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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari1 year ago
I was looking around this collection of mine and found that I love Prize Figures the most and finding that some of my continual favorites in the collection are prize figures.

ITEM #5636 Remains one of my top favorite figures since getting her years ago and I think she's one of the best Prize Figures in this collection and every time I look at her I feel the need to watch Macross Frontier Again, Klan Klang is one of my favorites from that series and this is one of the best Klan Klang Figures out there.

The more I think about Prize Figures the more they appeal to me since the price ranges on some of them are the same as what I'd be spending on collecting things like Gundam Model Kits,Star Wars figures or Transformers figures and the small size of these figures makes them perfect for the collection.

The one thing I really like about some of the older prize figures is you can find them very cheap or close to their original prices preowned and I think Prize Figures are the BEST Way to get into a new series of figures without spending a ton of money on the larger more expensive scales.

ITEM #604006 is one of my favorite FGO Prize Figures and she looks great sitting on the desk next to the keyboard, having this figure there helps me appreciate Prize Figures more since it looks great with everything else here.

Collecting Fate figures is expensive and most of my Fate collection is made up of Prize Figures, there are only 2 regular scaled figures ITEM #549439 ITEM #604069 in the collection from that series and all the other Fate figures are prize figures.


There are 3 Figma ITEM #396894 ITEM #603994 and ITEM #604419 from Fate in the collection but found the Prize Figures are nicer at times and I'd love it if they would release a nice Shielder Prize Figure soon.

ITEM #580973
ITEM #514125
ITEM #720383
ITEM #688021
ITEM #641041
ITEM #440653
ITEM #619053

ITEM #677851 Is another one of my favorites and this is a very good looking Jeanne Prize Figure.

Always found that Prize Figures are fun to collect and looking at what I've ordered this month ITEM #1645 and ITEM #1061 are 2 good looking Prize Figures from Gundam OO these were picked up close to their original prices so I'm glad that these figures can still be found at decent prices and it doesn't feel like a lot is being spent to get some nice little figures.

There is a Fate Prize figure coming at the end of the month that I want really bad and I never thought I'd want a Prize Figure this much but I love figures like ITEM #776157 and she's the next thing to get and it feels like SEGA has been putting out some decent prize figures as of late but Ichiban Kuji is still my favorite manufacturer for Prize Figures.

I love that Prize Figures can be found for less than $20 and don't cost more than $60 some places so it feels like the best thing to collect and while the larger scales are still nice I love to get Prize Figures more.

Do you like Prize Figures?
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I no longer collect prize figures, but I have a soft spot for them as they were the first few figures I had attained when I first started out in this hobby. And there are some designs that are only featured in prize figures - so I do keep some of them such as ITEM #259737 and ITEM #121327
1 year ago
Prize figures are great and nowadays they are also fairly high quality. Meanwhile everything else has doubled-tripled cost in less than a decade. At this point I think buying anything other than prize figures is foolish unless it's one you really can't live without.
1 year ago
I myself do not like most prize figures anymore, but they are still super tempting to buy sometimes. Honestly the quality can be really good, and the affordability is great too :)

I personally collect scales, nendos, and manga mainly, but I also have a bunch of prize figures stored away and a couple being displayed.

It's always cool to hear what types of things everyone enjoys collecting :)
1 year ago
I really enjoy prizes as well, they make up probably half of my collection. Really what I appreciate is the affordability cause it's so much easier to afford a full set of characters from a series, and having a full, matching set is super satisfying to me.

I actually used to avoid them because so many people complained about quality, but I saw an article someone made about ITEM #664015 and ended up ordering her, and many more since.
1 year ago
Sundae1 year ago#61754204I love prize figures as well! They're cheap enough that it's easier to complete a whole set of characters from a series. It's also hard to find scales of some of my favorite characters or alternate outfits, but since prizes cost less to manufacture companies seem to take more risks with them.

Found that after being so used to buying Prize Figures I can't justify spending $100+ on figures and Prize Figures really are a godsend to me since one can afford them very easy and feel like they make collecting a Happier thing to do.
1 year ago
I love them!

I bought so many prize figures and even though I love the majority of them there a couple of ones I wish I hadn't bother buying and pay for the shipping. aka ITEM #669235 ITEM #168730

My favorites are Sega's SPM&PM and Banpresto's Grandista lines. So many gems there. My absolute fave is Sega though.

Although I don't tend to buy prizes as much as I used to before, simply because there are just too many of them. I don't know when to stop, that's why I have too many Hitagi and Asuka's..(all of them are worth it tho) So I'm leaning towards to scales more since I started to care about quality a bit more. (I love some of my prizes than my scales, no hate there.) Prizes are great most of the time but the mentality of 1 proper scale=3 prize figures really stuck with me I guess, since there are older or secondhand scales that have the same price range as them.

Still love 'em, never gonna stop buying 'em.

Some of my faves:
ITEM #155931(still believe this is the best Yoko)
ITEM #677851
ITEM #236454
ITEM #440653
ITEM #144456
ITEM #181253 & ITEM #263901
ITEM #703554 & ITEM #753855
1 year ago
I don't mind prize figures, and I definitely like the wider variety they have compared to other figure types. It's way more likely for a favorite character of mine to get a prize figure rather than something more upscale.

Some of my favorites in my collection: ITEM #193001 and ITEM #173035 never had nicer figures made (Judal had a few announced that were subsequently canceled ;-;) so it's good to be able to have them in my collection at all.

ITEM #566837, ITEM #145214, and ITEM #621953 do have nicer alternate options (and I have N's nendoroid already), but I'm satisfied with the prize figure versions that I have. Astolfo in particular wasn't a figure I would have gone out of my way to find, but he was a birthday present from my roommate, so he's special in his own way, haha!

That said, one of the major drawbacks of prize figures is it can be pretty hard to find them in the aftermarket, especially if the character is popular. Sandalphon is my favorite Granblue character, and the only figure of him that currently exists is ITEM #768091 --but considering how popular he is, the prize figure is going to be next to impossible to track down. I'll probably have to shell out for him, too >_<
1 year ago
Same, I absolutely love them.

I honestly don't get why so many people dislike them.

Yeah, sure, it's not quite the same quality as scales but they cost about a tenth of what a scale figure costs when the quality is definitely higher than a tenth of the quality of a scale, there are even some scales with worse quality than some of the prize figures I own.

I honestly wish every single seasonal anime had prize figures because while I can justify spending money on scale figures of series I'm strongly invested in and of which I consider myself a part of the fandom, I can't quite justify it for series that I enjoyed a lot but probably won't have more than one season or a fandom I could get involved and participate in which lasts longer than a few months.
However I still love many characters from those series and usually want some merch to remember them so prize figures are a good alternative.
1 year ago
I love prize figures as well! They're cheap enough that it's easier to complete a whole set of characters from a series. It's also hard to find scales of some of my favorite characters or alternate outfits, but since prizes cost less to manufacture companies seem to take more risks with them.
1 year ago
I like them! Before buying them, I do always ask myself, "should I save this money for a more detailed scale or a poseable Nendoroid instead?" But generally, I like them for providing more options on character designs, outfits and posing :)

My favourite prize figure that I own, ITEM #619122, is an example of this. It's the only non-garage kit figure of that outfit, the fringe and gold eyes are a unique look for Miku and it's a really cute and fitting pose :) (PS if anyone knows of any similar Miku figures with non-standard hair/eye designs I'd love to see them! :D)
1 year ago
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