Sasori and the third kazekage puppet by model palaceSasori and the third kazekage puppet by model palaceReview

KirasenpaiKirasenpai1 year ago
hello guys!!

this is going to be my first Review ever. and the figure I a going to Review is the 1/7 scale resin statue. Sasori and the third kazekage puppet by model Palace. it is my firts resin satue and my first 1/7 scale figure. and ofcourse it is my second favorit characther of all the time. I am so exited to present him for you. when i saw this resin satue for the firts time i was stuend how goreous it was. I fell in love with it at fisrt site. and decided that I absolutly must have this.

I orderd him in the end of januari this year and he arived yesterday Mars 25th. I order him frome senseitoy and used Surface shipping. he arived un haremd.

know lets get to that Review.

packedge 10/10

when I got the figure yesterday. it arived in a gigant cardbore box. insde the cardbore box the figure box was protected by styrofoam. the resin satue it self was protected by a styrofoam box.and Every part to the statue were wrapped in plastic. so it was really well protected.


the figure box 10/10
I really love the designe of the figure box. the front is black and White and have red akatsuki Clouds on it. sasoris name is writen on it. and his ring is also included on the box. the back looks the same. both side`s has Sasoris smirking face on it. which I love so hot. and the lid has the model Place logo on it. this box is one of my favorite boxes. I really love the colors on it and that they included his lovly face.


Sasori him self 10/10
Sasori is really well made the paint jobb is impeccable the modling is amazing. and they have really capture scens`s frome the anime with his pose. they even included real strings for his chackra strings. it is really cool. the movement in his clothes make him more dramatic. and they painted his Nails flawless. his hair is realy good looking they even got the right color. but you can`t say the same for his Nails even tough they are painted flawles it is still the wrong color. Sasori dose not have black nails he has som kinde of dark blue green color on his nails. but it still look really good with black nails and I don´t se that as something wrong. or a flaw. his toe nails are also painted. and i don`t now if the akatsuki toe Nails really are painted. i don`t remember that from the anime.


my opinon of the the resin satue
I absolutly love This figure. I will even go as far as to say that this is a piece of art.
i love the estetic of this figure and the depth of it. i love the darker color of it which give it a dark en mysterious feling. I love that you can se thats Sasori Controls the kazekage puppet in the figure. I also really like were they placed the third kazekage puppet and that one of his arms are raised. it looks like it is ready to battle any time. I also love how deatiled both the third kazekage puppet and Sasori are. the base are also really well made and it contribute so much to the staute and make it even better. the base also has a plate were Sasoris name is written on. the satue was bigger then I tought which is a plus in my book. this fugure is one of the best Sasori figures out there. and I am really happy that he is finally mine.

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Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
The Chakura threads themselves worth it! I can see the attention to details.
Pretty good. I hope if Sasori such a badass would have more screen time.
1 year ago
illumi4Love1 year ago#55284689Lots of details on the figures and even the box, Sasori always been one of my favorite. Thanks for the in depth reviewevenstar881 year ago#55302526Nice review!

I am glad that you liked It ^^
1 year ago
Nice review!
1 year ago
Lots of details on the figures and even the box, Sasori always been one of my favorite. Thanks for the in depth review
1 year ago
Aloren1 year ago#55282545he looks great! this one's been on my wishlist for a while now. congrats on getting him and thank you for sharing!

Thank you!!
1 year ago
yakushining your Highness
he looks great! this one's been on my wishlist for a while now. congrats on getting him and thank you for sharing!
1 year ago
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