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Clutter and MovingClutter and Moving

NewHarvestNewHarvest20 days agoDiary
I mentioned in a previous entry that I had a house fire and was dealing with what to do with my collection. I knew that I was going to be stuck in my apartment for a year minimum because we just needed a place to live. Because of this I never took the time to really organize my collection the way I wanted to. Heck, I only have two of the four Detolfs I have built because I didn't want to build all that glass just to move it again and risk something getting broken.


Now I'm super nervous to pack up my figures again because most of my collection's boxes burned in the fire. My collection is super cluttered and it's driving me crazy! I just want all of my cases built and looking sharp and cute. Two more weeks and I can finally take care of my collection the way I want to. I can't wait to update it when I get things set the way I know I want them!

Just stressed.
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I remember your last post! I can't imagine how frustrating it is to go through these complications.

Prize figures and Nendos are thankfully easy to pack up without their boxes, though I see Calne Ca and Miku on display and feel equally concerned for you. I've read posts about other members going through packing figures without boxes and hopefully they have some helpful tips. I'm sure with some creativity and supporting the figures in the right places, they should be able to migrate to a new home without too much trouble. :) And then you can have decluttered displays again!
20 days ago
I remember reading your last entry and am so sorry your house burned down. I can definitely relate to moving, especially with figures with no boxes
I pretty much had to wrap them in tissue paper and bubble wrap them like crazy. Thankfully all of them made it to where I moved in one piece. Still, it is not a fun nor easy task to deal with. I wish you the best with your moving endeavors and hope all your figures arrive safely
20 days ago
I'm so sorry about your house and something got burned destroyed may in rest peace for these who destroyed. :C I'm glad for you are okay.. hmm..maybe check with storage rent place can hold your empty or sealed figures boxes in plastic boxes?
I wish you have best luck for your plan! c:
This pic is so cute. c:
20 days ago
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