June 2019: Unplanned Additions, more figures added in.June 2019: Unplanned Additions, more figures added in.Loot

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari1 year ago
Well this month the collection grows larger.

Originally planned to do a few things this month and after going out to check the local places for markdown deals found a few things I didn't plan to get and now have to find room for some larger items.

This month started off with adding in the huge Gundam Seed HG Model Kit ITEM #16062 and 5 other smaller kits.
ITEM #100528
ITEM #220762
ITEM #220768
ITEM #472399
ITEM #787974


Also picked up one of the main Star Wars figures on my list and that was the Star Wars Solo Han Solo Mud Trooper got that the same day the Gundam NT Narrative Gundam C Packs Kit came in.

Ended up finding some Gundam figures at some great deals on ebay and a lot of those came in today, Got them for about $10 each not counting the shipping but a good deal on these old figures and they had to be cleaned since every time I buy second hand used figures I have to clean them and the older they hare they have to be cleaned of plasticizer if they have been sealed in package the Lacus and Flay were new and sealed those came out in 2003 so they were sticky and needed good cleaning.

ITEM #11710
ITEM #1132
ITEM #1059
ITEM #1642

Didn't plan on getting Lunamaria but it had free shipping so ITEM #2884 was picked up and got her from the same seller that had Lacus, Meer, and Flay so that was a nice addition to the growing Gundam Collection.

Went out to check local places the other day and ended up getting ITEM #698788 so another Model Kit added to the collection and found a giant Transformer on deep discount so ended up with adding a Transformers Titans Returns Trypticon to the collection.


Got the Shredder that I was waiting for and was impressed with the Size and Detail of that one so NECA Did an excellent job on that figure and managed to find space for that one.


I was not planning to add the Star Wars Black Series 6" Enfys Nest Swoop into the collection since it's been pretty expensive at the local stores but found it at a great deal today and that's another large item to find space for.


Got in Armor pieces for Jetfire and this one is coming along, just need 3 more pieces to have it mostly complete and for it's age it's a great piece! Also added 2 more Transformers to the collection and now down to waiting for 1 more to arrive.


The collection has grown a lot this month, still waiting for a few more figures to get in from Japan and ended up picking up 2 more Gundam 00 figures that I wasn't planning to get since the seller that had Feldt put up a few more those were gotten at a good deal too.

ITEM #1643
ITEM #1646

Should be in next week, found a RAH DX Cagalli ITEM #163 from a MFC Seller here at a great deal so another Gundam Seed figure to add to shelf of Gundam figures that is almost full now.

Wanted to get that Cagalli from Mandarake but they didn't have it in stock so I'm glad that every so often I can find a good deal here on MFC.

Waiting for 2 figures to get in from overseas and those will take a while to get here.
ITEM #1062
ITEM #1061

I did have 2 items on preorder this month but cancelled 2 expensive items and decided to get ITEM #807196 on order so that's the last thing that should be arriving this month.

I'll try to pick up the preorders I cancelled next month since things added up pretty quickly this time and after finding space for everything that's come in I'm again at the point of being just about out of space unless I pack more stuff away.

Still gotta get to assembling model kits and at the rate they are being added to the collection that needs to be done soon or I'll be buried in Kits again with them stacking up to the ceiling like they did last time when I was hooked on Collecting Gundam.

Time for another 3 week break from things till the next Collecting Cycle starts almost everything picked up this month has been dirt cheap even if it's cheap it still adds up very quickly and that's the oldest thing I deal with as a collector.

Focusing on items that don't cost a lot is how I'm able to stretch my monthly collecting budget, instead of the larger expensive scaled figures a lot of smaller inexpensive items and the occasional large item are picked up.

Every month my focus as a collector is to find things marked down/deep discount/clearance and that ends up increasing the size of the collection rapidly each month, I'm able to do this for about a solid week every month then it's back to waiting on things to get in and then plan out the next month's additions.

If you are curious as to how I can afford a lot of this I don't go out to eat that often, there is nothing at all to really do around my region and since I don't like to go out anyway because people can't drive or park around here most of my time is spent at home.

Food Service at some of the local restaurants here suck and there isn't a lot of variety so after a while the places around here get tiresome to go too so aside from going to the Grocery and stocking up on food to Cook anything else after my bills are paid goes into this Hobby.

I don't like going to Movies or going out to hunt up things locally that much anymore but I still do it since there are some nice deals found around here, my budget was originally focused on the larger expensive scales when this all started and since those are out of my price range focusing on the older series that I like the most has helped to keep the Hobby Enjoyable.

I can't justify spending $100+ on a figure anymore, I just can't do it so good thing the figures that are on order are affordable and the only figure left that's over $100 is ITEM #696863 and the other figure that's an expensive one is ITEM #806181 that's just over $100 but everything else that gets my interest is affordable and there are maybe 2 figures that are over $100 on the wishlist and I'm still debating on getting those.

By not doing much of anything in a month's time that helps with affording this Hobby if this region was a bit better and I wasn't so annoyed or irritated going out I'd do more but this is a deadzone so I'm glad that by this point in the month the urge to go out to shop locally is gone.

Still waiting for figures and by the middle of next month the collection size should be around 230 at the start of the month it was around 200 and over the course of the month a lot has been added in and the number of new figures added needs to be reduced.

-After going to the Doctor today and not having that good of a Checkup since my Blood Pressure is still high I need to cut back on what I do with this Hobby and focus more on relaxing and chilling out so if anything cutting back will help with things and I need to focus on making sure my Health is a lot better so not sure how much longer I will be collecting like this and may have to revert back to preorders only and not hunt up a lot of things to add to the collection every month.

-Update 2
This week finishes off with getting the last part for The Transformers G1 Jetfire that I was waiting for and the Cannon really helps to make this vintage piece look awesome.


With Siege Jetfire coming out in a week getting the original version this month means I'm down to needing at least 3 more versions of Jetfire for the collection and I'll have almost every Jetfire that's been released since 1985.

This month is almost over.

This month has Warped by too quickly......
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IronRose1 year ago#62189432If the food and the service weren't so great around my area, I bet I'd save tons of money.

Places around here suck, just isn't that great to go out these days and with the idiot drivers around here it's just not that fun to go out to eat there might be like 3 or 4 places that are fine to eat at but it just is too annoying to go out to eat and at least it's healthier to me to cut fast food out and that saves a bit of money over the course of a Month.

Cooking at home is easy enough but I just wish there were more of a selection here that was healthy food and not fattening crap what I'd love if if there was a good Deli or fresh bakery locally at least there's a great little Chinese place just down from where I live that's always had great service.

Still if you cut Fast Food out or eating out that often money gets saved up faster than you think.
1 year ago
If the food and the service weren't so great around my area, I bet I'd save tons of money.
1 year ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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