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    I've never bought the last figure from a series I didn't read or watch. But I'm planning on purchasing plenty of figures over the next few years based on the design quality and overall asethetics, so don't feel bad you are not alone, some figures have appeal lol.

    Also I checked boxlunch online store out, there prices seemed high, is it the same in store?

    Last thing love the grandista Sasuke figure, kid Sasuke was my favorite version of the character, teenage Sasuke was...he had issues lol
    6 days ago
    I am not the user mentioned in article, but thank you for the pictures! I read the first article and was curious what you purchased.

    Didn't realize the joint sold legit figures besides funko pops! I went to check the nearest location near me and it's 37 miles away. Honestly might be worth it just for the experience. I haven't been in such a shop since I moved states.
    6 days ago
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