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Hatsune Miku Summer Version by Taito -- reviewHatsune Miku Summer Version by Taito -- review

Hi, everyone! Today, I'll be reviewing Taito's newest (as of 7/2019) summer seasonal variant of Hatsune Miku, designed by Arco Wada.

Honestly, a large part of why I got this Miku is because she was based off of an Arco Wada design. When I first saw this Miku, I thought her dress was tacky, and decided I wasn't going to get her as a result. And I thought it was a shame, since she was drawn by one of my favorite Fate artists (I love Arco Wada's art in general, except for the way she draws Gil lol), had a nice face, and probably would be high quality, since all of the Taito Mikus thus far have been as far as I know.
Regardless of how tacky I thought her dress was, I kept going back to the figure's page, though, and kept looking at the figure again and again. I'm thinking part of me wanted to believe I'd eventually like the design after all or something, but I at least went back to it 3 times a week or so. About a month after doing this, I decided I would just preorder her anyway, since June only had one other prize figure, a figma, and a nendoroid at the time, and she wasn't expensive. I also figured that if I kept going back to her, that I might have wanted her after all, and I would be upset if I missed her. I know the Taito Mikus do raise in price, so I figured if I missed her, she'd end up costing me between $30-$50 to get her as opposed to $15 or so.

At any rate, I finally have her, and I am truly glad I did preorder her.

I'll start by showing her box. It's nothing special, but she is packed in a blister pack, which I am surprised about, given the current cheap trend of packing prize figures in bubble wrap in a cardboard corner. I forgot to take photos, though >_<;.
I did take photos of her box. The front shows a photo of the figure, while the back shows her original illustration.


The side shows more photos, while the bottom looks like one of those stands that are at Japanese festivals. This is entirely appropriate for a figure that is clearly supposed to be Miku at a summer festival, given the mask on her head and candy apple/fan.

The figure itself looked great coming out of the box (I.. again forgot to photograph this >_<;.), and her twin tails, fan, and the hand with the candy apple must be put on the figure. I actually had a hard time getting her twin tails and candy apple hand into the holes, and had to apply more force than I'd like to have. I was afraid of breaking her. This was a flaw in an otherwise great figure, and did annoy me some.

Now, as for the figure itself. Here are some pictures of her in all of the views I could get:




After actually getting the figure, I don't think the dress is as tacky as I originally thought. I now feel she represents a summer festival in Japan very well. The candy apple, dress (which is probably supposed to be a yukata merged with a dress, to be honest), Kitsune mask, sandals, and fan all are very representative of a summer festival. I think the colors are a bit bright still, but I get the design, and I finally do like it. There are also some details that are easy to miss, such as the bow on her back, or on her shoes.

As for the paint job and sculpt, there are VERY minor flaws (I noticed a really small flaw in the sculpt on the bow on her sash, and there is a black dot under her eye), but these are very hard to notice, and I had to look. There are also a few places where paint is slightly out of the lines, but it's really minor. I didn't really realize there were actually sculpted ruffles on her dress until I got the figure (and looked more), and this is a nice touch.

The face faithfully recreates Arca Wado's style (which I loved, at least the illustration wasn't lost). :)

I also learned while taking a closer look at this figure that the tips of her bangs are translucent, and the edges of her twintails are as well.


The stand she has is nice for a prize figure. It's transparent, with summer based designs painted around the sides.

The small amount of dust didn't come with the figure, by the way, it comes from a small trading figure that had some dust that I placed on her stand for a second while setting up my figures. I did dust it off, and the other figure, as well (I actually didn't know the other figure was dusty).

Since I've now discussed the figure as a whole, here are my scores:

Paint: 9/10. There are some minor flaws, but the paint is mostly well done, and mostly in the lines.

Sculpt: 7/10. There are very minor flaws in the sculpt, but again it's mostly solid. However, her twintails are not easy to put into her head, and the candy apple hand is, as well. Since I don't know where else this would belong, I took points off for the faulty fit.

Base: 8/10. It's a nice base for a prize figure, and is very appropriate. I wish more prize figures would put effort into their bases like this.

Pose: 8/10, she's lively for a prize figure, but I still can't say she's the most exciting figure, either.

Packaging: 7/10. It's basic, it does the job, and it most importantly actually comes with a blister pack. But it's nothing special, and doesn't deserve more than a 7.

Enjoyment: 8/10. I actually really like this figure. I can't give her a higher rating due to frustrating assembly, but it's a nice figure I'll enjoy having in my collection. I don't see myself selling her.

Overall, I think she's an 8/10. I recommend her, but be prepared for a somewhat difficult assembly.
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I was blown away by her paint job. Everything so colorful and lively. She's super detailed and the paint job just brings it all out. Her eyes especially. The details of prize figures' eyes have gotten better and better. I agree the sculpt could have been better, but she's still beautiful. Your review is so comprehensive. I think I may have to add this Miku to my wishlist!
5 months ago
When I first picked up her box I was like damn she's heavy. Compared to how the Sakura Miku came, this one was near perfect quality wise the issues I had on mine were pretty small. She's really just too cute though and I've also learned to preorder these taito mikus otherwise regret will happen
5 months ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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