afterwards is a bit indecent.
This remains my own opinion and I understand people might think otherwise.
1 month ago
I'd rather buy something I actually want to begin with instead of a pricey duplicate, rather than risking a big profit loss and possibly taking a preorder from someone who wants the figure. A few figures I've bought in the past like Kirigiri unexpectedly skyrocketed in price, but usually the cost doesn't inflate that high so quickly and to me it's not worth the trouble of hanging onto an unwanted figure until the value increases.
1 month ago
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Sometimes i buy doudbles on purpose. Woth white bustier louise ive considered it, one for display other to keep in the box. But i decided not to...

Sometimes i buy doubles to sell tho but not necessarily for profit but its like this:

I want a complete set however some of the set are double and the ones in my set some are more expensive than the double one. So i buy the double one and sell it for the more expensive ones price :D that way i cover that expense and make someone happy with it to.

I dont purposely buy to make profits tho with some i do make profit but cover the losses of less popular charas or sales :) cause those i will have to sell with a loss...

Nendo petits or other boxsets got doubles too and rhen i end up selling those, sometimes with a small profit ^^ to cover shipping costs.

For scales i never purposely bought extras cause it takes up extra space that i could use for figs i want to keep forever :) if i wanted to buy extras i should run a business. I did think of that once but nah :P

Thats how i work :)
29 days ago
xkirax (1 month ago) #54691760Selling an old figure you don't want anymore at a higher price because of its rarity is okay (in some limits), but buying several figures purposely to sell them afterwards is a bit indecent.
This remains my own opinion and I understand people might think otherwise.

I believe that the technical term is "scalping" ;)
1 month ago
I bought doubles of ITEM #455088 and ITEM #455089 because I like hoarding nendoroids, especially if they're from my favorite series. Scale figures are a whole different story. They're incredibly expensive and you'll never know when a rerelease will come out. I would never spend that much money on an extra scale, since I have so many other figures I plan on buying and would rather spend that money there.

I'm also afraid that, if I do get another copy of the same scale just to sell it afterwards, I might not be able to sell if for a higher price because, as a lot of people have stated, aftermarket prices are hard to predict and Canada's shipping rates are already expensive. I can't gamble on it and quite frankly, I find selling figures a hassle anyway.
1 month ago
I have double dipped on figures (looking at you Momohime) several times, but it's purely with the intent of having a 'backup' in case something happens to the figure on display.
1 month ago
I think about it, but I don't even have the budget to buy all the things I want for myself, let alone buy doubles and triples on the hope that they'll be worth more money someday. ^^;
1 month ago
This is a really bad idea. Figure aftermarket price are often hard to predict. They may go up but at the same time they may also drop drastically
Take the Alter Love live set as a example, if you bought a second one in hopes that you could flip it later, you are sol because their price dropped drastically.

Plus you would need to take in consideration of the expensive Shipping, you likely won't profit much from it at all.

On top of that, keeping a figure in its box overtime may cost some damages too depending on the environment. I have purchased this figure at one point where the previous owner kept it in the box for so long that the protective plastic ate into the base of the figure causing the value to drop. ITEM #166816

I would say keep your budget in mind, don't go overboard and for me personally if there's a figure I want but I'm not 100% sure about, I'll always wait for aftermarket to see if I could get it for cheaper, if not oh well I saved some money for future figures I want

I also do end up selling alot of my collection cause my taste change,my interest changes and I live in a smaller studio with less space so I can't keep everything.
1 month ago
I personally wouldn't; it's not a solid investment plan, and I really dislike scalping items to try to make money off people that honestly wanted the item.

Did you consider the reason stores like Amiami have a purchase limit.

"In order to protect our customers and make sure that all customers have a fair chance to purchase the items they want, a Purchase Limit is placed for some high-demand items"

It's done so people who want the items have a shot, not just someone buying a bunch to resale for more money after market.

To offset the cost of figures I just limit my other spending. Just budget a set amount outside of living/saving etc.
1 month ago
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
Tiamat26 (1 month ago) #547058642) I never said I would buy a second figurine to sell it but if it came to it I would sell my figurines if it were an absolute. I can't afford to gamble more then I have to with my cash just like the other guy.

I'm a little confused, why is buying two even an option then? I can understand if you really want two and want to keep one MIB for whatever reason (I have dupes of some precious things in other hobbies), but if you need to offset the costs of the hobby, it sounds like money and potentially space are already an issue... You said it would add to your enjoyment, but all it would be doing is making your hobby more expensive :P

Maybe you want to find a rationalisation for buying two because you would really enjoy having two, I don't know. In which case do it if you can afford it and think it's fun, but I wouldn't do it thinking you're not spending twice the money.

>No one has really answered what they would do. Well one did and they said they would sell older figurines that they were less attached to.

Well, there's no better answer than budgeting your other expenditures/being more thrifty in general and selling off older stuff, if you're opposed to doing stuff to make more money. And I don't blame you at all for not wanting to slave away extra for figurines. Working or gaining passive income are the only real options there is all. You have to get more money or spend your existing money more efficiently (or less of it - maybe your money now buys two figures instead of three, or two big figures instead of four smaller scales, or whatever, tons of MFCers have been adjusting their financial relationship with this hobby over the years because what else can you do?).

The thing about the hobby though is eventually you will run out of room or your whole house will become a figure museum, so there's a theoretical ceiling on how much money you'll have in figures.

>If I were buying 10 - 20 of the same figurine for resale then yeah unless I am a legit resale business I would consider it being a scalper. But not if I purchase a second figurine for my enjoyment and if I decide to sell it and with any luck I make a few bucks good on me.

I agree 100% with this. I don't think anyone here actually accused your idea of being scalping, but I might have overlooked something.
1 month ago
For action figures, I can be a one to rock and one to stock kinda person. Joints loosening and what not. Too lazy to fix them and not really worth my time.

For statue, usually, one is more than enough. I just don't have that kind of real estate for that many dupes.
1 month ago
Tiamat26 (1 month ago) #54705864
Oh and one last comment from me; how can it be considered scalping when companies we deal with every day state a maximum we can buy. AmiAmi for one will or did have comments like Ma purchase 3 per household. If I were buying 10 - 20 of the same figurine for resale then yeah unless I am a legit resale business I would consider it being a scalper. But not if I purchase a second figurine for my enjoyment and if I decide to sell it and with any luck I make a few bucks good on me.
= )

If you were to buy a second figure for yourself and for your enjoyment that is not scalping, you are absolutely correct! I for one did this with ITEM #804782 and will continue to do it for the rest in the series. I actually bought 3, one to display, one to keep MIP and one to giveaway to a collector's group I'm part of. This figure has sold out twice over due to it being a Funko product and being a limited edition. However, scalping is when people will buy the maximum amount available and have them shipped to different households in order to bypass the 'per household' cap. This happens a lot with things like Funko products! I do remember reading somewhere that someone also did this with MHA Nendoroids.

However, if you buy two with the intention on maybe selling one later on but mostly for yourself, that isn't scalping. I'd just call that being secure.
1 month ago
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