Luckiest/ cheapest deals you ever got?Luckiest/ cheapest deals you ever got?Ask MFC

MindeplayMindeplay1 year ago
Since I´m only a Student and I can´t afford to buy new figures all the time the majority of my Collection is preowned or from Sales. Over the years I´ve been very lucky and got a lot of figures I wanted for very cheap. I usually buy them off private sellers in Germany.
I´ve been wondering whether y´all do something similiar and if yea what was your luckiest/cheapest deals you ever got?

for example
one of my luckiest deals:
ITEM #6588
ITEM #61286
ITEM #61285
ITEM #61287
ITEM #61288
ALL 5 of them for 45€ with shipping included from a private seller. The BRS scale is original and not a bootleg as well as the four panty and stocking figures. I actually bought them today and they are on their way now. It's an amazing price especially for the scale and the fact that the panty and stocking figures are pretty rare.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
There are more but my most remarkable one is Taiwan Louise
For only 2100 yen C condition amiami. Fig was superb only a rusty chain which was easily removed so :D
And she's rare nowadays

ITEM #72838
1 year ago
Got ITEM #287678 for $40 since she was missing her box and wand (Which I cared for neither) she's now over $400
Got ITEM #198020 for $50 because her gun was broken, just had to glue it back together! She's now about $200-300
Got ITEM #396963 brand new for $20 since I won a contest at a local comic shop and chose this preorder, I just had to pay the slight difference from the prize money. (not sure if this one really counts but it always makes me happy!)
I've also gotten several nendoroids either for free or $10 or less.

I would like to mention, all of these figures are definitely authentic!
1 year ago
Got her for $120 ITEM #236133 . Seeing how much the price has gone up for her, i think i got a great deal!
1 year ago
I have a quite a few bargain scores in my collection, but my best ones have to be these:
I got ITEM #41164 and ITEM #41211 for $100 together since they didn't have their box. A steal I'd say since they go for around $100 a piece.
I got ITEM #61728 off of eBay from a seller in Japan for $12 since she didn't have a box or her base(she doesn't even really need a base lol)
My favorite bargain get is my Komugi ITEM #6210 who I got for $35 upon randomly finding someone selling her on Twitter of all places!
1 year ago
She's not a too bad expensive figure, but I got ITEM #14122 for $5USD. Hopefully I can find the red hair version for that much in the future. =3
1 year ago
ITEM #78585
Pre owned condition, but as new! With shipping included, I paid only 130$ on Solaris Japan!
I have a small amount of figures, but I am almost every day looking for good deals. I have never came across something as this one so I gotta buy it! And I have no regrets, this figure is even more amazing in person then on the pictures! Love her!
1 year ago
ITEM #547775 for 1500 yen on Mandarake
1 year ago
Mostly on mandarake ( i recommend you this site, there are a lot of good deals!)
ITEM #49201 got for 30€
ITEM #166704 nearly 50€
ITEM #157821 only 5€!
ITEM #464694 nearly 56€
All (except kuroko which was opened) were unopened and never used.
Personnaly i think i appreciate my figures more when i do good business xD
1 year ago
Hmm let's see. Well in most of the deals that I'll be listing,AmiAmi has been the life saver because I found all of them in their pre owned section xD (Bless you,AmiAmi! )

So here it is:

ITEM #416 --> For only 13$,got her in almost new condition.

ITEM #317061 ---> for like 20$

ITEM #133557 ---> 80$ (she's over 200$ now)

ITEM #25 --->60$ from AmiAmi when she's being sold by everyone for over 100$ pretty much everywhere.
1 year ago
AU$65 for ITEM #144366, AU$100 for ITEM #144330
1 year ago
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