Does anyone else neglect their notifications as badly as I do?Does anyone else neglect their notifications as badly as I do?Ask MFC

Bah-RooBah-Roo11 months ago
So sometimes I don't always remove notifications from my notification list, because I don't feel like looking at the pics or whatever at the time, so I save them for later. However, instances like this have piled up and up and now I have 107 notifications in my notification box...


I was just wondering if any of you guys do that too, lol. Also, what with Wonfes having happened as well, I feel pretty overwhelmed with trying to keep up with figure news at the moment. I've yet to properly look into everything Wonfes brought us, but ugh...

I know this probably isn't a very exciting blog post, but still. Sometimes I have ideas for fun, little and trivial questions to ask this community, but at the moment I've forgotten all of the good ones I had tried to save up to compile into one post, oops.
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Do you regularly clean out your notification box diligently?

9%...Well..kind of.
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83 notifications right now because I like to keep notifications of pictures from figures that I want to buy in the future and that I have to preorder
11 months ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I immediatly check, i only have some notifications of ppl that wrote on my profile and i have yet to send a message back to them :)

Plus you csn just click read and then click the eye with a stripe in it to view older notifications you already read so you can look at it later
11 months ago
I see a notification, immediately check it. First thing when logging in.
11 months ago
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
I'm better at my notifications than my PMs. But I've taken breaks from figure collecting and come back to a zillion notifications, obviously. Thank goodness for mark all as read!
11 months ago
I barely ever get notifs lol
11 months ago
I'm also at 348, I never take a look at them and I'm not bothered by them either
11 months ago
I almost never clean them. I'm at 398 right now lol
11 months ago
Voronarara11 months ago#64724922Not at all, I always need to check everything immediately, any kind of notification actually, not just mfc.
Same. Sometimes on mobile I'll leave picture notifications if I want to look at them again on a better screen, or comments I want to reply to later. But not really for long.
11 months ago
I rarely get notifications and I clean it out whenever I get one.
11 months ago
Not at all, I always need to check everything immediately, any kind of notification actually, not just mfc.
11 months ago
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