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Natalie1290Natalie12901 year ago
Just got in ITEM #729565

I am so happy with her, the only downside is she has a very large black base. I was thinking about doing a custom base, either just coloring it and making it simple or doing a 3D one using clay and what not.

Wanted to ask some opinions! What kind of base do you think would suit the figure?
What colors?
What figures do you own have really cool bases which I can draw some inspiration from?
Or if you have done your own custom figure base please share! :)
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Here is an article that another user posted explaining how she customized a base for ITEM #1516. I thought she did an outstanding job!

BLOG #20403
1 year ago
I was also thinking seriously about molding a custom clay base after I saw the huge disc it would originally come with. I haven't received mine yet, but since the figure is in a running pose, I was just going to go with something basic like cobblestones.

But if you want to be extra, you could go with the dragon theme and mold a tiny city or something around her.
1 year ago
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Could do a collage of Kobayashi ;)
1 year ago
Mini dakimakuras and plushies of the dragon family all around her!
1 year ago
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