MoroMoro9 years ago
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In a continued demonstration of Japan's ability to enmesh "cute" and "wtf" in one inexplicable package: DONYATSU~!

Wait...that's not the donyatsu, that's just a cat. I think they made a mistake.

Oh, here they are!

they sleep on beds of rainbow sprinkles

You don't even know how ridiculous these are until you see them in person. I am completely serious. Every collection needs one (or a few.)

The cats had to meet them. Seppen took a nap with it...

...but Piku immediately decided that the delicious donut kitty should be nommed
(the donyatsu was unharmed)

Kaworu made friends with choco donyatsu.

But Luka wanted him as a pet. Their colors match!

Then he decided to have some adventures outside. Vanilla donyatsu didn't feel like going out.

Instead he made friends with Saber. FORWARD MIGHTY STEED

Moro: I could never eat it! It's too cute
Zar: what if it meowed at you
Moro: noooooooo ahhhh how could you
Zar: hahaha
Zar: pawed at your face
Moro: noooo
Moro: I will keep it on a bed of sprinkles and love it forever
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ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Mine are finally on the way here! I couldn't resist and ordered all of them Donyatsu. And straps. These are my most anticipated figures of the year! Who needs Godoka when you have Donyatsu?
9 years ago
Woodlandbunny S.T.A.R.S. Member
I keep seeing these all over MFC and now I really, really want one. They're so strangly adorable.

I love that photo of with the rainbow sprinkles. ^_^
9 years ago
Been seeing these quite a bit lately.My first reaction was WTF? But they've grown on me..I love them!I'd get one/have one already but wallet won't allow it :( They're on my must get list.
Btw..I'm loving all the funny pics posted with them in 'em...lots of lol's have been had! :)
9 years ago
AvalonJane9 years ago#1127640Fantastic review! Your cat in a box picture is just adorable. Cats and boxes. Like magnets.

Thank you <3 I think my 3 real cats enhance these sorts of posts.
9 years ago
Fantastic review! Your cat in a box picture is just adorable. Cats and boxes. Like magnets.
9 years ago
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
silentxangel9 years ago#1126694I honestly believe that a collection is incomplete without one of these cute-ass cat donuts.


If nothing else, they're good convo starters.

I think they're oddly compelling but my husband finds them to be disturbing. Not sure what he would think if I actually decided to buy one.
9 years ago
marukawa I DO WHAT I WANT!!
saber made me lol. xd;
9 years ago
Beani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Febreeze9 years ago#1126734THANK YOU. Finally I get to see the Choco one with the white icing! Do the boxes come with the handles flat or folded up?

Cat is not amused.

Flat with plastic wrapping to hold it down :)
9 years ago
wurpess GO GO DUMMY PINK!!!
I keep fighting the urge to get one of these. They don't really go with the household collection and aren't something I would normally buy. (And as molliesghost said, wallet is already screaming. XP). . .but they're just SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!! X3 I have the feeling I will probably cave eventually, but for now. . .trying to stay strong. Must resist cuteness. . . .>_<
9 years ago
AHHH! Gosh, I keep seeing them
and I wanna buy them so badly
but my wallet is already crying
enough as it is.. ;___;

Cute pictures! I especially
like the one with the sprinkles~
9 years ago