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Tiamat26Tiamat261 year ago
When you want a 1:1

I just saw this and although it is not really figurine related it is anime related to characters that you may know. We all have our wet dreams about owning a 1:1 figurine of our Waifu and husbando but the odds of that ever happening is Zero for 99% of us. We have bills to pay we have a life that needs constant entertaining of some sort and shelling out 25000 - 30000 US Green back or 2,500000 - 3,000 000 Yen for a figurine is just unthinkable.


So today I was perusing FB and I saw this article that a friend of mine posted. It got me to thinking.. This is a 1:1 scale , takes up a hell of a lot less space and for the Echii side of gentlemen this product even has Oppai. Sorry ladies I could not find a pic with a husbando or I would have posted it as well.


Here is my question to you all

Would you consider or even think of getting this 1:1 product if it was one of your favorite characters?

Which character you you have as a 1:1?

What price would you be willing to pay for such a product?

For me there could only be one though the list I had to go through was very lengthy. I would by a 1:1 cardboard or laminate of Himejima Akeno-San


Looking forward to reading your comments.

= )

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Sure I will if is 1:1 Himejima Akeno-San, what cost ? 20,000 to 30,000 ? I'm in
Why not once in a life time to own one...
1 year ago
I want a 1/1 kamen rider guarding my door, but my fave is diend, who would be more likely to burglarise my house for treasure instead.
1 year ago
S1MP50N1 year ago#59689554Dream 1:1 scale scenario:
Step 1: Meet a nice, fun, girl who is also a big anime weirdo, is fine with my weirdo anime collection, and likes cosplay
Step 2: date her
Step 3: marry her
Step 4: buy/make her cosplay costumes of waifu characters
Unlimited 1:1 waifus as portrayed by my wifey.

Psssht, you're on a figure collecting site that girls frequent, too. Best case scenario for meeting someone with a common interest in expensive plastic figures.( ಠωಠ)
1 year ago
Personally, I don't want a 1:1 figure, I don't like the scale... I prefer 1:6 or smaller... maybe 1/4. Hey, but if you like 1:1 scale figures and is available what you want, go for it.
1 year ago
Sakura Haruno!

1 year ago
I would not buy those boobs on 1:1 scale boards, they are very similar to those oppai mousepads, just an extension.
Like shizune ITEM #615684
Well, maybe those boards and mousepads can give an illusion of the real thing, nothing more than fake.
Now if there was a full silicone body soft boobs 1:1 scale of shizune, that would make me think a lot more.
1 year ago
If they made one of Belial I think I would be unable to say no...

What do they feel like though? Is it at least squishy?
1 year ago
The ones as shown in that photo don't really appeal to me as a concept. Especially the boobs...I mean...you're just not in a great place in life if you're at a point where you've ended up paying hard cash to grope a cardboard standee.

Maybe if the illustration itself was beautiful, like some of the Sailor Moon or Clamp manga artwork, I'd find it more appealing.
1 year ago
Hm... a actual 1/1 figure would be a bit hard to place anywhere but also the nightmare of keeping it clean! A 1/1 cardboard stand of Ainz Ooal Gown would be sooo good~ ♡ Papa Bones is pretty big tho...
1 year ago
To have 1:1 scale is more matter of space than price to me . For example prime 1 studio they came up with 1:2 scale of Batman , DC and some of them sold out . So I am sure if they make 1:1 scale people are going to buy especially they have payment plan up to 1 years for some figure .

For me to have 1:1 scale must be a celebrity comic such as Batman. and in a position that I like to be. Example some figures comes with stupid position or face expression so ugly and I am willing to ay upto 4000 US dollars provide there is a payment plan that fit my budget . Example paying 100 US dollar per month .
1 year ago
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