Biohazard (Resident Evil) 2 - Licker - Funko Toys POP! Vinyl 158Biohazard (Resident Evil) 2 - Licker - Funko Toys POP! Vinyl 158Review

MaakieMaakie1 year ago
Review originally uploaded on the 14th of May 2019. Image hosting lost in December 2019. Fixed most of the image hosting on the 21st of June 2020. If image hosting is (partially) lost again, let me know and I will look into fixing it again.

! There is a wall of text in the beginning! If you want to see the figure + pictures and not the background information, you can scroll down a bit. ;) !

This is a review of a figure from an horror game and although he looks cute, he has some body horror elements. You are warned!

Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about a figure of the Licker ENTRY #5038 from the Resident Evil (Biohazard) franchise, specifically 2 ENTRY #566 ! This figure ITEM #518248 is from the POP! Vinyl line ENTRY #50489 made by Funko Toys ENTRY #22723 . Before I start it's good to mention that the POP! line is a line of 'cheaper' made toys/collectibles and not really up to the standards of most more expensive and collectible figures in Japan. Their material and quality remind a lot of earlier very popular USA made designer toys, which are more like mass-produced funny and quirky art pieces. The POP! line specifically delves into pop culture, with many of the figures based on famous movie, game and cartoon characters.

I will start off with telling some more about their background.


The game Biohazard 2 (known in the West as Resident Evil 2) was originally released in 1998 and recently got a very nice REmake, which was released early 2019. It's the direct follow-up of one of the pioneer games in the survival horror game-genre. Different from the first game, this time you are not exploring a residency, but you are mainly inside a police station, the sewers and a bit around the area of the city. The original game had pre-rendered environment screens and real-time rendered characters and the newest REmake really remade the game fully by having a modern over-the-shoulder camera. I personally like the second installment in the franchise a lot, but it could never match the quality of the original one for me. I think the third game is a really big improvement on the second one and I hope it can get a REmake soon as well.

The Licker is an enemy that shows up for the first time in the second game and regularly returns after that. His name is based on his really long tongue which he also uses for attacking. A Licker starts out as a 'normal' zombie that further mutates, losing it's skin and eyes and getting extra powerful legs and arms. Lickers are known for walking on walls and ceilings and unexpectedly dropping down to slash at their prey. Once in sight of their prey, they mostly focus on jumping and slashing attack combinations or use their tongue as a whip. Quite some jump-scares and memorable moments in the game franchise are made by Lickers.

The reason why and how I got him

This figure was on sale for a couple of $ less than retail price at a shop where I was already placing an order a while ago, so I decided to throw this figure in the order. If you want to see the full loot I got back then, you can check: BLOG #41175 . I'm normally not really a fan of Funko because of their 'beady eyes', but multiple of their non-human figure designs I quite like including this Licker. It's hard in my area to find Funko's below retail and importing them from the USA is not worth it in price, so when I saw this chance, I jumped on it, hoping I won't regret it and that he would be fun to display with my Chris Nendoroid.

Original art


The original look and concept art of the Licker is quite grotesque, especially with the brains sticking out. Funko had quite a job to do to add some cuteness!


Emphasizing on the big brains and big mouth, with big sized hand and feet, above drawing is the end result of Funko 'POP!ping' this character design. Very cute, I must say! I like how the teeth are asymmetrical in the artwork, making it look a bit less like it was artwork made in half, then copy-pasted on the other half.


For people that prefer the box shots, first look and first shots of the figure as a video, please take a look at the inserted video below. For the people interested in pictures: keep on scrolling!

Parts of this video will also appear as gifs during this review!

The Box

Image hosting for gif lost.



Coming in a typical POP! Vinyl-design box with a big front window continued to the side.


The backside of the box shows the different characters also made in this line (for the 20th Anniversary of the franchise, which spawned a lot of new merchandise to be made). I'm personally interested in maybe getting the Nemesis also later. The others I have seen in person and did not impress me so much.


The right side of the box shows the full POP! Vinyl artwork for the figure and overall the box has a nice background image of Raccoon City going down.


The bottom of the box mentions some general safety warnings and distribution information. There are bootlegs made of this figure, but it's very hard to find pictures of the boxes of these fakes, so it's always good to have a watchful eye when buying these (stick to the general rules like avoid buying them from China etc.).


The top of the box is not sealed in any way, so there is no '100% sure' way that you have gotten a fully sealed figure when buying it.

First Look





The blister of this figure is quite simple, but considering what you're getting is one solid piece where nothing is really sticking out, you don't need as much protection as with the average anime figure. The figure is placed in the right side of the box, as the box layout covers the left side with artwork.


The bottom of the blister mentions a code, I am curious if this is an unique code per figure style or for each figure itself. If someone that is reading this review also owns this figure, I'm curious if it says the same!

The Figure






And here we have the Licker in all their glory! Straight out of the box, you will notice he can not match up with the quality of an Japanese prize figure, but I have to say that the sculpt was a lot better than I expected.

This figure is made of mainly hollow vinyl and with that a lot more lightweight than the PVC figures most of us are used to on this site.

Looking at all the details!



The Licker comes with a movable head, making it able for him to look in any direction.


Getting up close you will see quite some mistakes in paint and sculpt. The paint was also not applied that well at all spots. The sculpt however, is really good looking with all those creases at the cheeks.




The brain is probably a hit or miss depending on each copy. I like how there is some darker shading down the middle, but the rest looks a bit messy. Now, with this figure being from a horror franchise, this is more acceptable than on an more generic looking Funko, as in the games these designs are also looking gritty .



The sculpt and paint of the tongue is done quite well, although it might would have been nice if the design had an even bigger or longer tongue, considering the name and main characteristic of this enemy.


The body has a lot better sculpt than I was personally expecting! Lots of the muscle is visible and has it's own shading. The 'hands' are high in detail as well, although unfortunately a bit messier in paint than I would have liked to.


The smallest details have quite some paint issues, like his spine and the back of his feet, the muscle tissue however is really great looking.

With my specific copy there is some glue leftovers at the legs, especially the left one.


Maybe it's just me, but I find it hysterical how his behind is sticking out like this.


Getting even closer to the feet and hands, you will see some more glue leftovers on my specific copy.

There are parts in the sculpt where supposedly the muscle tissue would have been peeking through and should have been red, but they are covered with yellow-ish white. I do have to give them some credit for the shading (especially in-between the toes and on the muscle) and how ambitious this whole sculpt is for a POP! vinyl.


There is a weird seamline through the middle at the bottom, but it's hidden when normally displayed.


Although covered mostly by his feet, the body itself is also pretty nicely sculpted and painted.


The bottom of his head has some copyright markings and a number where I'm curious if it's also the specific number for this entry in the Funko line or an unique number for the figure. You can also see here that the head was made as a seperate piece and attached later.

Display fun!

Although not being canon for RE1 Chris to see the Licker, I was really excited about posing these together!


"Take a look at this guy!"


"Huh? Is something up?



Although they are not in scale with eachother, some camera tricks can make it look more like so.



Probably my favorite picture of them together, haha! Is something wrong, Chris?

The Points

- Affordable
- Quite neat sculpt
- Fun to pose with Nendoroids or other action figures
- In the really weird market for RE-merchandise where things are either really high quality or really low quality, this is quite a recommendable piece

- Not the best painting
- Material figure is made of feels cheap
- General Funko-style may be off-putting for some

The Scores

Sculpting 8/10
Better sculpt than I was personally expecting on this 'budget' figure!

Painting 7/10
Quite some let-downs, but considering the price, material and release type of this figure, they did way more than the average figure in this line. I have to give some credit for that.

Posing 8/10
I'm positively surprised how they managed to make such an grotesque design this cute little figure! The emphasis on his big hands is nice, although I personally would have liked some more visible tongue as well.

Base -/-
POP! Vinyl figures do not come with a base unless it's some kind of special release or double figure release.

Packaging 8/10
Generic POP! Vinyl Funko box design, I like the attention to detail with the burning Raccoon City in the background and the big display of the Funko artwork of the Licker. The blister also protects the figure well.

Enjoyment 7/10
To be honest, my expectations were quite low with this figure, but I really think it's better than the average POP! Vinyl. I am not sure if this figure has convinced me to also pick up others from this line though, maybe only if I find Nemesis for a good sales price.


An affordable, cute version of an grotesque enemy in the franchise. If this is right up your alley, it might still be worth picking up this figure even though the 'bad' name POP! Vinyl has with most anime collectors. I would only recommend this figure to fans of the franchise and/or enemy, I don't think his quality is good enough to pick up this figure if you don't have some kind of special bonding with it.


A quick research into this figure shows that a couple of years after release, you can still find him for about retail price or a slightly bit more. There are a lot of them on eBay right now with bidding or buy it now for below $20. Do watch out for the Chinese listings possibly having bootlegs, most bootlegs seem to be sold without box.

And to finish it!

Right now, this figure is temporarily displayed with some of my other horror-related figures until I have this shelf together:


For those who read all this way, thank you! My next review will be about Nendoroid Perrine ITEM #323991 !

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All pictures in high resolution and some extra pictures not used in the review will be uploaded here later today: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this review!

And if you like my reviews and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...


See you at my next review!
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victorviper1 year ago#59372515I know virtually nothing about Resident Evil, but it was very interesting to see how the grotesque and deranged source artwork morphed into almost a cute (but still deranged!) chibi figure!

I really think Funko outdid themselves on the design of this one. :) I can imagine if the Licker ever got a Nendoroid, for it to look quite similar, the only way to make such a design 'cute'. ;)
1 year ago
I know virtually nothing about Resident Evil, but it was very interesting to see how the grotesque and deranged source artwork morphed into almost a cute (but still deranged!) chibi figure!
1 year ago
Moeromoero1 year ago#59191190Biohazard []
Resident Evil []

Hehe, I think both of those names have their pros and cons. So I personally never had a preference for either of the two. :)
1 year ago
Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
Biohazard []
Resident Evil []
1 year ago
Sundae1 year ago#59181415Thanks for the review! I don't have any RE/Biohazard figures yet myself, but it's nice to see that the POPs for the monsters came out fairly well considering their low price. I've got a few animal and monster POPs and imo they definitely look better than the human ones.
Also the first picture of the Licker with Chris reminded me of this:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://66.media.tumblr.com/6a583d6175377fb61287745c821ef215/tumblr_p2dv7gtyBY1qhh8sjo2_500.jpg

I have seen the POP of Leon and Jill in person in a game store a while ago, but I wasn't really impressed to be honest. I personally wouldn't even consider getting them to complete the set. I don't know which others ones you want, but I know from friends that multiple non-humans ones from LOTR and Disney turned out pretty good as well. :)

THAT PICTURE. Thanks for the laugh. :') And thank you for liking the review!
1 year ago
Thanks for the review! I don't have any RE/Biohazard figures yet myself, but it's nice to see that the POPs for the monsters came out fairly well considering their low price. I've got a few animal and monster POPs and imo they definitely look better than the human ones.

Also the first picture of the Licker with Chris reminded me of this:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://66.media.tumblr.com/6a583d6175377fb61287745c821ef215/tumblr_p2dv7gtyBY1qhh8sjo2_500.jpg
1 year ago
mintbunny1 year ago#59157717Wow, I like this one. I think non-human Pops looks a lot better sometimes. And he doesn’t have the Pop eyes, so I don’t think he screams ‘Pop figure’ as much. He’s kinda cute.

Same here regarding the nonhuman ones! Well, except for those 'oversized' nonhuman POPs, most of them don't seem to be worth their size vs quality of sculpt/paint. That's why specifically in this line I also maybe will pick up Nemesis, as he's 'normal sized'.
1 year ago
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Wow, I like this one. I think non-human Pops looks a lot better sometimes. And he doesn’t have the Pop eyes, so I don’t think he screams ‘Pop figure’ as much. He’s kinda cute.
1 year ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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