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Tiamat26Tiamat261 year ago
Where do you find out…

So after collecting since 2012 I find myself with a wonderful group of figurines that keep me all happy to see when I walk by them. As many of you must do as well. Now having said that I do have an ever growing collection and I am starting to contemplate selling a few items off. Space is finally starting to be an issue after over 225 figurines displayed.


Here are a few questions I would like to pose to you the community.

How do you MFC users determine the current value of any individual figurine that you have?

Is there a better site then another to make a fair assessment of the value of a figurine? I know it is what the buyer would like to pay and I want to be fair but not give the figurines away either.

I know that after market can be a wild ride for both the seller and the purchaser.

Would any of you also have words of wisdom to send my way as to protect myself if I do manage to sell some figurines? I take care of my precious ones; I dust them keep them out of sunlight, have all the boxes and accessories. So I would not want to sell something and then have a dispute started against me saying that they received damaged goods when I know every one of the figurines are pristine.

Pay Pal rule of thumb I know of:

Do not pay with friends and family when purchasing as there is no recourse but what if someone sends money in this method?

Would you accept it? Is there a risk to the seller in that case?

I look forward to many many comments below

= )

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Wow it like museum. xD Hmm I think you may sell some of your choice price like how you paid for.
1 year ago
Anyway, so how do you price figures... honestly if the figure is rare and precious to you you should sell it based on the aftermarket price. For me, I never rely much on the ones on eBay and some figure shops since they overprice them illogically. Try looking at mandarake or Yahoo auctions and see how much it goes for. I genuinely hate scalpers so I dont overprice my items because they always do that. In the end it is up to you. If you also dont wanna lose money dont forget to add the shipping and customs cost in the process.
1 year ago
I thought it was the mandarake store by looking at the first picture xD
1 year ago
I sold a few item here, so here's my two cents.

Look for availibility. If your item is easily available, you might have to lower the price, even if you don't want to.

Offer high price+free shipping instead of low price+shipping fees. Even if the total is the same, you might have more offer on an item that has free shipping.

Be honest about the state of your figure. if it has a small scratch, state it. Chances are the buyer will not bother, but will appreciate the gesture.

Put a lot of paper in the box to pprotect the figure. Try as hard to have the fewest pice that can move during transit (even in its blister).
1 year ago
Thank you everyone for the comments it is much appreciated.

= )

1 year ago
I'm not a seller, but maybe I can help a little.^^; When you're ready to sell, you'll need to find the going rate. I would rely more on Japanese sites for this since the price is more consistent, so just search on Yahoo Auctions, Surugaya, and Mandarake to get a feel for what the prices are. Only focus on what's actually bid on/sold. There's a big difference between listing a figure for $300 and getting $300 for it. If you're selling on here, I would also scan the sales listings. As a buyer, I normally see if I can find a lower price from an active user before buying.

As for Paypal, this kind of depends. Using goods and services is safer for both parties. Everyone back in the Hetalia livejournal bought and sold through friends and family, and there were no big disputes I ever heard of. Still, to be safe, if someone sends it friends and family, you could refund them and ask them to use goods and services. Or, offer to invoice the buyer. Take pictures of the items before and after packing so you have proof should any disputes pop up. Most buyers are decent people, so hopefully you won't have any disputes.

Also, your room, my god. That set up is amazing and so neat. Mine are just scattered about on random shelves and cabinets.XD
1 year ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I just sell for the price i paid. Easy as that. I'm not looking for profit and with one value increases and other decreases.

Sometimes I put those who lost value for that value if it takes long and compensate by inflating the price of the increased figure

Usually that's how I do it. But I'm not in a rush to sell. So I can wait years if needed and just keep em stored.

Sometimes yen is euro price works too

But I sell locally. Here on mfc ppl know where to look for cheaper and i want no loss. So I usually only sell 18+ here or items I know increased so i can sell those for what i paid :)
1 year ago
To determine prices, I check Mandarake and AmiAmi pre-owned. If the item is available there at a similar condition, I sell at a price which is a bit lower. If it is not available, I usually sell at their stated price (as you currently cannot obtain it from there). I do not check eBay, from my experience the legit items there are extremely marked up. I also check comments of other sellers here. My country's postal services are cheap (closer to the Japanese rates than to EU/USA), so it is a plus when I am trying to sell.

As for scam buyers, fortunately I did not yet encountered one. I do take counter measures anyway. I send an invoice (It is called detailed payment request in PayPal), where I put every last detail, including the pictures I sent the buyer. I also keep the postal receipt, and take picture of the package after the postal stamps were placed on it, with the buyer's address visible and the customs form.

I hope it helps, good luck (:
1 year ago
Amiami pre-owned and Mandarake do offer figures at reasonable prices, so they're a good reference for how to price yours.

Take care though not to give in to any temptations you might encounter while browsing there :P
1 year ago
There is an option in PayPal to send invoices which makes for an easier transaction. It also gives you the option to pay for postage in PayPal after the invoice has been paid (depending if you marked the invoice as shippable).

As for selling in the aftermarket I normally look through mfc comments and partnered websites to see how much others are selling them for. Ex: if I was to sell my Aniplex Madoka I check the comments and see the aftermarket price for her preowned is about $320 or so. So I would sell it for $300. Reason being is because she was a limited item so it’s harder to find in the aftermarket.So it also depends on the rarity of the figure.
1 year ago
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