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Bleach - Neliel Tu Oderschvank - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)Bleach - Neliel Tu Oderschvank - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)

pyokopyoko9 years agoReview
Hello everyone, this will be my very first review here. So please don´t be too harsh :)
This review is about Neliel from Bleach. Her manufacture is Alpha&Omega (Megahouse and Alter).

I believe the biggest feature on this figure definitly are her breasts XD I guess this is OK, since they are true to her looks in the anime. Also they look more realistic on this figure than you would think. It may be because of the fact she also has wide hips and her overall appearance is curvy enough to explain them. However, is this only me or is she missing her nipples? With that few clothing you should already be able to see them a little bit.
But let us turn to more important issues:

Very lovely and true to the original. The details on her are stunning, even though she is only wearing some green shreds. Her face and the skull on her head are the highlights of this figure. (that is, for me)

You would think that she does not give many opportunities to show off painting skills. Still her shading is superb. Her skin definitly got lots of shading-attention and even her green.."dress"..has enough shading to not let it look flat. If there would be something disturbing me with the paintjob it maybe that I feel her hair is a bit to blue. But I guess that is depending on subjective preferences.

I do not really like her pose, something of how she holds her right hand up looks strange to me. I also would prefer her hair to be less floating in mid-air. (or is this more a sculpting issue?)
The pose still looks good and I am starting to get used to it, so

Green-turquoise coloured. I would say it is a typical base, not to bad but also nothing special. Maybe a bit to neo-green in my eyes.

I am not much interested in how boxes look, since the figure is always the important thing. But I would say it is nice and fitting for her. Good box like most Megahouse and Alter figures have.

I love Neliel in the Bleach series and this is a high quality figure of her. So, how can I do other than love her :)

More pictures can be found at my blog.

Besides, as a question to more frequent reviewers here:
when I am loading images into my reviews is there a possibility to control the size? They show up far to big.
I wanted to take the ones I also used at my blog, and I do not want to have to all load them up somewhere with smaller size just for the review here, so: Please help :(
And, is it possible to take the images I already loaded up at tsuki-board?
Hope you don´t mind me asking^^
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cereverusWondering how to tel between original and fake ?
Neliel has a very good paintjob on the original figure. I looked through the bootleg-Neliel pictures; their paintjob is not near as good. Also the bootleg ones look very shiny (glossy looking skin)
Many people also say they check for the licence sticker on the box.
I guess the best is to ask for good (non blurry, big enough)pictures of the figure before buying it. On good pictures it should be visible^^
However; I do only buy from sources I trust, so I am not so good at what to look for when buying from ebay and co.
3 years ago
Wondering how to tel between original and fake ?
3 years ago
In fact I also use photobucket to host the pictures I use for my blog. Problem is I like the pictures to be bigger in my blog than they can be for fitting here.
I so far did not try editing with photoshop, but I guess I would have to save it two times; one in bigger format for my blog and one in smaller for here. That would be taking away quite some space :(

Maybe I will keep on like I did here and only show one or two pictures and just give a link to my blog-review..
9 years ago
I use Photobucket to upload my pictures. It has an option for resizing the pictures as an editing process. Really simple and quick to do. I learned that because my first review had pictures that were so big that they went beyond the boundaries of the text.

Good first review, keep it up.
9 years ago
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