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SconesScones1 year ago

Hello my China plates (Cockney rhyming slang, bless, so strangely cute in this instance. China plates = mates.)

Firstly thank you for the birthday wishes so, so much!! It’s still not until tomorrow for me, and I’m hoping to go to a certain figure store. And thank you for the positive reception on my last article, too. It makes me feel very happy. I’m posting this in the meantime until my article continuing my last.

So, if you were a Nendoroid. What would your poses, face plates, hair style, eyes, base, poses, outfit and accessories be? Also, if you want to imagine yourself as what you’d be in an anime (assassin, mage, anything you please) then go ahead and base your Nendoroid off of that.

And if you’d like, include one or two accessories that you don’t have in real life, but are representative of your personality. A sword, magic effect, anything.

Of course as Nendoroids we would all have different versions, since we have such varied presentations of ourselves, dictated by place, time, crowd, even season. So just name off what can sum up you best.

My Nendoroid:

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Face Plates:
Cheeky grinning expression with closed eyes
Blank-eyes raging expression
Kuudere expression
Closed-mouth smile
Blushing nervous expression

Hair sculpt / color: bangs covering forehead, blonde.

Eye color, size, style: yellow turning to a bright turquoise and then light green, akin to Mayuri Shiina’s. (My eyes of course don’t really look like that exactly, but are blue-green.) Default expression would have narrowed eyes, and would be in the style of item/675280&lsq... or item/195508&lsq....

Orange and blue stripped overcoat
White button-up shirt
Bright red pants
Knee-high boots
Teal fluffy scarf

Posing: kicking leg and sitting legs

Skin Color: Really pale.

Partially translucent cherry blossom tree
A translucent turquoise katana
A slice of pizza
A white, blue-tinted coffee mug, gold-rimmed except my Nendo would be drinking Tang
Paintbrush dripping yellow, iridescent paint
A text plate saying “I’ll rip out your fucking throat.” The usual.

Base: round base as a starry night sky

Thanks for reading! Have a good one.
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ooh this is such a cute idea! it would be so nice if you were able to get specific parts of nendoroids, to just buy on their own. i know theres like a nendoroid splits club somewhere lol but if it was just an option from the start, i feel like they could make a lot of money. id be soooo up for making me as a nendo if this were possible lmao
1 year ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hmmm.. nice idea


yawning/bored face
Surprised blush face
Excited face with stars


Phone and tablet
Tiny figurine of louise to fit the excitement face
Snack, a bar of chocolate perhaps (goes eith excitement face as well hehe)


Lolita outfit
chocolate themed dress
Cosplay louise outfit


Louise style wig/hair
Bob styled brown hair
Long hair with an optional ponytail

Eyes: blue grey and pink ones
1 year ago
I'd be something like this:
View spoilerHide spoilerParts:
Hair from> ITEM #331544
Faceplate from> ITEM #396850
Body from> ITEM #259860 (changing color of course)
Arms and accessories from> ITEM #689335
And also my 4 precious cats!

Extra version:
View spoilerHide spoilerAnother version for when I change my hair color (every 2 years):
Parts same as above but the hair is from ITEM #549369
1 year ago
BrianRevy Youtube.com/BrianRevy
This is me as a Nendoroid that I've done sorta recently :P tried starting the:
#MeAsANendoroid Challenge on Instagram But nothing yet ~
1 year ago
Thacchi Downsizing my collection!
I'm already a nendoroid!

1 year ago
Ooh, this will be fun to think about!
Warning: this ended up URL heavy.
Face Plates:
- A very unamused/angry-looking face (I have good ol' RBF)
- Another angry looking but more intimidating face like Maika's sadistic face (I've actually had people admit they were initially terrified of me because of my RBF, and say I look like I think of myself as "higher than them" or like I'm planning to attack them)
- A grinning, mischievous looking face (I like to say silly things, or do small little silly things to amuse others, such as small scares or bad puns, because I get amused by it too)
- A very excited expression that looks like talking, maybe with stars in the eyes? (I tend to get very excited and OTT when discussing things I like)

Hair sculpt / color:
Low twintails at the back, a very sideswept fringe (none in the face, all swept behind the ears/into the twintails), very dark brown with a bit of blonde at the tips, slightly wavy, twintails go down to the top of the legs (like Maika's, except at the back). Also an alternate style which is a low-ish ponytail at the back, messier and just as long. Fringe is the same. (I wear twintails when I'm out, I wear a ponytail at home.)

Eye color, size, style:
Kinda large and pointed, like Maika's. (I swear I don't mean to use Maika so much, she's just a great example.) However, they'd be a light blue-grey with the shadow near the top being a little lighter, like my own art style.

- A white hoodie designed based on my humanoid P-Body's hoodie (yes, that's a real thing I have, and yes, I wear it regularly) partially unzipped to just below my chest
- A dark navy blue t-shirt with simplified designs of ATLAS and P-Body from Portal 2
- A flat Companion Cube necklace on a simple chain
- Black trousers
- White trainers

- hands in pockets
- hands on hips
- phone in hand (either)
- holding a bottle of water
- hugging a plushie P-Body (yes, I'm the one who commissioned that)
- for legs, honestly just standing (I usually sit on a sofa otherwise and I doubt they'd create a whole sofa for a single Nendoroid)

Skin Color:
Extremely pale. Like "I will burn in sunlight" pale. I hardly ever go out, and hardly ever have a curtain open.

- the aforementioned plushie P-Body
- the aforementioned phone, probably with Facebook Messenger open
- the aforementioned bottle of water
- a Chika Takami itabag backpack (black, with a completely clear front with a lot of Chikas)
- pink headphones with fuzzy earpieces (wire should be able to attach to the phone)
EDIT: - I (somehow) forgot I wear glasses! So dark blue glasses with rectangular frames

I'd hope for something sparkly like a magical girl's, or futuristic like Portal 2, or just overall orange, but let's be honest, it'd probably be the standard Nendoroid base
1 year ago
this was fun to think about lol!

Face Plates:
Bored/neutral FP
Eyebrows furrowed/focused FP
Chibified yelling/angry FP

Hair sculpt / color:
Messy, medium brown hair at just above shoulder length

Eye color, size, style: Hazel eyes with dark circles like ITEM #166617 tomoko's

Button-up collared shirt under a sweater
gray skinny jeans
all-blue hightops

adjusting glasses
arms crossed inside sleeves
sitting with legs crossed

Skin Color: pale with a few freckles

pikachu-themed 3ds xl
drawing tablet/pen
some fruit
a desk chair to sit in
my pet chihuahua ^^
1 year ago
Face Plates:
Kuudere expression
Sleeping face
Yandere grin
Pre-order bonus: wearing Aviator sunglasses

Hair sculpt / color: Long, messy, ruddy-blonde hair, alternate sweater hood, pre-order bonus: wearing glasses on top of head

Eye color, size, style: One grey-blue, one grey-green, with one being slightly off-sized to the other.

Black zip-up hoodie lined with white wool, zipper open
Purple T-shirt
Black sweatpants
No shoes or socks
Pre-order bonus: Pio shirt

Posing: Leaning on cane, sitting kicking legs, pre-order bonus: laying down

Skin Color: Really pale.

Brown wooden cane
Aviator sunglasses
Tall stool (to sit on)

Base: Standard square base. Pre-order bonus: Red gear with a pile of blankets
1 year ago
Scones1 year ago#64172672Since I forgot skin color I feel a bit racist, oh gosh XD.Haha, no need to blame yourself! ( ´∀`)b
1 year ago
Wonder1 year ago#64148001I'd bet it's kinda hard to replicate yourself to a nendoroid..but here I go!
~My neutral face, which is basically an weird, blank and monotone face.
~Evil Eyed/Annoyed expression
~Intense sweating/Stupidly Nervous
~A Smug Smirk
Dark chocolaty brown eyes, with pupils as big as their whole eye! A tired sized eyeshape, expressing my huge and saggy eyebags. My eyebrows are a bit arched, an not super thick, but thick is what I'd consider them.
Similar eye color (ITEM #740454)
Similar eye style (ITEM #742300)
My hair has a short light blonde bob cut. My bangs are held hime styled, and I have a white bow stylizing the finish.
My skin color is more of a sweet tan/sunkissed look.
~No shoes/nor socks
~A white pajama gown, with cinnamonroll (by Sanrio) logo on it, long sleeves.
~Pearl earrings
~An 3ds
~My Cinnamonroll plush
~A cute Venezuelan Flag
~A Coconut Shell
How I'd look/Pose
~A bit widespread legged pose, with a bit of a slouching back and with my arms neatly behind my back!
~Confidently pointing my fingers right back at you!
~Tiring and hopelessly lying on the floor.
~A smugged stance, similar to this pose here (static.myfigure...)

Since I forgot skin color I feel a bit racist, oh gosh XD.
1 year ago
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