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Collecting and universityCollecting and university

MarshmawoMarshmawo10 days agoDiary
Do you still collect and/or display your collection while at uni?

Ill hopefully be starting uni soon, as long as i get the points (i was given a conditional offer so as long as i get the points ill be fine, but im rly freaking out over it lol since i have no motivation to do my assignments and wow the year is ending FAST) and ive been wondering, is it normal for people to still collect while at uni?

im not exactly planning on bringing figures with me or my whole manga collection but i was wondering if anyone else has done that. ill be staying at uni for 4 years, which is quite a while imo and while ill be going home every now and then ill be quite a ways away; what if i go to a local con and buy a figure or manga/merch/etc. it doesnt really help that my chosen course is english language with japanese orz

ive had a lot of personal issues with being labeled a weeb/people only seeing me as a weeb and nothing else so im... very hesitant to bring anything that could tell people i like anime. due to my course subjects i dont want someone to find out i like anime then to be like "ahhh so youre here because youre a weeb. got it".
i want to make friends there since we'll be spending a year abroad in japan too, but im not sure i want people to know im so into anime i collect anime merch. idk now that i read it back its a bit dumb and i know i can decorate my room however i want, i guess id just like other people's opinions on it

appoligies for any typos im a bit frazzled bc bad mental health orz though ty for any help, i really appreciate it!
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ty for all the help everyone! ;_; i will be doing my best to reply to everyone
3 days ago
i brought my whole shelf and my favorite figures with me for dorm tbh. its presence at the dorm gives me enough joy that its worth it. the worst that ever happened was a guy saw my shelf and got excited i was a geek girl and asked for my number even though he was just there to help me with a lockout cause he was an RA.
6 days ago
I dont dorm but I am going to start my bachelor degree this fall. Collecting and being in college isn't hard for me because I'm lucky enough to live at home, dont have Bill's to pay for, and work a part time retail job. But I still can't go crazy and order like ten figures a month of something, not that I would because I'm very picky and careful about what I buy now.

Anyway, I'd recommend only bringing figures with you to university if you're either dorming in a room by yourself or with someone you trust. I dont dorm but I have heard quite a few horror stories from people at my college about roommates stealing clothes and even undergarments from them. . . .

Also, you shouldn't be afraid of people calling you a weeb. As long as you're a well-rounded individual (and you seem to be) who knows what they're passionate about, then you shouldn't let anyone stop you from expressing it. If you like anime, you should be allowed to should it off. I'm not saying come to class with a body pillow or something, but maybe like have a anime charm on your bag or wear a shirt with a subtle nod to your favorite anime. Even if something small, you should be able to wave your anime fan flag with pride. . . . . . I'm sorry if this paragraph came off as weird, rude or a bad example, its 3AM and I'm weird full of a lot of energy and I honestly dont know how to properly say what I want to say. I can't say I've never been afraid of being called a weeb, but even now that doesn't stop me from showing my love for anime. I just aim to try to do it in a way I'm comfortable with, so I wear anime jewelry, watches, and charms on my phone. Sometimes I wear shirts and hoodies, but for the most part, I subtly display my otaku-ness.... Sorry this comment was so long.>_<
8 days ago
kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
I brought my figures with me to display in my dorm in college. I felt like I could be myself in my room and it was my personal place of comfort. If I had friends come in who didn't understand it they still appreciated it and thought it was interesting.

You should totally bring yours to college!
8 days ago
It definitely depends on where you'll be living, and honestly if I was in your shoes. I would bring some of my collectibles and store it in a closet or a cupboard that's personally mine and mine alone. For example, all my anime merch is hidden in a storage closet in my bedroom, where my figures and anime and manga are displayed proudly in that compartment.

Also, I understand not being comfortable with being labelled as a weeb, but I don't think hiding your love and interests, is the best way to make some long-lasting friends. But that's just me. Best of luck.
8 days ago
Definitely depends on what kind of living space you have and who you're sharing it with, if anyone. On my trades course (military) living on base, we had single rooms. I'm not a big collector, and only bought one figure during that time, but had it on display along with the manga I bought then, and a nendoroid brought from home. picture/1958245... It was nice to be able to see something really me while stuck living in a place where all the furniture, linen, even most of the clothes in the closets were the same as everyone else, haha. And it was kinda amusing to think about the reaction of whoever was doing inspections.
8 days ago
Years ago (1965-1970) when I attended MU-Columbia campus) I spent my first 2 years in the college dorm system before moving off-campus the remaining years. I never kept anything collectable at the dorm or the off-campus residences. Although room was a premium on campus the main concern was theft, nonchalance, non-caring youth who still needed a few months to years to mature before developing a modicum of respect or common sense re treating other peoples' space, things.

The concerns off-campus were minimal as grad students tend to seek other forms of relaxation than noticing/damaging off-beat diversions 1 of their undergrad ilk might entertain.

Back then if I had anything larger than a 5x7 b&w photo or 35mm slide that I can keep inside my desk I relegated it/that to my aunt/uncle's farmhouse located a 2-hr drive away. Their kids were grown, out. Stuff then had a snowball's chance in hell as long as I was a visitor every weekend or every other weekend. Unfortunately, this hideaway became a liability post-1959 when my juvenile/minor cousin would come over to play with anything he could find. Toys I had saved from childhood or college in like new/excellent condition became fair/poor once exposed to the elements outside by my relation; boo hoo.
8 days ago
i'm actually in the exact same boat as you; i'm provisionally starting uni in september and i packed up all my figures already. the thing for me is i'm really not sure if i'm gonna be able to get a room/living space for myself or find something with a lot of roommates and i think a lot of it depends on that + how permanent the place is gonna be.
either way, i think starting with taking a few smaller figures/merch/manga for in a bookcase or on your desk isn't a bad way to go. might even turn out to be a fun conversation piece for ppl who wanna get to know you!
if your stuff can safely be stored at your current place i say there's no need to bring everything over right away, just kinda wait and see what the situation calls for :>
8 days ago
Embrace who you are and do what makes you happy.

Your room at least should be the one place where you can pursue and enjoy your interests to your heart’s content - Marie Kondo
9 days ago
I'm studying at uni and brought almost my entire collection to my dorm room. If you get to live in your own space while studying - go for it! Bring them! If they make you happy then you should definitely have them with you. My figures bring me a sense of "home" and after a long day at uni, just looking at my collection really makes me feel more at peace. :)

Space can be an issue (especially with all those boxes), but if you can manage to find a storage space where you live then it should not be a problem.

I rarely talk about this hobby with anyone at uni, unless it is a person I'm comfortable with. There are many dude-bros studying at my program so I mostly try to avoid talking about my hobbies with them lol. I've learned that people don't need to know everything about you, but when you do find those good people at uni, you start to open up more. People studying at uni are all adults. If they don't know how to respect you without labeling you as just another "annoying weeb", then it is their problem, not yours.

I collect many scantily clad women and I've brought home everything from extremely religious people to more chill and open ones. Of course, I make sure to mention that I have a hobby that can be seen as a bit strange but that it is my hobby and tell them that they are more than welcome to come study at my place etc.

If it is worth it for you to bring figurines into your new place, despite the caution you might have to take when introducing yourself to new people/taking them home, then go for it. :-)
9 days ago
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