July 2019: What's coming into your collection?July 2019: What's coming into your collection?Ask MFC

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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari1 year ago
As June comes to an end it's time to focus on the next round of items that will be added to the collection in July.

This past month's main focus was on getting more Gundam Figures added to the collection and at the end of the month have filled up one shelf with Prize Figures from Gundam Seed and Gundam 00.

June's collection Additions:
ITEM #1642
ITEM #1643
ITEM #1061
ITEM #1646
ITEM #2884

Added 4 Gundam RAH DX Figures to the collection, found one of those here on MFC.
ITEM #1059
ITEM #11710
ITEM #1132
ITEM #163


Added a Code Geass Prize Figure to the collection ITEM #781947 I'm debating on hunting up some of the Code Geass GEM Series figures over the next few months.


These figures filled up the top shelf of this bookshelf quickly and this room will be shifting around again next month when the next round of new items get into the collection.


Last addition to the collection for the Month of June was ITEM #807196 added 7 Model Kits to the collection this month and it's time to get started on building them and once they are assembled the room will be shifted around to make room to display the newly assembled model kits.


What's coming into my collection in July?

ITEM #1062
ITEM #315674 -This was picked up off TOM using discounts and coupons only paid $6 for it and it's my first order from them so I'll be using them more often.

Transformers Siege Commander Class Jetfire- This is coming in next week.

Transformers Siege Voyager Class Springer -This will be one of the first additions for the later half of the month in 2 weeks.

Currently focused on getting:
ITEM #750420
ITEM #776157

ITEM #700466
ITEM #798508

So July will be another month focusing on Gundam and Transformers.

What's coming into your collection next month?
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Impulse buy month!!!!
ITEM #676119
ITEM #770504
ITEM #658849 then instantly preordered ITEM #832763

ITEM #676128
ITEM #464669
1 year ago
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
Love those Gundam SEED prizes!

I'm holding out hope for ITEM #623989 Madoka Kaname (but at this rate who knows). Otherwise, nothing.

And I thought ITEM #236143 1/7 ARTFX J Sakura Kinomoto and ITEM #689333 Nendoroid Sakura Kinomoto (Clear Ver.) wouldn't actually arrive until July, but they came in the last week of June, one after the other. So I'm satisfied. :)
1 year ago
Man, it looks like this is a big month for a lot of people... ITEM #776142 is my only PO, but I've ordered the set of El-Melloi II's Case Files acrylic stands (ITEM #845796), as well as a package from Solaris with ITEM #675972, ITEM #179197, and ITEM #153002. I know it's not time to be worried, but that box has been in "dispatch from outward office of exchange" since the 10th and I'm really hoping it updates soon. /:
1 year ago
MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
This month is a bit insane for me. I just paid for my largest AmiAmi order yet, and when it arrives it will include:

Iona 1/8 (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) ITEM #167034
Kirishima "Kirikumas" 1/12 ITEM #229188
Koizumi Hanayo Birthday Figure ITEM #285427
Sonoda Umi Birthday Figure ITEM #285428
Hanayo, Umi, and Nico stairstep figures: ITEM #343312 ITEM #343314 ITEM #343315
Rem swimsuit maid figure ITEM #775107
Rabbit House paper model kit ITEM #805309
Nanachi acrylic stand ITEM #818542 (also a Nanachi sandwhich acrylic keychain that isn't in the database)
Holo life-size wall scroll ITEM #825963
Japari Bun pillow ITEM #574933

It also includes a Centaur no Nayami pin and a Pokemon "Everyone's Story" puzzle that aren't in the database, three Tamashii Stage Figuarts stands, and a 12-pack Inori no Sekihi box (www.amiami.com/...), also not in the database.

Aside from that, I ordered ITEM #141 Alicia Florence from an MFC user, and I'm expecting these from Good Smile:

Altria Pendragon Lancer ITEM #549417
Goblin Slayer Figma ITEM #764416
Goblin Slayer Nendoroid ITEM #764411
Hermione Nendoroid ITEM #729416 (which has shipped but won't arrive for a bit longer)
Chito, Yuuri, and Kettankrad Nendoroids ITEM #644646, ITEM #644647, ITEM #644648
Masotan Nendoroid More ITEM #740157

My July AmiAmi order will probably be a lot smaller than my June order:

Hyuuga Hinata Splash vers ITEM #804983
Rem Yuki Onna ITEM #809193
Vileplume MochiFuwa plush ITEM #817292
Mareep All Stars plush ITEM #817486
Kaiba Corp pin ITEM #372457
...as well as a Yurucamp split curtain and a Moroboshi Kirari keychain that aren't in the database.

Lastly, I'll be attending my first Anime Expo, so I'm expecting a decent haul from that. I'm moving immediately before leaving for the convention, so I'm really excited to have a fresh start with all of these new items that will need to be arranged. We'll have more space in this one, so I no longer feel that we're running out of space (although running out of money is a different story). I constantly feel that my boyfriend and I are talking about slowing down the collecting, but if anything we're just speeding it up lol. At least we're having fun?
1 year ago
I am getting an Aniplex Eriri Spencer figure ITEM #347655 but i am off to pick her up now from the post office so she probably falls into June? XD

And then... nada orders for July. I am actually relieved.
1 year ago
I am very excited for ITEM #780978, Akane next month! I am also looking forward to wonfes for the potential updates on ITEM #806001 and ITEM #806116. Otherwise I am also getting ITEM #287683, Salter soon, as I found her preowned and am so glad I did. Other than that, I am excited to listen to the Magical Mirai 2019 album item/835195!
1 year ago
I'm hoping for Item #547393, Item #464632, Item #749353. Two of them being FGO figures. Gonna be honest I really don't know anything about FGO but these figures were so cute I wanted to add them to my collection. I feel fine knowing that they're from an app game so it doesn't make me feel as guilty getting them lol
1 year ago
She's a bit old, but I was wanting to get Rei for a long time now.. (ITEM #242), and hopefully she'll arrive early-mid July. I'm not planning to get anything else since I spent most of my money for figurines coming this winter and fall.~
1 year ago
Assuming she's not delayed, I only have ITEM #676123 due for release in July.

Fall and Winter are going to be my expensive months.
1 year ago
ITEM #117000 ~Walk Walk Fashion Baby

This is the only thing I'm expecting next month, aside from another cel.
I'm really excited about him, since I'll be re-organizing my top shelf once he arrives and I love changing things up every now and then. (There are two other smaller things I ordered, but they most likely won't make it here till August.)

After this I'll probably ease up with figures for a while, since there currently isn't much I'm interested in until some new releases in about 2-3 months. I also want to save money to commission some artists to draw my characters, I've been neglecting them a lot lately in favour of figures lmao
1 year ago
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