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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari1 year ago
I have been going over this collection again this month and a looking at a few of the cooler pieces here and most of the pieces that are the coolest in this collection are some of the oldest figures and items here.

Most of my collection is comprised of Action figures and I like to collect Vintage lines from the 80's and 90's more than Anime these days since I have a solid connection to those and enjoy hunting up the older figures since they are cooler to me than newer items.


There are a few items here that are from 1984, that's the year I was born and one of the oldest items here is an original that I had when I was an infant anything else in the collection that's from the 80's is something that's been added over the last few years.


The Ghostbusters StayPuft Marshmellow man that's sitting on top of Optimus is one of the few remaining things I have in the collection now from when I was very young and looking at my collection here so far ITEM #114679 and ITEM #288823 are the two oldest items in this collection that are in the database.



Currently the oldest Gi Joe items in the collection are the 1984 Hovercraft, Gi Joe Defiant Launch Complex, and the Cobra Mamba Helicopter.

The 1997 Trendmasters Voltron set is one of the original items in the collection that I had before I started online buying I got that around 1998 or 1999 from a Tallahassee Florida Toys R Us for $39.99 and it survived every collection purge since I have too much of an attachment to the set and Voltron is one of my favorite series from the 80's so I'm glad to still have this set and it is complete I just need to dig out the accessories that are in a bag stowed in the closet.


The Gi Joe Defiant Launch Complex is one of the coolest of the older pieces here in the collection and it is one of the more unique items here since it's a Grail Item and very hard to find it came out in 1989 www.yojoe.com/v... this vehicle complex is very awesome and one of those pieces that's a centerpiece here.


Looking at the older items here Soundwave,Prime, and Jetfire are the oldest Transformers here from 1984 and 1985.


Fire Convoy ITEM #24427 is another one of the older Transformers in this collection, it was released in 2002 and the Gundam MSIA GP-03 ITEM #44543 one of the rarer Gundam items in this collection was released in 2002 too.

ITEM #47805 was another Prime released in 2002, the more I look at the older lines a lot of cool stuff came out in the early 2000's Transformers Armada/Micron Legend Optimus Prime is an old favorite Prime of Mine and I still need to find the Super Mode Prime that has the Trailer with it.

ITEM #430680 is another early 2000's item in the collection the Gundam Deluxe Transforming Mobile Suits are pretty cool and nice sized Gundam Figures I still need to hunt up the GP-02 and Wing Gundam and I may try to get the Nu Gundam and Sazabi that came out when Char's Counterattack was released.


Ultra Magnus came out in 2000 ITEM #215162 and it's another cool piece here.

ITEM #143415 Car Robots Black Convoy is another favorite from the early 2000's this figure is 19 years old and the more I look at these older figures the more I like them over the newer figures.


Transformers Armada Unicron MX-00 ITEM #241938 is another one of the older items in this collection from 2003.

Looking at my Gundam Figure collection the oldest Gundam Action Figures in the Gundam collection is the Deluxe Jegan from and GM Cannon from the Gundam 0083 series was released 2002/2003

There are a few figures from the 90's in this collection and the figures most of them are Transformers but the Power Rangers Megazords are favorites from the 90's.

ITEM #56926
ITEM #56925
ITEM #56924


Most of this collection is from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's and as my 35th Birthday approaches I am looking at a lot of the collection here and I'm glad that it's made up of a lot of the series that I like and there are a lot of excellent pieces here.

I don't collect Anime that much anymore since I would rather focus on the older 80's and 90's Toylines since those I like a lot more and find them enjoyable to have compared to some expensive new scale figure.

The oldest Anime scaled figures in this collection are ITEM #11710 and ITEM #1059 released back in 2003

Most of the remaining parts of the collection are the 90's Star Trek TNG, DS9,and Voyager figures and ships that were made by Playmates Toys in the 90's and there are Star Wars Power of the Force figures that were made by Kenner in 1995 that are stowed in a box that are still sealed since I don't have the space to display the figures so those will remain MIB for a while and I may display some of them next year when I decide to change things around again.

What is the oldest item in your collection?
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I guess the oldest item classified as a figure that I own that's in the database is this Mario toy I thrifted, if we want to be technical: ITEM #486527 (just realized I had accidentally marked the brown hair version as the one I own when it's actually the black hair one, just fixed it)

But, in regards to regular anime style figures, the oldest I've gotten so far is ITEM #7432, who came out in 2000. I don't have her in my hands yet, but I won her on Yahoo Auctions a few weeks back. The one I won is missing her left hand so I will be sculpting her a new one.
1 year ago
I've got a Mew and Squirtle that are still in their original packaging (Japanese, I might add), as well as a bunch of the Guilty Gear Yujin Gashapon figurines.
1 year ago
My 12" = 1' wife: she turned 72 yrs old not too long ago.
1 year ago
My oldest is ITEM #21989, which was probably released around 1992-93. But the figure I've owned the longest is ITEM #29169, which was bought for me like 20 years ago. Got to appreciate fat Pikachu!
1 year ago
I think she is the first or one of the first Miku figures, she still looks absolutely amazing even though it is a decade old. ITEM #187

Good purchase.
1 year ago
The oldest figure in my collection is this ITEM #12852 old Battle Athletes figure from all the way back in 1998. I'd really like to have more Battle Athletes figures in my collection, but the vast majority of them are GK's made in the 90's which are for all practical purposes impossible to find today.
1 year ago
ITEM #394501

Have this one since I was kid. I was so happy when I found it in mfc database :)
1 year ago
ITEM #15349

Don't really know where she is though. I got her for free from Madman warehouse sale a few years back. I moved from home since and half my collection is still at home packed away. I don't know if she is there or here somewhere, in a box.

ITEM #20910

Is the next oldest I have. I got him from cash converters a while ago. Mainly because it was cool and still in the blister packaging.
1 year ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
ITEM #21363

1999 as release, she's a gk.

Tho pre-painted my oldest is 2005. A jibril ITEM #1519

Trading fig 2003
ITEM #40904

Picked up in Italy at a gashapon machine
1 year ago
ITEM #25 --> Release wise,then definetly this one as it was released in 2007.

ITEM #26264 --> However this has to be the oldest figure I've owned as I have it since I was like 8/10 years old xD
1 year ago
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