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Missing Hand?Missing Hand?

Hi everyone! Okay, so I was a little late to the game when it comes to collecting, and watching anime in general. I've finally sat down to watch Kill la Kill, loved it. Wanted a Ryuuko figure. Bought Phat Company's Ryuuko Matoi figure ITEM #167033 from a user here on MFC that had a 100% seller rating (not calling anyone out by name on here), we were working out details and whatnot over the course of a few days, I paid and they shipped it on the 8th, I believe. They told me to message them when I received her, or if I had any problems. She arrived in great condition, absolutely love her and how dynamic her pose is, both her scissor blades are epic, but I do have a problem... I'm missing a hand! I messaged the person I bought her from, letting them know, and never received a response. It's been a week with no response. I'm kinda' guessing I won't hear back from them at this point. It's all good though. :) What I want to know though, is, is there a specific place I should look around for figure parts? Should I just contact Phat Company? This figure is originally from 2014, so I'm guessing that would go nowhere. Or does anyone on here own this figure, and only display her with the long blade, so they don't use/need the other hand? She has a closed left hand for the longer scissor blade, and an open hand for the shorter one. I have the closed one, but I'm missing the open one. :( Any help or advice on where to look for her open hand would be rad. Thanks everyone, and sorry for the incredibly stupid question!! :D
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Since you bought the figure secondhand, the manufacturer wouldn't be able to help.

I would keep trying to contact the seller. People get busy sometimes, so it may take longer than a week for them to see your message. You can check their MFC page to see the last time they were online. If they still don't reply within another week, I would file a PayPal complaint.
8 days ago
It's a long shot, but you could also try posting on the item's page here on MFC, asking if anyone else who owns the figure might be willing to sell you just the hand. If someone else knows they'll only display the figure with the scissor blade, they might sell you just the open hand.
8 days ago
It never hurts to ask the manufacturer. It was rereleased just last year, so they just might have some spares.
9 days ago
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