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How to wash Suede Dakimakura?How to wash Suede Dakimakura?

MyrMyr5 years agoAsk MFC
Hello, just got my new ITEM #96784
which is made of "Suede" as of amiami homepage...

Normally I wash my dakimakuras at 30°C, but no idea how to handle this material.

Any tips how to wash it?
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I came across this last week, just general washing tips for dakimakuras.

5 years ago
so i washed it like usal....it seems to not have gotten some dmg at all
5 years ago
its not the leather suede type of thing....feels like thick PE somehow
5 years ago
Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
hmm I don't think you can without ruining it. probably the best thing to do is to get it dry cleaned? :\
5 years ago

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