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OtoriKohakuOtoriKohaku3 years ago
Howdy MFC community! This is my first loot post and first article at that, so please be gentle! ^-^ I apologize in advance if the photos are a bit too big ^^;

Feel free to post any feedback on how I can improve in the comments. I enjoy reading and sharing about these kinds of things, so anything that can help improve my future posts would be greatly appreciated!



As you can see I did a decent amount of shopping over these last few months. _:(´ཀ`」 ∠): The big brown box is my FromJapan order and everything else came from eBay, Mercari, Craigslist, my dad's coworker, and a local cherry blossom festival!

Let's start off with my FromJapan order!


My order consisted of all my wins from Yahoo Auctions! Shipping plus fees for these things actually ended up being about 85% of my total cost! O_O While I spent a lot more on shipping than I expected, it hasn't deterred me away from using proxy services. I'll definitely be more mindful in the future of what I plan on ordering before I commit to it though!


The first items I want to highlight are my new Evangelion Sweet Witches figures! (ITEM #2063 & ITEM #2064) These two figures were the whole reason why I considered ordering through FromJapan in the first place! They're beautiful figures and I don't regret the purchase one bit! Hopefully, I'll be able to write a full review for both of them down the line, but until then, enjoy some photos of Rei below the spoiler!
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/ycFrEaO.jpg

Here she is out of the box! I don't have a ruler on hand, so I can't give an exact height, but I'd estimate her to be about 5.5" or so. For a prize figure, she's really detailed! Even though the figure is almost 13 years old, I'd say the posing and sculpting is on par if not even better than some prize figures out there today! (That's part of the reason why I bought them in the first place!)


The hair's a bit chunky IMO, but that's just me being picky. They did a great job on her face sculpting overall though!


I'm a sucker for effects in figures and the swirling wind from the broomstick makes for a fantastic choice in a base and it compliments the overall visual of the figure nicely!


Just a little bit of detailing on Rei's cape and dress(?)


Next up is my Hyper Jumbo Maki Nesoberi! (ITEM #336731) I've always wanted a Nesoberi and Maki's my best girl from µ's, so I just had to get it! Plus, since she's a hyper jumbo plush, she's the perfect size for me to cuddle to death!


Onto some Love Live acrylics! Love Live is easily one of my favorite franchises and I grew up watching, reading, and playing Sonic, so when the two get combined together, it's a must-have for me! (I'm gonna have to pay a kidney for ITEM #320123, I swear) Also got a Hanayo phone stand since I've been looking for a stand, the seller bundled orders, and it was cheaper than if I waited to find a Maki one separately.


I actually bought these thinking they were acrylics, but they're actually a somewhat soft plastic. TBH, I bought these mainly for Shou and Tokiya lol. They're all good boys though!


Lastly, to round off my FJ order, we have a RAISE A SUILEN clear file! I really enjoyed listening to THE THIRD(仮)'s first live album, so when I heard that they were being made a part of BanG Dream! as RAS, they were an immediate stan! Plus, RIOT is a bop. For those that don't know about RAS, they were originally a backup band for some of the Bang Dream!'s Seiyuu while they learned their instruments. Now they're officially their own group! On the back of the file is the Riot album artwork, which I'll link under the spoiler.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/9bV7urM.jpg

Now that the FJ order is out of the way, onto my other items!



We'll start with my LL stuff. These all came from eBay with the exception of the wafer cards which I got a box of from Mercari. In which I managed to pull a gold stamped You card! (You is my best Aqours girl ^^) As I mentioned earlier, I absolutely adore the Sonic x Love Live collab items, so I was really stoked to find the Rin and Sonic stand as part of a bundle on eBay! (It also came with that Hanayo phone case I probably won’t end up using) I also got a BiBi tapestry and a Dia and You kuji towel!


Next is my VOCALOID purchases! (All of which came from eBay) Those art things on top were listed as mouse pads, but the bigger one is the only one suitable as a mouse pad (and a pretty small one at that). I’ll probably use the others as coasters or something. The acrylic keychains I got in a bundle. My favorite out of those would have to be the 2015 Snow Miku Keychain (ITEM #434522) featuring Zerokichi-san’s artwork for Gohatto Disco! Gohatto Disco was one of the first Miku songs I listened to so that keychain means a lot to me. I also got a Racing Miku folding phone case (which I fully intend on using) and a Senbonzakura iPhone 5 case I’m never gonna use. (It came bundled with the art books I’ll share below)


I found a fantastic deal for these two artbooks by KEI-san on eBay! Artbooks are something I can never have too many of. I love drawing and admiring other artist’s works is something that always brings me joy as it gives me a general goal to thrive for in the future. Plus, they’re so pretty!!! Additional photos in the spoiler
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/z7nIQtS.jpg
Kei’s Gallery

Find Kei Artworks


Next, are my figures! I got Miku from eBay and Black Cat and Rei and Asuka from a seller on Craigslist! Unfortunately, both Black Cat and Miku came with some damage. One of Miku’s hair strands broke inward and Black Cat’s peg had snapped a bit. It looked like the seller had tried to drill into the side of the peg hole of the base? (photos in spoiler)
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/Fgh9eim.jpg
Can barely notice it anyways

I have no idea what they were trying to do here, but you can see the damage at the bottom of the hole

I managed to superglue Miku’s hair into place and since it’s near the back of the figure, it’s not that noticeable, but I have to idea how I can go about fixing Black Cat. I paid under the normal going price for the two and I intend on keeping them for good, so It’s not that big of an issue for me. On the topic of Rei and Asuka, their eyes are a bit derpy, but I’m pretty forgiving granted that pair came out in 2004. To digress some more, Greatest Idol was the first whole Miku album I listened to and Mitchie M is one of my favorite VOCALOID composers. (Not so humble brag, but he responded to one of my YouTube comments once!)


I only got 2 FF things, but I love them to bits! Lightning is hands down one of my favorite FF characters, so when I saw that blanket, I had to have it. It’s only 100cm long so it doesn’t cover much, but it’s awesome nonetheless! The little Chocobo thing is a microfiber cloth for my glasses that I got from eckodragon on twitter from a local cherry blossom festival! Full blanket photo under the spoiler.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/NCWrmJT.jpg

The Totoro items I got from an eBay auction. Enamel pins are something else I collect, so I was really happy to receive a few of them with the bundle. I also really like the keychain in the top right corner with the three mini totoros. I have no idea what it’s made out of but I plan on using that as my new phone charm :D

The BNHA stuff came from my dad’s coworker. He went to Japan for a week or so recently and he grabbed me those for me while he was over there.


Last but not least we have some Kantai Collection stuff! I got a multi cloth featuring Hiei, Kirishima, Harna, and Kongou as well as a lenticular board or something of Nagato and Mutsu. From this angle, it’s pretty tame, but change the angle a bit and it becomes so much different.

Lewd ship-girls below spoiler. You have been warned
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i.imgur.com/JS8jRVb.jpg


So that’s it for my haul! If you made it this far, thanks for sticking around and hopefully you enjoyed! Once again, if you'd like to leave any comments or suggestions to help improve my articles, feel free to!
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Great haul!! I love those Vocaloid artbooks ~
3 years ago
shouko3 years ago#57491543Yay! :D
And great loot btw!

Thank you! It's all quite exciting!

hugtower3 years ago#57491859Great haul! I love the LL and Miku stuff >w<
Thanks! Those are some of my favorites! Especially the Miku stands. I'm really happy I got a Miku Symphony one!

damedanbo3 years ago#57492749Great haul! I love those Evangelion figures that you listed further down; I've never seen them before!
Thank you! I was browsing through Rei figures when I stumbled across them. They're not easy to find, that's for sure, but there are 2 other versions (ITEM #5444 & ITEM #5062) that were released that are a bit easier to get than the 2 that I have.

victorviper3 years ago#57493100That's an interesting loot as a mix of new and
very old stuff.
Those Grimrock Rei and Asuka figures were among the first anime figures I ever bought, so I have kind of a soft spot in my heart for those.

What can I say? Some of the old stuff is actually pretty nice. In regards to the Grimrock Rei and Asuka-they're different, that's for sure, but I like the uniqueness and the style of them. It's not something you'd necessarily see today. Minus the eyes, quality is pretty nice on them. I especially appreciate the use of a chain on Rei
3 years ago
That's an interesting loot as a mix of new and very old stuff.

Those Grimrock Rei and Asuka figures were among the first anime figures I ever bought, so I have kind of a soft spot in my heart for those.
3 years ago
Great haul! I love those Evangelion figures that you listed further down; I've never seen them before!
3 years ago
Great haul! I love the LL and Miku stuff >w<
3 years ago
OtoriKohaku3 years ago#57491483It seems like it worked. Thank you!
Yay! :D
And great loot btw!
3 years ago
shouko3 years ago#57491279Imgur still works. Just remove the s from the http and it should be good to go :)
It seems like it worked. Thank you!
3 years ago
I can't see any of the photos, but it was a good loot article, hopefully the image issue gets resolved.

I'll check back.
3 years ago
Imgur still works. Just remove the s from the http and it should be good to go :)
3 years ago
hugtower3 years ago#57490748Imgur has banned MFC so we can’t see your pictures ): You’ll have to upload them here or elsewhere
Ah, i didn't know that! Thanks for the heads up!
3 years ago
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