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yaibayaiba1 year ago
I went to the Radio Kaikan Bldg yesterday to pick up the WonFes catalog, and ended up getting some issues of J-Tank that I put off buying from the last time I went to Yellow Submarine. I also got some gashapon singles and some 1/72 resin figures by gonBro (I'll have to check out their table at WonFes). I also found some "junk" figures for cheap at Mulan, and a couple of books from Book-Off.


Later, I bought a bunch of used figures from Hobby-Off that were just too cheap to pass up. The first picture is of stuff from the store in Ueno. Unfortunately, the SDF Ladies figures are not 60mm tall as stated on MFC, but rather about 30mm tall. They're pretty darned hard to find, but now I'm stuck with these tiny figures that I have no use for.


The next picture is of stuff I got in the last couple of weeks from Hobby-Off and the Book-Off Super Bazaar in Nagoya. The yokai figures were a mere ¥1 each while Silica was only ¥2. In addition, there's some souvenir koban from Nagoya Castle, a hobby file and bonji decals from the Volks Store in Osu, and some Obitsu hands that I needed for a project from Cospatio in the Gee Store (also in Osu).


Except for the clock (which belongs to the hotel I was staying at), and the 6-armed asura figure that I picked up at a rental case shop in Kyoto, the final image is of more stuff from the Nagoya Hobby-Off near Fushimi Sta. The UHA Seven Wonders figures were only ¥2 (marked down from ¥6), an incredible bargain.


I have to admit, I hadn't planned on buying so much stuff before WonFes. In fact, I probably already ended up buying more than I usually do when I visit Japan, and I'm not leaving for almost two more weeks.

Anyway, I'll probably do a post on stores in Kyoto and Nagoya, as well as WonFes after I get back home.
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theend121 year ago#64452403...I can't wait for Won Festake1231 year ago#64447939...Can't wait to go.

I'm super excited as well. I spent a couple of hours going through the book looking for the tables I want to visit, but I'm sure there will be a lot of other things that will catch my eye as well.
1 year ago
I picked my book up on the 23rd when I landed so far only bought 2 scrolls. I can't wait for Won Fes
1 year ago
take123 Bunny Farm
I got my Wonfes guidebook today in Akihabara.
Can't wait to go.

All those bunny figures waiting for me! Going to snap pics of them in all their glory.
1 year ago
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