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August 2019 HaulAugust 2019 Haul

ChibiSaturnChibiSaturn3 months agoLoot
August Haul

How is it already September? o3o;;

The first figure to arrive this month was Snow Miku. I have to say she shipped from Cali and came the next day (I’m in New York), I was very impressed. She’s pretty cute, her head is REALLY heavy though and the tiara/crown being off center makes her face look off center to me. But I’m happy I got her, her box is really pretty, but I can see if you let it sit open for any amount of time, struggling to remember how it went together.

Now, on to my AmiAmi order - which was one scale figure, three prize figures, Rin figure w/ castle, three keychain sets & various clear file folders.

I’ll start with the only scale this month. Honestly, it was a disappointment. His base is HUGE, not to mention, fingerprint hell + like everyone else, there is a missing peg, which isn’t the biggest issue for me. I also think they went a little crazy with the shading and lastly his sword does NOT fit in his hand well, so a little bump and it falls out. Getting male figures is such a rarity for me, it’s a shame that this one didn’t come through all the way.

Spin around video!


Next we have Rem & Ram. I really loved this set back when the original came out - I hadn’t seen the show at the time and bought them for my brother (because I loved the set so much I thought someone should have it LOL) and regretted not getting them for myself as well. I found these on AmiAmi in the preowned section and honestly LOVE the pearl paint, so waiting had it’s benefits.

Spin around video!


Next, another taito miku. Honestly, I know most people didn’t like the new color scheme but she looks really great in person and I’m happy with how she came out!

Spin around video!


Dundun, bby Rin. Not going to lie, lmao, I broke one of her pegs while trying to put her on her peg on the bike. Oops, anyway, some superglue to the base and no one knows. She’s pretty cute, tiny, but cute and overall looks nice.


I had to wait until I got back from my vacation to put the castle together, but, tada!

YuYu Hakusho x graffart keychains - cause, YuYu Hakusho, enough said.

I got this AOT set for like $10 I think - it was on sale, and the price was really good so I grabbed it. They’re pretty cute.

So we have two NGNL, two Yuru Camp and five AOT clear file folders.

Okay, so my August AmiAmi order actually came in August - so this month I have two AmiAmi hauls. Man, September is going to be a slow month. Sadly both the figures I was most looking forward to were delayed. No Jibril for me :C And then Alters white day Kotori, which I was super looking forward to as well, but alas.

I ordered this Maki pre owned for like $55 because the box had a c rating. There is notable damage to the box, but for $50 it’s not even that bad. I’m not always a huge fan of swimsuit figures, but I really liked this one and just like how it has a lot of personality!

Spin around video!


Another Taito Miku. I was surprised when I got a payment request for my order because this was said to come out 8/31 - either AmiAmi just got an early shipment or it came out earlier. Gah, she’s really really cute. Also, I can’t find any major flaws with her, she’s basically perfect which is really nice.

Spin around video!


Here we have Aoi’s nendoroid from YuruCamp! At first I was only going to get Rin and regretted not getting Nadeshiko. I mostly got hers because the hot spring accessory killed me.

And finally, we have a Schwi! I’m happy to finally have a Schwi in my collection, even if it is just her nendoroid. Keeping my fingers crossed her good smile scale doesn’t get delayed again

Also, I took advantage of this extra love live nendoroid body part I had lying around and her extra head - double the Schwi for my buck.

More art books. This time for Given & That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (this one is more like a anime guide book, super big and awesome) - as well as a set of Given buttons.

Given Art Book Part 1 - Given Art Book Part 2
Given Art Book Part 3 - Given Art Book Part 4- Given Art Book Part 5


More light novel volumes of The Devil Is a Part-Timer to read. I’m really enjoying reading light novels, easier to keep up with those when they only get released every so often versus weekly/monthly manga chapter’s for multiple series.

I saw the Konosuba art book once before but passed because it was $48 in Kinokuiya - I kind of regretted it and by chance found one again when I went, so I picked it up this time.

If you want to see more pages, I put some on Instagram - Part 1
If you want to see more pages, I put some on Instagram - Part 2

New art book meant shelf rearranging! I really like how the Konosuba stuff looks now

Plus, you can see Emilia now that I changed the figures around, she is no longer lost behind Aqua’s hair.


I also picked up this YuruCamp guide/art book thing - it’s pretty cool, has a lot of information in it and lots of pictures, it’d probably be better if I could read Japanese, but hey it’s fun to look at.

If you want to see more pages, I put some on Instagram - Part 1
If you want to see more pages, I put some on Instagram - Part 2
If you want to see more pages, I put some on Instagram - Part 3


Some NGNL Pins + Buttons. I also ordered jibril clear file folder from amazon and got an unopened pack of five. Gave one to my brother, my mom decided she wanted one and now I’ve got three.

Also, got this cute bag on Etsy to use for cons.

And FINALLY Vol 6 of Slime. Got to get out of this funk so I can really enjoy reading this baby!

Also, Vol 9 of Konosuba with best girl on the cover.


Also, I love the size of light novels compared to slime.
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Solarstormflare (3 months ago) #66452448Cool haul! I hadn't seen much of this stuff before so it was really interesting
Thank you!
Plus there was even a sneaky cat making an appearance ;D
3 months ago
Cool haul! I hadn't seen much of this stuff before so it was really interesting
3 months ago
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