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Heartlessxox1Heartlessxox11 year ago
Hey everyone,
There is a really awesome Rem figure coming out in December but it's by a company I've not heard of before. When I first saw it I thought it was an expensive figure but it's been noted down as a prize, I wanted to know if people know of this company and if their figures are good quality? Do they generally do prize figures?
I just don't know them and would like people's opinion and experiences.
The item in question is Item#872884

Thank you

(Even if you think my question has been answered please leave your own comments, people can word things differently and give a different opinion without knowing. Please also be mindful, things may not come across as you intend on the internet)
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In my exploits importing stuff for folks I've come across a number of their things. They've made prize figures and the like since as early as 2007 (I don't recall if they reach further back than that or not), but they haven't made -too- many of them considering the time frame. Most of the more recent ones I've come across (The Symphogear ones) are fine for prize figures. You know that typical prize figure quality- mostly well painted with minimal mold flashes, but an occasional mishap.

So there's nothing to really be adverse to in regards to them. If anything it's more so about whether you can get the item for a prize you'd deem acceptable for a prize figure nanoyasa.
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