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☺ Hello! ☺
Welcome to my July/August 2019 Loot Haul!
So I've officially made BNHA loot posts for an entire year as of posting this! Have I improved at all? I'd like to think a bit.. Am I officially drowning in plastic? Absolutely! Did I prepare anything special to commemorate the occasion? Not at all!

If you've ever read one of my loot posts before, you most likely know the deal. I've got a whole bunch of stuff to show, be it keychains, can badges, plushies, figures, paper and whatever else! Everything you see has either been purchased on Yahoo! Auctions JAPAN, Otamart, or Aitai☆Kuji!

Now, if you haven't ever seen any of my loot posts before, or just want to go down the rabbit hole.. you can click on "Previous loot" below to do so! If I'm still doing this a year from now, click through "Next loot" below until you make it to my July/August 2020 haul and check that out maybe!

Text & Photo Heavy!
My hauls tend to be quite a long read since I usually have a bunch to show off. I've tried to condense many items into as little photos as possible, but I do like to showcase certain things I have an interesting story/background information for, or just individual items I like that I think deserve the spotlight! Keep in mind that the captions are just for flavor, feel free to simply scroll through the images if you like!

Now let's start this off with a

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Nendoroid - Katsuki Bakugo

What an absolute blast it is to finally own this little guy! I ordered him waaay back in February from Aitai☆Kuji for regrettably $100 when he was still scarce and had that really brief restock along with Midoriya. It took until July for him to ship because I had ordered him with a few other things that were on pre-order.. so by that time, I could have bought him from the same website for $40 cheaper! Also Aitai☆Kuji offered a free BNHA gift with him, but I'm guessing because it took so long to ship they forgot to include anything this time? Their customer service is amazing, I'm sure it was an honest mistake that they would have accommodated me for, but I really didn't want to complain about something so minute.

So was he worth the money and the wait? Without a doubt. There's a reason that this Nendoroid was fetching anywhere from $300-$400 before the restock. His expressions, the detailing, accessories, and colors are all absolutely vibrant and.. explosive! Even if you'd never even heard of BNHA before and simply collected Nendoroids, I'd wager this is one that would stick out on the shelf among the rest of your collection.

My only two complaints would be that there isn't an angry faceplate included, only maniacal, smug, and grumpy. Those are all in character, but I think replacing grumpy with straight-up furious would have been a better option. My other complaint, and I'm totally aware this might just be an issue with my inexperience owning Nendoroids, but his hands are really hard to attach with the gauntlets on, and I constantly feel like they're either going to fall off because I didn't push them in snug enough, or I'm going to bend the peg and break it by being too rough because I can't find the hole for his hand-peg to enter since the gauntlet covers up everything and makes it impossible to see what I'm doing.

Other than that, absolutely thrilled with this Nendoroid! He surpasses Midoriya's Nendoroid and then some in my opinion, and I'm excited to see how Todoroki will stack up against either of them when he releases in October!

Age of Heroes - Ochaco Uraraka

This is a really nice prize figure.

I won't be hugely bias, I'll admit the posing is bland and boring, overall there isn't much going on with the figure and her expression might as well be blank.. but I really can't hate this figure.

As basic as it may be, there is something very nice about the simplicity. I'm a fan of how her hair, fists, and wrist guards are modeled, and aside from the sloppy bleeding paint near the center of her belt, it's really clean! Her face looks a tiny bit off-model, but I really have trouble being bothered by it that much.
I mean come on, they even got her flat buttons right! Overall, a fantastic prize figure!


Here's a nice close-up.

Smash Rising Ichiban Kuji - Last One ver.
Izuku Midoriya


So.. I'm very torn on whether or not I actually like this figure. I think the fact that I'm even considering whether or not I like it is a bad sign in it of itself? Truthfully, I know the answer.

This figure isn't that great. Now when I say that, I mean this one specifically. The "Last One" version. The image of Midoriya's One-for-All power swelling fist looks so great on the box, and even photos of it on display.. but then you open it and the cool, glowy illusion you were promised is just a poor paint job that looks like Midoriya just finished a bag of Dorito's with his gloves on.


It's not absolutely terrible, and even in these photos it doesn't look half bad, but there's something extremely off-putting about it in person. It's way too orange, a little subtlety would have gone a long way. It's worth considering maybe I just got a poor paint job and not all of them are that in-your-face orange, but I think that's more unlikely than the latter argument of it just being bad.


As for everything aside from his Flaming Hot Cheeto™ fist? Actually very well done! The figure itself has great detailing, I specifically love his boots with their golden button accents, the shoelaces.. his belt too! His action pose isn't awkward, so that's a plus. His expression isn't perfect but it's much better than everything that isn't his 1/8 ARTFX J figure (obviously). His hair is way too dark for my liking as well, but I'd still highly suggest the normal version of this figure if you were in the market for a cheap Midoriya figure! Or if you just want cheese fist Midoriya, pick this guy up I guess.

GitD Funko Pop - Full Cowl Izuku Midoriya


One final cute little Midoriya to end off the figures portion! I don't normally feel that strongly about Funko Pop's, but I have to admit this one is kind of charming and I don't know why. His glow works alright and looks pretty cool, even without it I think this figure is pretty sweet. I wish Funko didn't release so many exclusive Pop's for BNHA recently, I haven't ordered a single one yet out of the like.. six they released.

Now plushies!


..and in just a few months, I doubled my Nitotan collection just like that. I think I mentioned I'd be getting a ton of Nitotan's in my previous loot haul. I found these guys and.. frogs all on Yahoo! Auctions brand new for very close to the retail price, or cheaper in some cases. Which is amazing considering these are all very old releases of Nitotan's, from the first few sets ever actually!

The only one I overpaid a bit for was Aizawa, and even then I got him for an okay deal. I now own every version of Tsuyu released, and it's really interesting to see how different they all are. My favorites of the lot are Kaminari, Iida, Midoriya, and Aizawa!


Okay, so this was a bit of a mess-up on my behalf. I don't know how I did this, but I forgot to include these two in my last loot haul, EVEN THOUGH I remembered taking photos of them and mentioned them at the beginning of my last haul as the two plushies that were gifted to me! I retook photos of them and then while I was uploading all the photos from this haul to MFC, I found the photo I took and just accidentally didn't upload last time I guess? So here they are, better late than never.. now in Tomonui form!

Plush level, complete. Onto acrylics.


Yadda, yadda, "She's so adorable!!" yes, I don't need to tell you how wonderful this art is! But I have something substantial to add! So, this art was part of a SEGA collaboration all the way back in February, months later at the beginning of the most recent BNHA manga arc (which just ended) "My Villain Academia", Horikoshi (the Mangaka) decided to draw Toga in a very similar duffle coat and scarf? You can see it here (Spoiler-free, unless you consider the outfit itself a spoiler?..)

I suppose it really isn't that strange, considering it's just a fashionable and common outfit for cold weather, but it does get a bit stranger if you've read the most recent arc and consider the chapters revolving around Toga. Uraraka and Toga have always had a strange connection throughout the series. It just seemed a bit weird to me, I have no clue what the conclusion of it is but I thought I'd point it out! Feel free to enter theory mode in the comments if you have any idea or think it's kind of interesting too haha. Remember to tag any spoilers though!


I'll admit that part of my decision to buy Iida's Halloween acrylic stand after so long was just so I could finally properly show off Uraraka's glorious Halloween acrylic. Only Iida's is new in this haul and I previously owned Uraraka. I also picked him up because I was buying a few other things from the same Otamart seller and he was cheap!
They compliment each other so well, I love the pink and blue bases together.


Shockingly some Midoriya acrylics! You might notice throughout this haul that I got quite a few Midoriya things for a change, which is very uncommon for me. These, as well as a few other items, were purchased from Aitai☆Kuji waaay back during their huge clearance sale at the beginning of the year for dirt cheap! Shipping costed a lot for everything, but both of these acrylics ended up being $3 each. It only took forever for them to arrive because one of the items in my order was taking forever to receive from their supplier.

Pretty happy with these two, I got the red carpet acrylic to match with the Bakugo one I already had, and his "Cleaning Squad" acrylic to also match with both Uraraka and Kirishima's that I also already own.

I'm just going to get these out of the way too.

These were all just impulse purchases on Yahoo! Auctions one night. From left to right we have a little glass ochoko (It's probably not an actual ochoko, but it has Ochaco on the front, so I couldn't resist the play on words.) using the "A Peaceful Day" art, a tall plastic glass using the "Back in School" art from the POMMOP set of merch released a long while back (ITEM #643967 < here is a good look at that!) and a Bakugo themed soda drink that I believe was released around 2017 judging by the art?

This drink came in a set of five which are kind of difficult to track down now, including Bakugo, Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, and Uraraka themed soda! I saw this drink alone on Yahoo! Auctions for like ¥300 and just thought "why not?". It's probably well past its expiration, but I couldn't find a date on it and I'm a risk-taker so after taking these photos I drank it. It was a little flat but still fizzed when opening it. It didn't taste too bad, kind of just like a less sugary Coca-Cola.

I've now absorbed Bakugo's energy, both in liquid and candy pellet form.

A whole lot of keychains, can badges, etc.


Some interesting official Chinese merch! I much prefer these Chinese keychains using the Movic Ice Cream art to the original Japanese version. Everything right down to the packaging itself is so colorful and nice!
I love the backdrops for both of them.

On the left is just a few tiny keyring memo pads. They're pretty cheaply made, but I thought they were interesting enough to purchase since they use introduction splash screen art ripped from the anime and are really colorful too.


More nameplates! As if I don't have enough. These are one of the things I'm super obsessed with and always try to get new ones of! I've mentioned before how I think they're great for displays which is why I want a ton for the future! I picked up the villains and students from separate sellers, and they are part of separate sets anyways. I wanted both Dabi & Shigaraki and have been looking for them at a reasonable price for a long time now. They aren't hard to find, I just haven't gone ahead and bought them. I finally did just because I'm turning into a huge Dabi fan and both Muscular and the two Stains were only ¥200 each!

I think that I paid ¥700 for each of the students? Probably could have got Ojiro and Tokoyami cheaper, but I didn't want the seller to chose someone else's offer over mine since that's the best price I've seen Kirishima available for and I almost got Kaminari too but sadly he was sold before my proxy got in contact!



I've wanted to show these off for literally over a year now. I got both Uraraka and Yaoyorozu's in my disaster July first ever haul last year, so Tsuyu's is the only new one.. but these tiny keychains were some of my very favorite items I own since I originally got them and still remain that way today.

They were released alongside the nameplates you just saw, and also the dog tags I have an infatuation with too.. so it's not hard to guess "PLUS ULTRA! JOB TRAINING!" (ENTRY #154228) is probably my favorite merch set released for BNHA. I just love the simplicity and colors on all of this stuff, and specifically the backside of these keychains. I hope we get more from Ario in the future!!


So much to love here. The Nitotan oval badges, "Eraser and Pencil" rubber charms which felt like an eternity waiting for after ordering them.. the "Training Camp" Uraraka Nitotan rubber strap which is surprisingly hard to come across even if they are exclusive. I love that outfit on her! I'm a fan of the sleekly designed Tower Records can badge too!


Some really interesting can badges. These were originally released exclusively at Jump Festa 2017, but recently were re-released on the Weekly Shonen Jump website for a limited time, making them a bit easier to come across now. The full set includes these six, along with three others being Midoriya, All Might, and Iida. They have probably the most beautiful shatter holographic effect I've seen on a can badge, but even without that, they're very pretty.


A whole bunch of different SEGA prize can badges. Melissa & Uraraka's can badge is the only one that isn't a prize can badge, and was a pre-order bonus for the BNHA: Two Heroes movie. Dabi was given to me for free since an Otamart seller I bought Ojiro from didn't ship the item for like two months? I bought Uraraka and Midnight's can badges separately, the remaining four were a set for like ¥400 which is the only reason I have Mineta. I really like these new SEGA prize can badges though, I'll have to eventually research them and add them to the database since they haven't been added yet! I think they're still going to release a few maybe? They've been coming out in small sets so far, but maybe they're done that now since it's been a month or so since I've seen new ones.


More SEGA prize can badges. I'm really happy about the price I got these for, I think it was like ¥1000 on Yahoo! Auctions, which is an insane price for Jiro, Kirishima, or Yaoyorozu in this set by themselves. But I got all of these for that price! I have like half of them already, but I'm super thrilled about that top row, Shigaraki, Tokoyami, and Monoma. Slowly working towards completing this set. Maybe one day.


Something I'd never expect to own, the entire Jump Shop "HEROES" collection of can badges. They started releasing these in blind bags, but originally you could only buy the entire set for ¥4000, and Midoriya not being one of my favorites.. I never would have guessed I'd own them. But Aitai☆Kuji had this entire set on sale for $9, so I literally couldn't pass on that deal.


These are all from Aitai☆Kuji too. Both Uraraka's were from separate orders, but the others were all from that same huge sale order I got, all of which were only $3. Uraraka's donut keychain is hands-down my favorite, but something extremely weird about the "Autumn of Reading" Uraraka is that I had ordered her in September of last year, she was canceled and I was refunded two months later in November.. and then she arrived at my house, packaged alone in July. Almost a full year later. No clue why, I mean maybe that was in place of my Bakugo Nendoroid not coming with anything? But she arrived before he had even shipped. Just weird.


Here's some interesting can badges. I think the ones on the bottom are magnetic, but I have no information on them at all which always makes me conclude they must be older obscure merch. The three on the top are newer though, only released a few months ago. I like their more bubbled design, just something different you don't ever see.


Some bulk Uraraka and Tsuyu stuff. Not much to comment on, I love the zip pouch just because of her BNHA 4th anniversary/HERO FES outfit, and the Tsuyu tissue pouches are cool. I didn't buy three because I like them though, they were just included in a set like that.


A feeeew more bulk items. Uraraka's Christmas keychain I already had previously, just wanted to showcase it properly like some of the other things in this haul alongside Tsuyu's which is new. Some new dog tags which I'm happy about! Yeah, cool stuff!


Some more Pita! related items and a tiny Sato can badge. I got the two Sato items as a set for only ¥200 which is just sad. I love my sweet boy, and he looks great in Pita!'s style. Also a considerably rarer large Pita! child keychain of Iida. It's adorable, I really, really want Uraraka's, but these aren't too easy to come by and I've never seen hers available (or Iida's until purchasing this one).


A bunch of different venue related items. The signed Midoriya illustration card is an exclusive item from Comiket 2019. The other Midoriya items are from Bunbougu Cafe. Kaminari, Jiro, and Toga's little cards are from BNHA event in Tokyo SkyTree Village last year, they're my favorite things showcased in this photo also. Finally, the Kaminari and Mineta keychains are from Tokyo Tower! I like these too, even though it's the perverts.


This is super cool! A little while back there was a treasure hunt event themed around BNHA held in Odaiba, Japan. I was able to obtain all the little pamphlets, booklets and stuff included for those who participated, and once you completed it you were awarded a can badge like one of the three at the bottom (possibly other prizes too?). I only picked up the girls can badges, but there were a few others you could get. Also, there are some cool things inside the pamphlets, but I figured it was monotonous to flip through and take photos of everything especially since most people can't even read it.. still, I think this is one of the more interesting things in this haul!



I didn't mean to purchase this, I thought it was interesting and for whatever reason put a sniper bid on it but had intentions to cancel it.. and then ended up forgetting to do that. It wasn't expensive, and I guess that it's cool to own another obscure item.. if you aren't able to tell what it is, it's just a simple glasses carrying case along with a cloth. The cloth is just a blank blue color on the back, so I only took a photo of the front.


Yet another amazing deal I got from Aitai☆Kuji. This desk calendar costs about ¥4200? I got it on sale for $7. I considered opening it, but I like the stickers on the outside packaging and prefer to keep a lot of my stuff new anyways. Even though I had no intention of actually using it as a calendar anyways, it is just three months away from the end of the year now so.. even that's useless to me. There is TONS of really great art inside though.

Pretty much done with general merch, but..


Might as well include these here since I think they fit best in the tail end of general merch this time around. A few bromides from the stageplay, and some more long training camp stickers. I bought the set of stickers for Uraraka since I love her Summer training camp outfits, but also realized that this is the same cursed Ojiro art I've noticed in the past! He doesn't have a tail! His one defining feature! Tailman is literally just man without his tail!.. and in this case, he's just boy. Normal, boy.

Also, the stickers started to warp which sucks, either due to humidity or just how I stored them I guess..


A few character cards which I love for future display purposes, a random batch of stickers one of my orders just threw in for free (Yay, so much Hagakure!) another card which was included with the others, and a wholeee lot of La Brava playing cards. They were included with two 365 days stickers you'll see in a second, I already had La Brava's 365 days sticker from last year, but not Gentleman's so I just got this weird set for like ¥1000.

So, onto 365 stuff! My favorite!


First are the birthday can badges. I've already shown off Bakugo and Tsuyu's, but we've got All Might, Kaminari, and Shinso's this time too! I'm very surprised they gave Shinso a birthday can badge. He is a fan-favorite in both Japan, and the west, but it's just strange considering the lack of other representation he gets in general merch.


Now this is definitely my biggest 365 days sticker haul. Mostly because they released a ton of BNHA in the last few months, but also because I picked up a bunch of older ones! La Brava, Jiro, and of course the second Bakugo are my only duplicates (in my entire collection I believe?). I only bought two Bakugo to guarantee I'd purchase at least one since sometimes my proxy is slow to contact sellers and they sell out beforehand even after I've paid.

Aoyama's 2016 one is also the oldest in my entire collection, and may very well stay that way for a long time considering the price of any 365 days stickers before 2018. I found Aoyama cheap on Yahoo! Auctions for only ¥1000. I splurged on the 2017 Uraraka just because I really wanted it, I ended up paying ¥2300 for her at the end of a bidding war. But those two, the Kirishima & Bakugo duo, Setsuna, Monoma, Kendo, Ojiro, Hagakure, and Sato are all my favorites! All Might's is cool too because of the colors, and I finally completed my Valentines set from this year! I officially have every single 365 days stickers released so far this year once more.


After so long I finally found myself a proper storage folder for these things too! Eventually, I'll dig through my collection and find all the small crevices I've stored them safely previously, and sort them by order of release in this folder! Excited to do that, just not sure when it'll happen!

Onto media!

(Front + Back)

(Inside + Insert)

Lately one of my favorite things to search for is cheap BNHA physical soundtrack releases. I've bought a few in the past, but I just realized recently that there is so much unique artwork used exclusively for these releases that goes mostly unseen, at least to my eyes. You can find a lot of older soundtracks on Yahoo! Auctions without much hassle, much cheaper than their retail price, despite being brand new and unopened.

I'm really charmed by both the cover, back, and inside artwork on this CD. The small detail of the clouds even on both CD's is beautiful. One of these even doubles as a DVD apparently? I didn't check that out, but I can only imagine it's spliced animation from the ED this song was featured in mixed with a music video from Little Glee Monsters or something? I may check it out in a few days cause I am curious.

That aside, this is my favorite ED from BNHA without a doubt.

(Front + Back + Artbook & Rubber Keychain)


This is the item that made my Aitai☆Kuji order take months to ship. I can't complain since I got the Blu-ray for a fraction of the cost, normally like ¥7500 brand new for only $14 on sale! With how little content is actually on the discs, that normal price is kind of outrageous in my opinion.. but all of the extra's are super cool. Probably the last of these Season 3 pre-order charms you'll see me get.. at least for a while since I haven't seen any in months on Otamart.

(Bonus Privilege Postcards)

It also came with these very cool postcard/bromide production sketches of animation included within the few episodes on the Blu-ray itself. My favorites are Dabi vs. Aizawa, Tsuyu & Uraraka, and Tokoyami!

(Front + Back + Extras)

(Inside + Front of Artbook & Bonus Postcard)

(Back of Box, Artbook & Bonus Postcard)

I also picked up the Japanese release of the BNHA: Two Heroes movie. I've already shown the extras before aside from the artbook and postcard. I mostly bought this because the box looks so extravagant, I couldn't capture the golden shimmer and glow it has in the pretty terrible light I had to work with, but it's really nice. It has a few dents/scratches on the back, but I'm not that bothered by it. The postcard is nice too, it has the same artwork used for the Volume 0/Origins manga. The other reason I got this set is that it included the "All Might: Rising" animation which was never released in the Funimation DVD version we got here in the west.

I remember being so amazed when I first heard about that animation, then blown away when watching it, and simultaneously so disappointed we didn't get a full OVA based around Nana, Gran Torino, and Toshinori.. just like the other OVA's you can't even watch it on streaming services, so the only way to really see them is to own the official releases that include them or illegally stream them online.



Sooo, I also got another copy of the Volume 0/Origins manga, but I forgot to include it with this. Anyways, this is something I didn't even know existed, and even after purchasing it I didn't know what it was until it finally arrived. This is a Volume SP manga, I think there was a second released version like this, but this version includes the first three chapters of the BNHA manga, along with a few merchandise advertisements, character bio/introductions pages which are different from the ones shown in the normal manga, and finally it has a random BNHA: Smash!! story at the end of it which you can see advertised on the front.

I'm assuming this was a promotional copy given out at events or something early on in BNHA's serialization, which is supported by the super early artwork on the back (Which I adore, I've wanted to own this art in some way for so long!), the inclusion of BNHA: Smash!! which is now discontinued, and also a few of the advertisements inside that show off some reeeaally early BNHA merch from like Jump Festa 2016. It's a really cool piece of history I think, who knows how many of these exist, they might not even be that rare since I only paid ¥1400 for both it and the Volume 0/Origins manga as a set, but I've literally never seen this before now and when researching it the only things I could find were this page which seems connected to it, and strangely enough a listing for it which was sold out of Amazon Germany.

That's it for media, you're getting close!


Quickly I wanted to show off this storefront advertisement for BNHA Volume 20. I had no clue I was even getting this, it was a small sheet included in a huge lot of posters and such in an auction I won. This was one of the coolest things included, the shimmering sparkles are amazing and I love the small manga scenes with flat color backgrounds.


I also got this which I think is considerably less cool, advertising Volume 21. You'd see this in stores with copies of the manga laying in a row from back to front, supported by the flap on the side which I had to disassemble some so the light wasn't entirely blocked from the backdrop.

Clear Files!



My first bit of Hawks merch, an absolutely beautiful clear file from front to back. I can't tell which side I like more. It legitimately looks like the cover of a magazine. What a poster boy.



These are all from the Smash Rising Ichiban Kuji, same as the Midoriya figure from earlier funnily enough. I've been searching for the Toga & Dabi one's for a while now, finally found them at a good price along with Shigaraki & All for One which I also kind of wanted! Plus, the seller included those Stain and Shigaraki Pita! items from earlier with this set.



These 1-A Girls ED clear files costed me a fair amount of cash, but I really wanted them and everything involving the 1-A Girls ED is ridiculously priced so I felt comfortable knowing I probably wasn't going to find them cheaper. It was like ¥2400 by the end of my bidding war, but I'm satisfied. These are the cutest clear files I now own.



Did they have to make Todoroki so otherworldly handsome in this art? No. Did they anyways? YES. I love Uraraka's art too, but they went over the top on Todoroki. He looks next-level soft. I also really like it when they pair these two together in merch, I wish they had more interaction because I like the idea of them being friends!

The not-so-final, final stretch.



A strange Jump Shop location's 10th Anniversary plastic bag. "What an obscure item, now I need it." is exactly what I thought before hitting Buy-Now on Yahoo! Auctions.


This was one of the many things included in that order with the storefront advertisements, this is unique in that it's super light, soft plastic but it's got some thickness to it too. It's using the third popularity poll artwork, but it has all sorts of manga panels and individual character information at the top.


This is the majority of everything else in that order, a lot of these are huge posters which I couldn't even fully take a picture of, so I decided to just overlap everything, and while some of it does have differences from official art releases like the third popularity poll artwork in the bottom right which is a little different once again, the majority is the same. I put the most unique stuff on the layers near the front, but I figured it would be a waste of everyone's time to take like seven separate photos for all of this, so instead I'll just try to link photos below of the closest official art I can find of everything in this photo if you're interested.


I did however put these two aside just because the artwork on the left is so vastly different from the original, and I think the amazing artwork on the right exists in any form other than this poster! It's got manga panels from Volume 23 which it is advertising, Midoriya and Shinso art which is taken from a Weekly Shonen Jump cover, and artwork of Todoroki and Bakugo from the Volume 23 cover itself.

It's just like a huge colorful mash-up of a lot of things spliced together and I really want to frame it. Both of them! I've already said before that the artwork of Uraraka on the left is my most favorite art of her to exist, and the crazy bright yellow, pink, and black spiral background adds so much flavor and a different vibe from the previous official Shonen Jump Weekly cover released of this.

Truly, the final stretch. Hirobato cards.



Oh, and these before the Hirobato stuff. No clue where they are from, but I know of a few more that exist and really want them. I love anything that shows stats or information about a character, which this does both, the pentagon chart being a cool way to show that off. Todoroki/Kurogiri is my favorite of the two just because Kurogiri is one of my favorite Villains, but there is a Uraraka/Toga one that I know exists.. and I need that.


Hirobato! I got a new folder, it came with this promo card only available from purchasing the folder. I was scared this wouldn't fit my cards without peeling the bottoms off since they used to encourage that for Hirobato, so you'd have a normal-sized trading card and a small card with info, but I refuse to do that and so did everyone else. Luckily this does fit cards without doing that, it just doesn't protect the top if you don't which is whatever as long as they're stored safely.


Bunch of normal bulk cards!


A few rarer cards. I might have dropped $50 on the middle cards alone (it included everything in the previous photo, along with everything seen here minus the blue character customization cards at the bottom, but all I cared about was the middle row.). Not my proudest moment, definitely the most I've ever spent on Hirobato and probably ever will spend in the future, but those 1-A Girls ED cards with signatures and quotes are worth extremely high prices, and also Uraraka's signatured cherry blossom card is worth a ton of money. No clue on exact prices, since it's really hard to tell that sort of thing, but I think I didn't make off too bad even if $50 is a lot for these cards.



I've never shown these off since I've never bought any cards like this, but these are character customization cards. If you didn't know, Hirobato isn't just some trading card game, it's like a gacha arcade game mixed with a strategy power/type advantage combat thing and reflex/endurance quick-time events? I don't know how to explain really, but you can make your own character and customize them with these cards! I got a bunch for cheap, I figure if I ever do visit Japan, maybe I can play one of the arcade machines and bring a binder filled with cards, maybe a few outfit pieces to make my own character too!


Officially the last photo! You made it! This is your prize! Rare shiny paper!- Even some keychains this time too. Yeah, they experimented with keychains not too long ago, there's one more to this set being Todoroki (I got these three in cheap blind bags auctions, sadly I got two Midoriya's and a Bakugo but no Todoroki to complete the trio!), and then there is a second set with just Midoriya and Bakugo. I also got this somewhat pricey Uraraka Fantasy AU card which I've wanted for a long time but never just went ahead and bought, some promo cards at the bottom and the large ones at the top which I already had, and the rest are promo cards too but a little bit rarer and more expensive. I found the set of six on Yahoo! Auctions for only ¥2000 which was a pretty good price!

So that's it! That's everything! You made it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you scrolled through casually, or read every last sentence of my rambling, whether this is the first time you've seen one of my loot posts or you've read every single one since I started making them last year, thank you! I appreciate it so much!

What now?

I do plan to try out some new things and experiment a bit in the near future on MFC! I've got a few ideas which are slowly coming together, so hopefully, I can motivate myself to make them a reality! My loot hauls almost definitely won't be going away anytime soon, I don't think atleast.. but if I'm being entirely honest, after a year of mostly the same thing it feels stagnant. Not to mention rushing these together last minute to stay on a strict schedule I've set for myself is constantly stressful.

But I still love doing it! I wouldn't be making them if I didn't, and I always feel motivated to continue whenever I think about you guys that enjoy them! I love sharing all the cool, weird, and rare things I have the pleasure of owning with whoever's interested! Even getting to know and helping some of you within the last year has been a joy! I'd just like to somehow make my presentation a lot more aesthetically pleasing? Or just cleaner and more concise so it isn't such a slog to get through for those that just want to look at some interesting stuff mindlessly and not spend an hour sifting through dozens of photos and text. I've contemplated cutting things up into specific sections with spoiler tags, and same with the little information I usually give with each photo.. but I feel like that just makes it a chore for those who are interested. If you have any ideas, I'm all ears and would love the feedback!

Seriously, I really appreciate all of you that routinely check out my stuff, all the kind comments, every wonderful interaction I've had on this site! Without all you lovely, sweet people checking out my stuff, I'd just be a BNHA obsessed lunatic with a bunch of plastic and an empty bank account.
Which I still am, but at least I can share it with others that care!

This was another big one, hopefully September & October's will be a little less packed with stuff, but knowing both Kotobukiya and Bell Fine have two 1/8 scale figure releases I've pre-ordered in September alone.. ahahhh.. probably not! But that's for future me to deal with!

Hopefully I'll catch you next time too?
Best wishes to you all, and thanks once more for stopping by!

☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆Previous loot! ↩ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧Next loot! ☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆

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Are Nendoroids normally fragile and difficult to swap parts?

6%Yes, if parts are loose after attaching them, that's just how they are, don't force them
82%Somewhat, they can be finicky, just be careful
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Jawbreqker1 year ago#66489281Thanks! Honestly, you've made Kaminari grow on me quite a bit, I'm pretty excited for his new Nitotan, and I even bid on and won his Night Training Tomonui plush (ITEM #832781) a few nights ago!

Ahh~! Really?! I'm so flattered~! (>///<) Congratulations on your winning bid! I love all the pieces of him in his hero outfit and that one is especially adorable!
1 year ago
Haha I’ve always wondered that about Hagakure! I wonder if they could just make a set of hands that come with a clear stand as a pack in with another figure?
1 year ago
cirrostratus1 year ago#66475962I love your BNHA merch posts! ;o; What an amazing haul!
Thanks! Honestly, you've made Kaminari grow on me quite a bit, I'm pretty excited for his new Nitotan, and I even bid on and won his Night Training Tomonui plush (ITEM #832781) a few nights ago!

Moomoogirl11 year ago#66475292I just needed to mention this, but your loots always bring a smile on my face. I admire your dedication and love for the series. Whatever format you decide, or even if you change interest, keep them coming! :D
This comment brought a huge smile to my face! ilysm! Thank you!! I really appreciate the support and love!

ArmosKnight1 year ago#66455483That is a TON of merch, wow! Do you have pics of it all together?
I find it so odd that figure manufacturers (or at least, action figure manufacturers) have shied away from this IP for the most part. At least more so than I'd expect from such a popular series. Maybe the licensing is weird or expensive?

Anyway, I'd love that Bakugo drink. Had I seen any when I was there I'd have totally bought one.
And lastly, and it'd never happen, but Shoji needs more merch.

I used to take pictures of my hauls with everything together back when I'd get almost everything in a single package, but I'd always struggle with getting enough natural light for it all to be visible, and over time it became more cost-efficient for me to ship so many items in smaller groups spread out, as opposed to one big package with a huge customs fee. So unfortunately I don't take pictures of it all together anymore.

I think you're pretty spot-on with it being a licensing issue though, I remember reading a while back that there was problems negotiating the license to re-release the Bakugo and Midoriya Nendoroids, but finally they worked it out and since then we've had five new Nendoroids announced for the series. In fact we only just started getting a ton of figure announcements and releases in 2019 surprisingly, there was very few aside from Funko Pop's and a few prize figures up until this year. So maybe in the near future!

I'd also personally love more Shoji merch, he's one of my absolute favorites out of the supporting cast, I think if he ever got a figure it would look so cool! They've been announcing tons of WCF figures for the series recently, giving us tons of minor and side characters, almost everyone from Class 1-A, but they decided to skip the last five students who are the least popular probably due to a combination of it not being too profitable and because they have no clue how to make Hagakure the invisble girl into a figure.
1 year ago
I love your BNHA merch posts! ;o; What an amazing haul!
1 year ago
I just needed to mention this, but your loots always bring a smile on my face. I admire your dedication and love for the series. Whatever format you decide, or even if you change interest, keep them coming! :D
1 year ago
That is a TON of merch, wow! Do you have pics of it all together?
I find it so odd that figure manufacturers (or at least, action figure manufacturers) have shied away from this IP for the most part. At least more so than I'd expect from such a popular series. Maybe the licensing is weird or expensive?

Anyway, I'd love that Bakugo drink. Had I seen any when I was there I'd have totally bought one.
And lastly, and it'd never happen, but Shoji needs more merch.
1 year ago
Candycanes021 year ago#66452558That's one crazy long post but was a fun read and seeing all that BNHA merch made me happy~
That's so great to hear! Glad you enjoyed the loooong ride through it, and I really appreciate you taking the time to read through it! Thank you for checking it out!!

risso1 year ago#66452545So nice to read through a new post of yours ^^ You got some really great pieces of merch, I especially love the holographic can badges!
Oh yeah, anything that shimmers, sparkles, and shines like those are just beautiful to look at. They're some of my favorites from this haul too! Thank you for all your kindness!

Jess-chan1 year ago#66442581Awesome loot as always!!
Thank you so much!!

Denay1 year ago#66419468Omg I just love this Clearfiles.. I need them too
Yess! I got so many pretty ones this haul!

Solarstormflare1 year ago#66418402Amazing!!!! I always love your lootposts, and this was amazingly entertaining as usual. Seriously that line about Midoriya looking like his arm was dipped in a doritos bag; absolutely on point. I was also shooketh that oijirou didn't have his tail showing; this may be a coincidence, but my favourite character, Rin okumura View spoilerHide spoilerlike my icon didn't make it obvious lmao also has a tail and it also doesn't feature in some official art. Thanks especially for the section on hirobato, i had literally never heard of it before, and same with the all might rising clip! The art is so amazing *heart eyes* . I've pretty much had to stop collecting new things except for super occasionally like at conventions so i guess i'm living vicariously through these sorts of posts haha. That shinso 365 badge is also so cool!!! Thanks again for all the work you put into these blogs :D
Ahhh! Thank youu!! I'm so glad you enjoy that and I'm always happy to read your comments! It's cool you learned about a few things too from all the nonsense I talk about View spoilerHide spoiler(also if you have any interest in that All Might Rising OVA and haven't looked it up yet already, I highly suggest you give it a watch! It's like two minutes long and really impactful. I found it on Gamespot.com of all places with just a quick google search? I thought that was funny, like, are they legally allowed to publish that video to their site?). That's so funny about Rin, I just found it so strange they forgot his tail, even the nametag of Ojiro I got this haul had his tail in the background, and that's only a headshot. That's a shame that you can't really collect anymore, but I'm glad that these hauls can fill the same feeling sort of! Thank you for always being supportive and checking them out! They're always worth the effort I put in once I'm done!!

Voronarara1 year ago#66418378Gosh, your BNHA loots are always amazing. So much stuff *o*
Btw, where did you buy the Hawks clear file?

You're super sweet, thank you! I purchased mine from a seller on Otamart. They are available currently on Aitai☆Kuji, but I found one available on Otamart if you'd prefer! Just send me a message if you'd like a link to the Otamart listing or can't find it on Aitai☆Kuji's website ^^
1 year ago
That's one crazy long post but was a fun read and seeing all that BNHA merch made me happy~
1 year ago
So nice to read through a new post of yours ^^ You got some really great pieces of merch, I especially love the holographic can badges!
1 year ago
Awesome loot as always!!
1 year ago