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SkellingtonSkellington1 year ago
Hello everyone

What is the best way to get kotobukiya exclusives? I would prefer to pay later or pay a part of the total amount in advance as opposed to paying everything at once. Could you help me?

(if anyone suggests a proxy please explain ,how that works as I have never used one before)
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Wise advice already posted. The only add I can contribute dealing with Kotobukiya US site as a US resident is they will offer the figure "as is" but won't have the exclusive face plate, towel, whatever bonus part is being offered with the figure. Thus, if you're US resident do NOT rely on KotoUS to have available the bonuses, save you the expenses you're going to encounter having to use Kotbukiya's Japan site to acquire the bonuses instead. You will have to order from their Japanese site via a proxy, forwarder if you do not have a Japanese address. What the Koto.US site will do is respond to your inquiries eventually profusely apologizing for their lack of ability to provide the bonuses. Boo hoo.
1 year ago
The most bonus are available at amiami.
they also have a pay later Funktion.
The most of the missing bonus ones are available at nippon yasan.. But ny also are pretty expensive at such things.
also they just have a few of them open for pre order.. But some times they put them up again later with a higher price than before...

I am also watching for another shop with the bonuses.
don't like the Ny service and amiami has not enough (like prince eugen, miku Nakano) with bonus
1 year ago
Lied1 year ago#66170795snipZenmarket is a proxy, not a forwarder.
1 year ago
Normally you'd either order from Kotobukia's Japanese or US site. The Japanese site, as you've probably already figured out/guessed can only be ordered from via Japan, and (unless this has recently changed) the US site will only ship to the US. So that leaves you with two options- proxy or aftermarket. For aftermarket that'd mean something like Suruga ya, Mandarake, Rakuten, or Yahoo Auction Japan. As for proxies, I could give you a list of some if you choose to use a proxy, but there's a rather large selection of good ones.

For proxy sites it's usually the same process across the board- log in, place the url of what you want to buy in the order form, fill out said form, then submit it. They'll buy it, you'll pay to have the item shipped to their warehouse, then a handling/proxy fee, the price of the actual item, and then the price of shipping the item from their warehouse to you. All in all, you end up paying more for a proxied item, often times -noticeably- more. As for the aftermarket, you simply patrol those sites until you you find what you're after. That being said, exclusives with their bonus items are generally rare or go for far more than their MSRP. The latter varies from character, series, and product type, so you simply have to know the market and industry well to predict that sort of thing.

In your case, experience says you're going to want to just use a proxy in order to actually guarantee you can get the item, otherwise the aftermarket is a gamble since the item comes with exclusives. If you've got any questions after that then just let me know, friend.
1 year ago
I'm getting deja vu... Did you or something else already post a blog about Koto earlier and it got deleted...?

Edit: Ohh nevermind, the blog from earlier is still there, my apologies. I'll link it in case the information is helpful to you too: BLOG #43598

Unless KotoJP has changed their policy recently, I'm pretty sure you pay on release when you buy their items. However, you will need to use a forwarding company for that which is different from a proxy. It's a bit more complicated because you will have to order the item yourself which requires a little knowledge with Japanese addresses and a credit card that would be accepted by Koto.

Proxy = You pay a company to order the item for you and have it shipped to their address. They will then ship the item to you upon arrival. Requires upfront payment.
Fowarding = You order and pay for the item yourself. You then pay a company to receive your item (essentially borrowing their domestic Japanese address) and then they will ship the item to you upon arrival. You pay for the figure upon release.
1 year ago
Finally a chance to share my expertise

So Kotobukiya’s exclusive bonus (generally replaceable parts) are only available on 2 sites : the Japanese online store and (in some case) the US webstore. These are basically your only option to surely secure a Preorder with the exclusive bonus. If you were in the US all would be fine and easy, but, like me, a fellow European, your only option is to buy from the JP store.

That’s where the fun starts. To buy from the JP store, you would need to use a proxy. I personally recommend Zenmarket for their relatively low handling fee/shipping options (feel free to disagree). What you need to do is submit a request on the proxy page with the link of the JP online store page of the figure, wait for the proxy confirmation of the total price, and then pay your Pre-ordered figure price + handling fee + domestic shipping fee in ADVANCE. Then, once the figure has arrived to the proxy’s storehouse, you will need to create a package with your shipping address. This is when you will be invoiced for the shipping fee. Usually each proxy has their own tutorial that I highly recommend reading before taking any further actions.

Anyway, the main problem with buying using proxy is that you end up paying a pretty high price. Unlike amiami and other JP stores that doesn’t charge tax on oversea buyers, proxy shops are based in Japan, which mean you will have to pay the figure price + Japan tax applies to it. Generally, this mean extra 20 to 30€ for a bonus exclusive part. It’s up to you to decide if it worth’s the price (and pain) or not :-)

Another alternative is to seek out the bonus part only in the aftermarket, mainly on Japanese 2nd hand store like Surugaya, mandarake, or on Yahoo auction JP . This method requires lots of luck, patience and money. Depending on the popularity of the figure, you might not even able to find an affordable exclusive part in the aftermarket (ex : Kaneki’s head for 8000 yen on Surugaya). I personally wouldn’t recommend this if you really, really want the bonus part.

To sum up:
- European are fucked and need to shell out extra for the part using proxy
- P.O are paid in full and in advance!!!!
- Do you want the part so much to justify the extra money? Yes? Use proxy to preorder
- no? Wait for aftermarket to buy the figure + bonus or bonus alone.

That’s all folk. Kotobukiya really hates us European huh? Yet we still buy from them...

Sources : my very very painful experience as a Kotobukiya collector

Disclaimer : all english faults are intentional :-)
1 year ago
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