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Anxiety about buying and sellingAnxiety about buying and selling

FixedCameraFixedCamera1 month agoDiary

I don't really sell much. Buying yes though. But I have fears with that too. Recently started selling and it's not doing good on my psyche lmao.

I have a ton of anxiety in general. Like crazy bad. Being in a position of responsibility is terrifying. I mean, I've personally had stuff arrived damaged or lost. One time something worth a decent bit got lost and I didn't get a refund for like I swear half a year? Can't remember now.

If that ever happened with something I shipped to someone I'd feel terrible. Stuff like that are reasons I was afraid of selling and kept stuff in storage. I regret buying them - A -;; If I didn't impulse get them I wouldn't ever run into this problem. Not to mention there's always a possibility of scams and sly people. I fear my own ignorance too. I'm only sorta "knowledgeable" about buying since I do that way more. I still get anxiety about that too. Since I've bought things listed as "new" and arrived obviously used, sellers who deceived me, lots of cracked CDs or broken jewel teeth...... <_<. (I absolutely dread ordering jewel case games/music)

I'm better at selling art and even with that I'm still learning.

Does anyone have similar issues or memories of early experience with either selling or buying? I've talked to a friend or two about selling and it's not as easy as it seems. Esp for people who do it often. I hear some sellers legit have to take the loss even if they did nothing wrong. Which is scary. Seems there's risks for everyone when it comes to things like this.
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I understand your concerns as I also have them, but once you sell a few, i personally was more relaxed and got into a routine. I even will ship around the world now, but i insist on methods with tracking so i can prove i sent it
1 month ago
I personally have no issues buying figures, but I have done it with closed Facebook groups in my country/region with basically everything in my collection in a couple of years time. Just don't buy damaged ones and always ask for pictures(but most groups have a rule you need to upload your own pictures with the ads anyway, but no harm in asking more close-ups in PM of course) Most people are serious collectors in those groups, since most of the time you have to answer some (simple) questions before they let you in, to see if your intentions aren't 'sit in group, never sell/buy' or 'make post, never respond to anyone'. Other times, you just need to wait a day or so before you get accepted, which scares most of the scammers away as well.

Money, always goes after a bit of discussing before coming to an agreement. More so than on MFC or so I feel, since often prices are less set in stone to the seller. One trick which most people are totally okay with, is when I ask if they are okay with adding the shipping costs in the total price. And no is no. But as long as both parties feel like they earned/paid a decent price. Discussing the price, usually helps with showing sources for your bid.(I use MFC mostly for that) Usually, payment is through bank transfer(at least in the previous country I lived in).

Selling however... I never do. I did it once but low prices and asked for people to pick them up, because I have great anxiety with shipping (just like OP, I guess). I am not sure why I am so frightened of it, but maybe because I am not used to the whole process and I am very scared that things go wrong. Hard to tell.

Also, since it is not that common to pay by Paypal/credit card in my home country, I was always very scared (and still am a bit) to buy from places like MFC. If anyone has some of the finer tips and pitfalls for me about that, I would highly appreciate any.
1 month ago
dokidoki azusa girl
The first time I ordered a used figure from AmiAmi's preowned section when it first opened up, she arrived covered in chocolate. Like, someone had been going "say 'aaahn' Aries`chan~~~" and feeding her chocolate. After cleaning her up she was in great condition though lol

For the most part, I've been pretty lucky though *crosses fingers* Every preowned listing I tend to put a lot of thought and research into before making a purchase. The worst scenario was buying a Moetan figure preowned that arrived too damaged from age to have Ink -chan stand properly.

One thing I have learned from experience though is to ALWAYS go with tracking for expensive items. Recently a $60 shirt I preordered on AmiAmi, I moved down to small packet unregistered. Gave me such anxiety when it disappeared for a few months.
1 month ago
Early experience buying: good friend was a custom painter, hobby store owner. I collected trains a few decades ago and used to reside Seattle area. I bought an expensive model locomotive ($900) thru his store and allowed him to use it for shop display thinking time limit would be < 6 months. In the meantime I had moved to the Midwest US no longer able to afford flying to/from point A to point B account severe reduction in pay scale. I thought I knew my friend better than what I was about to experience. It took 2 years to get my model loco from him shipping it USPS Priority. No amount of phone calling, certified mail requests prevailed. What finally broke the ice was his wife, blessed with a much greater degree of integrity than he, giving him an ultimatum about finalizing a transaction. Normal people who dealt with him got their purchases within 1 week but those folks could drive to his store and physically get their stuff. Apparently it's different when one is 1800 miles distant and supposedly still a "good friend". We are no longer friends.

I have sold some excess figures from my collection but I do the eBay route account global audience, fewer "be backs" (ghosts will reappear before these folks do) than this venue. I'm brutally honest describing the condition of anything when I post an ad though as I've aged (presently 71) mistakes are getting easier to make and often unintentionally overlooked. B/c I am retired I am quick to ship sold items (unlike my ex-railroad hobby friend). I do my best to package sold figurines well so USPS handling won't jeopardize condition upon arrival. I did 100% refund 1 buyer for a Date A Live figure whose head separated from body while in transit. Likely didn't have to refund that much but her emails were so heartfelt re buyer disappointment it seemed the best route to go. I suggested she either repair the figure or offer it to Goodwill and buy a replacement elsewhere.

Majority of buyers on eBay are wonderful people. I've tried to treat them as I would like to be treated were the roles reversed. Sure, once in a while you encounter a real e-idiot when selling but those encounters are quite rare. I also accept returns, buyer remorse within 30-day period. Not crazy about returns but such only amount to 2% of all annual transactions so no fiscal harm done, just inconvenience.

My current worry selling on eBay is state sales tax collection. Presently eBay is collecting the state sales taxes for small sellers on internet sales. I'm hoping my state will abide by that setup and allow eBay to collect accordingly rather than prevail upon me to go insane collecting such for 1100+ different tax districts nationwide. Tax Jar has excellent software that can collect, pay all these jurisdictions nationwide but their cost of doing business tax collecting would require me to sell $1 million USD/annually to justify this "put upon" expense. Not happening in this lifetime....
1 month ago
I guess I am honest to a fault so I always describe the figures I sell in lots of detail and take plenty of pictures, so I think everyone I have sold to so far has been happy enough. So far I have sold about 20 ish figures and I haven't had much a problem. I usually sell on reddit r/animefigures and on here. The first time I sold I had a problem with paypal for 2 weeks, when i send invoices it never accepts the payment. I had to call them multiple times and to be honest they were totally useless and the problem isnt fixed. But I can accept payment through G&S just not invoices. But my buyers were super duper nice and waited patiently for us to work it out! So on the whole a positive first experience.

I have gotten reasonably use to selling some items and though it can be a little intimidating at first I think it is okay. As for some tips, I would say always take detailed photos of the figures and box conditions, and I bubble wrap and put lots of packing paper to insure safety during transport. I also calculate the shipping and send a screenshot of that along with the pictures of the packing of the figure to the buyer so they can see its safe. As for pricing, I usually price along with the market and see from there if I need to reduce my prices to be competitive.

But the only annoying thing is I have had folks message me about an item and then just drop contact. So I am now starting to just leave it for a few days and if I dont hear back I move on. I understand some circumstances and I especially dont mind if someone lets me know if they have lost interest or realize they dont have the money for it now. But I dislike it very much when I get absolutely no response. I have realized some times that I am not interested in a figure after asking about it but I always politely let the seller know, bc I dont want them to be in the same situation.

On the whole most folks are friendly enough, and even if there are some hiccups along the way it will work out alright.
1 month ago
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
FixedCamera (1 month ago) #58304461Mind if I DM you a question about pricing?

Of course not! Go ahead :)
1 month ago
Why not try selling on a local classified site, or on a Facebook group for a convention/anime club, if there's one near you? Most of the figures I've sold were sold this way. There may be fewer actual collectors, so it may take longer to sell, or you might have to go cheaper, but you don't have to worry about chargebacks or damage during shipping.
1 month ago
yea sometimes you have to take a loss. Most of the time it's fine, sometimes buyers with unreasonable or excessive demands. I remember a buyer saying I was slow in replying, when the longest interval between our messages was ~3 hours on a weekday afternoon.

Recently I finally got a scammer piece of crap (some guy in Port Chester who bought my Zero Escape booklet) who basically took advantage of USPS not updating tracking (take note SG sellers who deal with US buyers -- since 2015 USPS doesn't update tracking when mail reaches US, which makes tracking mostly pointless; if you have any problem you have to personally inquire and wait months for an update) and claimed that he did not receive the registered mail. Seemed genuine at first, but after I'd refunded the guy Singpost updated me with info that the mail's been delivered days before his continual claims of no item. And Paypal's a useless roundabout so I lost the item, shipping cost and paypal fee.
1 month ago
I've sold a lot the past few years, and had no issues. Just make sure if you sell on here, reddit, or some other site, the buyer's account seems legit and trustworthy, and since you're anxious I'd consider insuring anything over $80 or so, just for peace of mind.

I personally choose not to sell internationally outside of eBay, for multiple reasons. If a buyer is international, selling through eBay's global shipping program will cost a 10% fee but will make the process much easier and less risky for you.
1 month ago
I have only sold about 15 figures so far, and everything has been smooth sailing so far - though I think that may be due to my only doing sales within my country. It minimizes the external fees and the terrible inconvenience if the shipping screws up (or if the person tries to screw you over - they tend not to do it if they are within easy geographical reach).

And an accurate description of the item definitely helps the transaction and prevents any uncalled-for refunds.

I only do my sales on the local online marketplace - places that allow me to set my own rules and do not have buyer protection (not saying that the protection is terrible but on a seller's side, it's horrible when it's abused by dishonest buyers to get the item from you and then pay nothing at all).

I have never had any complaints or refunds or scams, and all my buyers have been splendid so far.
1 month ago
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