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About Chinese Goods....About Chinese Goods....

Hey guys! So I've been super into this anime movie called Big Fish and Begonia, but since it's a Chinese anime, I can't really use this site to search for goods from the movie. I've found a few things that I'm interested in, but I have no clue where to even buy the darn things. Do you guys know of a site like MFC that deals with Chinese anime stuff...? Or at least an authentic site to order through??

EDIT: Here are some things I found that I think are pretty neat. Don't know if the sites are reliable but eh



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While searching on ruten, I found this pretty custom figure.

1 month ago
I do remember someone posting a link to a figure collecting site for Chinese users. It's pretty similar to MFC. Heres the site!


But, I had no luck finding merch from that movie when using both the simplified and traditional translations of the movie title. (translations from Wikipedia) I couldn't even find merch in general. So far I've seen unofficial stuff (I assume) like some sort of statue and T-shirts. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough?

If it were me though, I would try creating your own stuff. Maybe try out another hobby. I've been learning to 3D model recently and someday I might make papercrafts out of characters that don't have any figures. You can probably also learn to sculpt, or maybe make plushies or key chains. Sorry if this comment was no help, but I hoped it gave you some ideas.

As for the movie, the visuals look impressive! I might give it a watch someday.

Edit: I misread your post so my apologies! There is Tmall, which is similar to Amazon. And while hunting for a Myethos figure days ago, I found a Taiwanese site called ruten.


1 month ago
Taobao is sort of a Chinese ebay, but you need a proxy to order.

EDIT: Nvm, the page address couldn’t copy. ^^;

Just google: taobao 大鱼海棠
1 month ago
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Ni hao. Buy Chinese goods from Hong Kong sellers on Ebay. Good idea, yes?

That's actually good advice guys since stuff bought from HK is far more likely to be authentic than from the communist mainland (will no longer be the case if China wins). But if commies can't take a joke...

There doesn't appear to be much merchandise from this film, but here's something I found: www.ebay.com/it...

Downvote me all you want.
1 month ago
never heard of that movie but I watched the trailer it looks good looks like the avatar animation in Chinese.
1 month ago
Your hassle-free Japan shopping proxy .

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