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Kalmia Project 1/7 "Ade-Sugata II"Kalmia Project 1/7 "Ade-Sugata II"

victorvipervictorviper6 months agoReview
This article is not suitable for people under 18.
I'm over 18

Many figures produced by Native and their various offshoots are very high profile items, but some slip under the radar a little bit. Therefore, today we'll be reviewing one of those lower-profile figures, Kalmia Project's "Ade Sugata II". This is an 18+ figure which has no SFW display options, so pretty much all the shots below will be NSFW. You've been warned...

About the character/figure: The unnamed subject of this figure is an original character designed by the well-known illustrator Homare ENTRY #42619. Homare's character designs are distinctive because they are very anime like but at the same time his characters are proportioned a little more realistically than typical anime designs (in particular, the head to body ratios are more realistic and the characters' eyes are not quite as exaggerated as is usually seen).

This figure is the second of six (at present) figures in Kalmia Project's Ade Sugata line, following ITEM #455251 and preceding ITEM #713863, ITEM #674066, ITEM #713864, and ITEM #730301. The common theme in all of these figures has a submissive subject in some sort of a bondage/SM scene.


Kalmia goes for a very interesting package design. The box is solid lavender, and there are no photos on the box, and just a few characters of text on the box front. If you didn't know better, you might think there is a calligraphy set or a set of teacups in here as opposed to an 18+ anime figure!


The back of the box is similarly sparse.


Interestingly, the entire front panel of the box lifts off. There are no flaps to open (and potentially damage!). Also, I've never seen an entire figure wrapped in opaque plastic like this before!


The figure has some optional torso parts, and so Kalmia Project includes a insert showing how the optional parts are installed.


As is common with newer figures from Native and their various offshoots, a postcard with the source artwork for the figure is included.


The back of the postcard is interesting. The collar reinforces the bondage theme of the figure.


The box is fairly compact, measuring 30 by 17 by 12 cm, and EMS shipping to the USA was 4100 yen.


There's not much to say here. It's round and black. It is fairly compact and it supports the figure well enough; I've never seen any signs of instability or wobble.



Her pose is pretty interesting. She's obviously in the midst of some sort of bondage scenario, given that her ankles and wrists are cuffed and her panties are pulled down around her thighs.

Let's have a look at her.







The pose is quite interesting, and it very effectively conveys a very submissive vibe with her body language and the way she's leaning over. The only real complaint here is that because of the pose, this figure really needs to be displayed either at or above eye level. If you display her below eye level, all you'll really see is the top of her head...


Overall, this figure has a number of small issues with paint and sculpt. Further, this figure has some optional lower torso parts, but the parts fit together in a way so that at least one reasonable display option proves to be impossible. Overall, I'd say the paint and sculpt of the figure is slightly below average relative to most newer figures.

One of the most interesting features of this figure is the design of her face. With original characters, you are free to wind a narrative around what is happening, and based on her expression, I get the impression that she may have underestimated the intensity of this bondage experience the way she's sort of biting her lip.


Native's website gives the following description of the figure:

Bearing remnants of her former innocence, a young woman falls from virtue with a bewildered yet wistful gaze.

and I think that's a pretty good summary of her facial expression!

Unfortunately, if you start looking closely you can already see a number of little issues. There are several spots in her hair where you can see excess material, the painting on the corner of her mouth looks a little off, and you can see that her neck didn't get completely painted in one spot near her collar.


I think she looks best when viewed slightly in profile like this.


She has a lot of texture in her hair, and the sharp cut of her hair looks rather neat, but you can see more little rough patches in her hair.


I like the design of the bondage collar, with its little tab. I also like how you can see the raised edges on the collar and the rivets. The sculpting on the rope harness is pretty good, and I like how you can see the rope harness pressing her breasts away from her body. That's some skilled kinbaku...


You can see a little gap between the rope and one of her breasts. Also, my figure had a whole bunch of white residue on it right out of the box which I assume was a remnant of the manufacturing process. Even after going over the figure at least once with a damp cloth, you can still see some of that material as well.


I kind of like the way she looks from this angle.


The wrinkling of her blouse gives her a slightly disheveled look which is interesting. I also like how you can see the stitching on the buttons and the buttonholes on the blouse.


There's a really messy spot on her shoulder! It's almost like someone smudged the paint while it was wet. I'd be interested to know if I was just unlucky here, or if this flaw appears on multiple copies of this figure.


The way her panties are pulled down around her thighs reinforces the submissive vibe of the figure. Note that you can see more of that white residue.


When this figure was teased, I thought for sure the panties would be removable, but they are there to stay. That seems like kind of a weird design choice...


The design of her wrist cuffs is interesting. The fact that the cuffs attach directly to one another without a chain or strap in between them would make for some very strict bondage! Also, it would be very difficult to get these cuffs buckled (and unbuckled!) without some help, so it's pretty clear that she must have an unseen partner in this bondage adventure.


The sculpt on the cuffs is pretty good, and the painting on the buckles is also good. There is a fair amount of detail on her hands as well, with the painted nails.


I like how the tight ropes are lifting and compressing her butt cheeks. Note there's more of that damn white residue...


Kalmia Project goes the middle route on her crotch area. It's not barbie doll, but neither is it super detailed.


Some of the early promo shots of the figure (see PICTURE #2043000 for example) did not have her ankles cuffed together, but the source illustration PICTURE #2180477 does have her ankles cuffed closely together; this would reinforce the submission of the bound subject by allowing them to walk but in a very limited fashion. I was pleased to see that the finished figure did in fact have a strap linking the ankle cuffs together.


The figure comes with an optional lower torso part. Swapping the part in requires some easy disassembly of the figure.


One thing about this figure that I find very odd is that there is no way to display her without her skirt! Her torso parts are not designed to sit flush with one another, and so the skirt must be equipped to hide those gaps! The removable skirt is a feature of what, 60% of skirted figures, so not having the option of removing the skirt seems quite strange.


The optional lower torso adds a harness which straps in a dildo/vibrator.


The design of the dildo is interesting (the purple testicles!) and note that Kalmia Project sculpted some buttons on the vibrator part, but I don't know what's going on with the green coloring on the bottom of the strap. I guess that's the true color of the material for the strap and it didn't get painted completely...


The detail on the harness is OK, but you can see that the painting on the buckle and the holes in the strap is a little bit messy.


Scale Comparison

The figure measures just over 8 inches (20 cm) in height, and if she were standing upright, it looks like she'd just a little over 9 inches (23 cm) tall. At 1/7 scale, that means she would be around 5'3" or 5'4", which seems consistent with her appearance.

Here is the figure along with one of my favorite figures, Daiki's F-ism Shoujo ITEM #422432. These two figures are very similar, yet they also have some interesting differences; for example, shoujo-san's body language and the way she's looking over her shoulder gives that figure a slightly more playful feel. Shoujo-san is 1/6 scale for comparison.


These two make an interesting pair. Leviathan ITEM #195472 gives off a very tsundere vibe, which contrasts with the very meek and submissive feel of this figure. Orchid Seed's Leviathan is 1/7 scale.


These two have some physical similarities, but personality wise, I'd have to think they are completely different. Kotobukiya's Ayane ITEM #419 is 1/6 scale.


I like how these two look together. Dragon Toy's Miyo Lindbloom ITEM #537751 is a very large 1/6 scale for comparison.



My biggest complaint with Skytube's Yuki Itoguchi ITEM #464891 is that her unusual pose makes it hard to display her, but I really like how these two figures look together. Yuki is 1/6 scale.


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------8.5/10

Arguments for: The figure nicely duplicates the source illustration into 3D, her facial expression is quite interesting, and the figure subtly conveys the intensity of whatever bondage scene is unfolding.

Arguments against: A number of flaws in paint and sculpt and the fact that she can not be displayed without her skirt is quite puzzling.

Availability (as of this writing)

Sold out new.

As with all figures from Native and their various offshoots, you either preordered this figure or else you'll be hunting for one secondhand. I've seen a couple of these for sale for 14000-15000 yen, and based on the low preorder numbers (right now, only 14 people on MFC own this figure), I wonder if in time this figure will become a rare one.


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gundamuk (6 months ago) #60177412Nice review and comparison with other figures. I haven't unboxed mine yet but your pics give me a good idea of scale, and thus what other figures and context I might use down the line. Cheers!LadyLavellan (6 months ago) #60257883For Native's standards, I wouldn't consider those defects normal. There's just too many on yours! I hope you consider reaching out to them and getting her replaced.
Otherwise, I enjoyed the review! Thanks for the insight on all her details! I really enjoy her hair's shading and how the purple contrasts against her tan skin!

I do like the purple hair with the tanned skin, and the manufacturer was advertising the tanned skin as one of the figure's main selling points.

It's still not clear to me exactly where Kalmia Project stands in the pecking order in terms of Native's various offshoots. This figure definitely had some QC issues, and I know a lot of people were disappointed with ITEM #397121 for the same reason, but on the other hand this figure ITEM #454174 from them is quite good.

I'm hoping this figure in the Ade Sugata line ITEM #713864 will turn out nice!
6 months ago
gundamuk (6 months ago) #60177412Nice review and comparison with other figures. I haven't unboxed mine yet but your pics give me a good idea of scale, and thus what other figures and context I might use down the line. Cheers!

I hope you'll be happy with her :). Despite the QC issues, I do like this figure, as the setting, her facial expression, and the tanned skin are all quite neat.
6 months ago
LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
For Native's standards, I wouldn't consider those defects normal. There's just too many on yours! I hope you consider reaching out to them and getting her replaced.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the review! Thanks for the insight on all her details! I really enjoy her hair's shading and how the purple contrasts against her tan skin!
6 months ago
gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Nice review and comparison with other figures. I haven't unboxed mine yet but your pics give me a good idea of scale, and thus what other figures and context I might use down the line. Cheers!
6 months ago
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