Banana Fish-Ash Lynx-Okumura Eiji-ARTFX J- 1/8 (Kotobukiya)Banana Fish-Ash Lynx-Okumura Eiji-ARTFX J- 1/8 (Kotobukiya)Review

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PrivaPriva1 year ago
Banana Fish was one of my favorite anime from the Fall 2018 season, so I was very happy when Kotobukiya announced this pair of figures.


Although I have a few complaints about the final product, I’m still happy to have it in my collection. Starting with the base:

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Ash and Eiji are resting on (what appears to be) a concrete wall. Here, you can see the amount of details put into the base. I also like the unique shape of it. Having Ash sit on it and Eiji lean on it is much more interesting, visually, than if they were standing on a plastic disc.

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Ash wears bright red sneakers, dark, ripped jeans, and a white t-shirt.

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Ash’s sneakers have a lot of fine detail and only very minor paint defects. His jeans lift up slightly at the ankle, exposing a tiny amount of skin. There’s no noticeable paint bleed here despite it being such a tiny area.

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His jeans have sculpted creases that add to the realistic look of his clothing. They are shaded with some detail.

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His shirt appears realistic as well, with creases along the back. His blonde hair is sculpted with many small strands.

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He wears a brown belt that is partially covered by his shirt, which gaps open slightly at the front.

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His green eyes contrast nicely with his simple outfit. I think his face looks slightly too long and his lips slightly too large, but those are the only problems I have with this figure.

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Eiji wears a dull pink button-up and loose-fitting rolled-up jeans with grey sneakers.

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He is almost completely flat from the back. This looks awkward, especially because his bottom half leans away from the base.

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Like Ash, Eiji has detailed shoes with no significant paint flaws.

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Eiji’s shirt is half-tucked into his pants. Its fabric appears to have several wrinkles. There’s no bleed between his jeans and shirt.

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Eiji’s posture is relaxed as he smiles at Ash. Like Ash’s, his face looks a bit odd to me—it looks slightly too wide, and his lips look overly large.

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His dark hair is sculpted with detail.

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Other than their faces, another area of disappointment for me was Eiji’s coloring. The promotional images made his outfit look vibrant, but the colors are actually very muted.

My final complaint is that these figures are a bit plain--although I knew that when I ordered them. While their outfits are painted incredibly well, they're also very simple. The characters' poses are relatively basic. This figure definitely lived up to its prototype, but I do feel the price, at just over $200, was slightly too high.

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Lastly, for size comparison, here are the two figures next to MegaHouse's Victor. Eiji's height is close to 10 inches.

Despite my complaints, I’m glad to have these figures. There are no noticeable paint defects and the posing fits the characters very well. While I think their faces look off and I’m disappointed with Eiji’s coloring, I’m still happy to have them in my collection. If you're a fan of Banana Fish, I would recommend them, especially if you can find them at a discount.
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Nice review! I really love the diorama set-up, but also don't find them really worth their release price. But I guess that's how the market is nowadays, most other manufacturers would have asked for even more with a double figure. :(
6 months ago