The "I went a bit crazy" loot (March to May)The "I went a bit crazy" loot (March to May)Loot

OmegaWerrierOmegaWerrier1 year ago
♢ Hiya everybody! ♢

Back yet again with another haul. As the title suggests, I went a bit crazy with my acquisitions since my last loot blog due to finding some really good deals on some figures I've wanted for a long time + some pre-orders I had (including a highly anticipated figure I've been dying to get my hands on).

I'm also going to try a bit of a change to the way I write this, hopefully for the better.

So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

Obvious heavy picture blog warning is obvious.


♢ HobbyLink Japan ♢

The First package in March was small, with just a couple of goodies.

I got 2 more volumes of the Boku Girl manga, completing the set after more than 2 years. I've been wanting to read more manga for a while now, but reading it digitally doesn't feel as good as having the book in your hands, so I'm going to be collecting manga more actively from now on.


The last item of the Package was a Tanya keychain. These last keychains I've been getting are really big and great for display, inconvenient for everyday use, but that's not what I get them for anyway. Plus They get damaged really quickly if you use them as actual keychains.


♢ Hobby Search ♢

In an even smaller package than the last (due to this being a back-ordered item, so it shipped alone), I got another keychain. This time of Filo. Rising of the Shield Hero is the only anime I'm actively keeping up with atm, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Eventually, I also want to get something of Raphtalia (the Nendoroid possibly?) and maybe Melty. You can see that I also got the 20th Hobby Search anniversary pen with it (ˆ⌣ˆ)


♢ MFC Seller ♢

I really enjoyed the prototype of ITEM #674323, but once it was colored, It didn't look quite right to me, so I gave up on getting her. But the illustration it was based on is gorgeous and found out there was a tapestry of it. Problem was, at the time, I couldn't find it anywhere, so I kinda gave up on it and wish-listed it thinking I'd never be able to get one. I even considered getting the figure just to get the Amiami bonus (which is an acrylic plate of the illustration), but I couldn't justify it. But then I found out someone was selling the tapestry on here and I jumped onto the opportunity right away. So now I'm the proud owner of this beautiful (and quite big, since it's a B1!) piece of art. (♥ω♥ ) ~♪


♢ eBay ♢

Somewhat similar to the situation of the tapestry above, I really enjoyed the illustration that came as an Amiami bonus for ITEM #396988. But, again, I couldn't justify it at the time (which I regret now because I really like the figure and the aftermarket prices are quite high for it). Alas, while browsing through eBay the other day I found an authentic poster of the same illustration for quite cheap. Needless to say, I got it right away. It's quite beautiful, and besides, Rory is my first waifu. Enough said (=`ω´=)


♢ Amiami ♢

This was actually the first package I got from Amiami, as I never shopped with them before. But it was a good experience and is now one of the main shops I use. It was also the first time getting a pre-owned figure from them. The figure I got was the Shimakaze Nendoroid which I got for much cheaper than other second-hand stores were selling, and when she got to me she was as good as new. Mind you, I already know that Japanese collectors are very careful with their collectibles and a slightly creased corner of the box is considered "Box damaged", but it was a nice surprise none the less. (° o°)!


♢ Toy Japan ♢

While I'm not a super fan of My Hero Academia, I still enjoy it. I originally missed the first releases of the Nendoroids, so I looked to alternatives and found the Banpresto Midoriya prize figure and liked it, so I pre-ordered him (this back in August), but just got him in April. Now the Nendoroids are getting a re-release and I already pre-ordered Bakugou (^ω^)


♢ Hobby Search ♢

I'm slowly but surely getting a lot of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai merch, and this tapestry was but one of many to come.


That same day I got a Dengeki Otona no Moeoh magazine, as you could see in the picture, mainly for the pillow cover bonus.


♢ Amazon ♢

Like I said above, I'm going to be getting more manga from now on, and my first acquisitions were the first 2 volumes of After the Rain, or Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (technically, it's the first 4 volumes, since the publisher of these combine 2 into 1). Ever since I watched the anime and fell in love, I've been meaning to read the manga, and now I can.


♢ Hobby Search & Amiami ♢

I picked both of these packages from the post office the same day.


While browsing Hobby Search, I found that HS had a restock of Yuuki Mikan Darkness ver., and for a reduced price as well. So, I decided to get her since I've wanted a Mikan figure for the longest time and was curious about the Darkness versions Union Creative is putting out. If I compare the painting with the Alter version below, it's a no brainer which is best, but I still really like this one, especially because of the size. o(≧∇≦o)


I've been rather enjoying the Hatsune Miku prize figures Taito has been putting out, and this springs version was super adorable, it was an instant pre-order back when she went up on Amiami. While I don't like this one as much as 2017' fall ver., she's still really pretty.


I actually ordered this Mikan before the Darkness ver., and I had been having a self-argument about which Mikan I'd get, between these two and ITEM #464638. I decided to go with Alter's since you get two expressions, it was the cheapest, plus, I was on the fence about Union Creative quality. But this one is Alter through and through, very nice quality. And Mikan in a ponytail makes my knees weak (✿´ ꒳ ` )


The final figure in the package is yet another Shimakaze for my ever growing army of them, this time the Medicchu. Also got pre-owned like Mikan, for like a third of the price in other second-hand stores. Granted, this was due to it not bringing Rensouhou-chan, but that doesn't bother me, especially when I already have so many (´−`) ンー


Group shot!


♢ HobbyLink Japan ♢

I swear... the private warehouse option in HLJ is such a great feature. I already knew this for a long time, but it's with packages like these that you fully realize the potential. 2 scales, 1 Nendoroid, 1 Figma, 1 Gunpla model kit, 1 magazine, a few action bases, and some character goods... ALL in one shipment. I would say the classical "Christmas came early", but really, I haven't received anything close to this amount for Christmas in forever, so I'll call this Animistmas instead ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و


Let's start with the smaller stuff, and work our way up shall we?

The first items are the assorted merch: 2 Bunny Girl Senpai clear files, a shikishi, can badges and keychains of Miku; some actions bases and yet another Dengeki Moe Oh magazine (much like the other, I got it because of the bonus).


Up first of the figures, the Murakumo Nendoroid. Funny story, this my 5th Kantai figure (I'm falling in a bit into the ship girls rabbit hole (#^^#)ゞ), with more planned. However, I never played Kantai. I assume I'm not alone in that and it's not like they're the only figures in my collection in which I haven't watched/played/read their origins. But what got me into Kantai was actually doujinshi, the NSFW type... (*゚∀゚*)


That and art on Pixiv (there's some brilliant stuff on there). I DO prefer her in her Kai ni outfit, like in ITEM #464600, BUT, I ended up not going with the scale because 1, the aftermarket price, and 2, there's something about her face that turns me off, it's doesn't look right to me, can't quite put my finger on it. Either way, I'm really happy with her, she's totes adorbs and I love her (๑♡3♡๑)


And yet another ship girl, this time Figma Suzuya. I was initially interested in ITEM #675852, but the price turned me off, so after some reflexion, I decided to go with the Figma.


Next up, best waifu.


I do say that a lot, but Utaha is my definitive best waifu, and I have a body pillow to prove it (≧∀≦)
Similarly to Mikan, I'd been struggling to decide which Utaha to get. When ITEM #347654 went up for pre-order, I intended to get that one, but that's the time when I was unemployed while studying, so I didn't. One day I was just tired of not making a decision after so long and not having her in my collection, so I snapped and got both of the Good Smile Company's renditions of her, I haven't looked back since. At long last, waifu is home (•̀ᴗ•́)൬༉


I saved the best for last...
I've been awaiting this figure anxiously since her announcement more than a year ago. I'm a fan of Overlord and Nabe, and even more so of so-bin (ENTRY #87677). It was a no brainer for me to get this. It took a while, especially with the usual Alter delays, but she's here...


...And she was worth both the money and the wait. I've had multiple friends being amazed at her, even ones that aren't big fans of figure collecting. Definitely a Holy Grail for me. She's simply breathtaking Σ(♡@﹏ @☆)ノ”


Group shot 2.0!



That was a lot of stuff ^^' Late summer is going to be a bit like that too, as I have a decent amount of pre-orders scheduled to come out then (though I won't be surprised if they're delayed щ(゜ロ゜щ) ). Below are my pre-orders in order of release:
*Plus Lilith by Myethos.



Btw, I've been thinking of doing an updated room tour, since I've changed things around a bit, so let me know if you'd care for that.

Until next time, OmegaWerrier out.

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Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
I started this article out thinking, okay this isn't so crazy and then got to that last bunch and was like "Okay, this is a lot" XDD

May was set to be a nice month for me, until, the two scales I had got delayed, alas.
But I think most collectors can relate to going a lil overboard sometimes.
1 year ago
kaitylee1 year ago#60009786Nice collection!
I love that tapestry of Kannagi Yuuri, it's so pretty~

Thanks ^^ Agreed, it's gorgeous.

talentshredderx1 year ago#60009828wowwww nice haul! I support your "going crazy" cause im totally in the going crazy mode too haha.
IronRose1 year ago#60010038The title is me every month with my spending lol. But yeah, everything looks great, and it's important to go crazy with your hard-earned money now and then.
The wallet definitely doesn't appreciate spending this much, but I've grown to very much enjoy opening a big ass box full of goodies :3

evenstar881 year ago#60010387Nice haul! I actually don't know the character Utaha or the series but I recently bought the Aniplex kimono one you originally planned to get because I simply adored the design... and am waiting for her to arrive any day. The other figure you got of her is equally beautiful too.
Since I didn't get that scale of her, I'm looking into maybe getting ITEM #806058 which is on the same outfit. Plus it's cheaper.

ajfunny1 year ago#60010441That Rory art *thumbs up*
Indeed. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
1 year ago
ajfunny aka Bwab
That Rory art *thumbs up*
1 year ago
Nice haul! I actually don't know the character Utaha or the series but I recently bought the Aniplex kimono one you originally planned to get because I simply adored the design... and am waiting for her to arrive any day. The other figure you got of her is equally beautiful too.
1 year ago
The title is me every month with my spending lol. But yeah, everything looks great, and it's important to go crazy with your hard-earned money now and then.
1 year ago
wowwww nice haul! I support your "going crazy" cause im totally in the going crazy mode too haha.
1 year ago
kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
Nice collection!
I love that tapestry of Kannagi Yuuri, it's so pretty~
1 year ago
Be proud of your inner child

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