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July/August 2019 Loot (NSFW/Lots of pics)July/August 2019 Loot (NSFW/Lots of pics)

moonstarfcmoonstarfc4 months agoLoot
This article is not suitable for people under 18.
I'm over 18
Hello everybody! I was totally lacking the energy to post a July loot article (thanks to depression/social anxiety issues) and just now got the motivation to post. I've gotten some packages recently and I also went to Otakon at the end of July. So this is going to be the loot for everything!

Lately, I've started to consider cutting down the size of my collection, and I might sell some of the figures from characters/series that I'm not that crazy about. Or some of the figures that turned out not to be as great as I expected them to be (like everything I have from Phat Company...).

Package 1: JList

This is the first time I ever used JList for a figure purchase. Most of the time, they price their figures pretty high. Anyway, the figure (ITEM #604595) arrived safely in spite of their pretty minimal packing. I might use them again, but only if it's a figure that's sold out everywhere else.

Not sure why the value of this figure seems to be dropping, she's pretty cute and looks well made!



Slight NSFW pictures under spoiler:

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Package 2: AmiAmi

This was my June AmiAmi order! Somehow, most of the figures in this package were actually impulse buys. I have resolved since then to stop doing this.

Also, USPS has started putting these green stickers on EMS packages that say "Deliver by 3 PM" but all that happens is that they scan it as delivered before 3 pm (so they meet the deadline), then wait until 5 or 6 pm to actually deliver it. Before I caught onto this, it freaked me out when I checked the tracking and saw it scanned as delivered, I thought maybe they had delivered it to the wrong house or that it was stolen. Or that the carrier was forging my signatures again.




First I got ITEM #729416 to complete the trio of Harry Potter nendoroids!






Another pre-order I got was ITEM #427732. I'm thinking I'll probably sell this one at some point. I was never
really that into this series although I think Chino is cute.






Then, I added ITEM #469 to my order from the pre-owned section. She's pretty cute for an old figure! I mostly added her because she was cheap though.






Finally, I added ITEM #397073 from the pre-owned section, not sure if I should have done that or not? She's cute
but she wasn't that discounted! It would be great to get a translation of the VN she's from though, but as far as I know it's never been licensed and there's no fan translation either.

NSFW pictures under spoiler!

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Package 3: Denpasoft

Okay so, I may have gone a little overboard here: I purchased (almost) all of the Nekopara dakimakuras from Denpasoft's website. They're basically reprints of the original Japanese ones, but cheaper (they're printed in Taiwan and a slightly shorter length than the originals). Anyway, despite the fact that they kept selling out and restocking, I managed to snag all except the Coconut one since she was always sold out when I checked.

First I got Chocola and Vanilla, then when Cinnamon and Maple restocked, I got them as well. (RIP on the double shipping costs).

I pre-ordered Azuki, kitten Chocola and kitten Vanilla and hopefully those will be coming this month. Wish I could have gotten Coconut, maybe I'll go for the original Japanese version of her cover if I can find it!




Package 4: Amazon.co.jp

So I pre-ordered ITEM #761432 from a third-party seller on Amazon JP, fearing her price might increase. I
became somewhat apprehensive after I received ITEM #729565 with a broken leg (people had been insistent that PVC figures from FOTS would always arrive safely!)

Well, Ikone seems to be intact, so that's good. I still feel like I'm gambling on the few occasions I've bought a FOTS figure.



Pictures under spoiler for one slightly NSFW picture (just wanted to be safe!)

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Package 5: Good Smile Company

I pre-ordered the latest Snow Miku nendoroid (ITEM #689123) - I was surprised to discover that they actually shipped her from a US location. She was shipped by Priority Mail, so it only took a few days for her to arrive. I like the box on this one, although it took me a few tries to refold it after unpacking her.








Package 6: Fakku

I'm glad I finally got this figure (ITEM #331654), but seriously, Native delays are really getting ridiculous. Then, since I ordered this figure from Fakku, it was a two month wait after the release date. I do like the discounts you get with the Fakku subscription, though.

The box for this figure is really boring, but I took a few pictures of it anyway.






One NSFW picture, under spoiler:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/09/21/2302080.jpeg

Otakon Loot:

First, I got two books, one is from Fakku's booth and the other is a yuri manga that I'd never seen before, I picked it up because it was cheap!

NSFW pictures under spoiler:

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Then I got some yuri doujinshi - only three this time, as I find a lot of doujinshi at conventions are really expensive? However, I did take note of some others I wanted and later I ordered them on Suruga-ya (that'll be in next month's loot).

(Again, NSFW pictures)
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Then I stopped by a booth selling lots of idol stuff, which I usually go to (I can't remember their name). They sell lots of All Ages Love Live doujinshi, for cheap, so I picked one up. I also got keychains of my best girls from Bandori.


Every time I go to an anime convention, I feel really drawn to buy a mochi plush, they're just so soft and squishy! This time, I actually got one. It was hard to pick which animal I wanted, but I finally decided on a whale.



Finally, I got two prints from the Artist Alley. I only got the business card from one. I don't remember the name for the other one, so I won't post a photo since I'd feel bad posting someone's art without being able to link/credit them. It's a Nekopara print.

This is the other print, a Higurashi print (I don't think I've seen one in the Artist Alley in forever?) It was made by Cat Crossing Art.


Package 7: Tokyo Otaku Mode

Finally, some of my pre-orders from TOM are starting to come in. I ordered ITEM #604620 (with a bunch of
other Miku figures) during Black Friday last year. She's beautiful, but seriously, this box was so huge. I had it held for pickup at a UPS location since I was out of town. When I went to put it in my car, it wouldn't even fit in the trunk! Anyway, I was relieved to see it was just a lot of packaging material inside, although the actual figure box is still kind of big.

I know a lot of US customers have been reporting shipping damage issues with TOM, personally, I haven't had that happen to me yet. (Luckily!)








Anyway, thanks for reading, this was a pretty long loot. Right now, I'm waiting to see if my Native figures for this month will be delayed (I'm sure they will be, though). I'm glad that ITEM #604509 will finally be releasing this month. But all of this delaying means I will have a lot of figures to pay for in October. So that may suck!
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Nice one.
4 months ago
galablue (4 months ago) #67467788great haul thanks for sharing ^_^
Thanks for reading!
4 months ago
Scones (4 months ago) #67467768Nice loot :D
Thank you so much!
Cloudberry (4 months ago) #67467776Awesome haul~ I'm totally jealous of your wedding Miku figure.
Also, I always wondered where is a good website for dakimakura and I'm definitely going to bookmark Denpasoft.
And Every Girl Has Her Thorns was a pretty good read; I like the cute stories and isn't too extreme....

Thanks and thank you for reading!

Denpasoft told me they would be getting in the Nekopara dakimakuras that were pre-ordered, sometime this month. I wonder if they'll end up with some extras. I'll be on the lookout for Coconut for sure xD
4 months ago
great haul thanks for sharing ^_^
4 months ago
Awesome haul~ I'm totally jealous of your wedding Miku figure.

Also, I always wondered where is a good website for dakimakura and I'm definitely going to bookmark Denpasoft.

And Every Girl Has Her Thorns was a pretty good read; I like the cute stories and isn't too extreme....
4 months ago
Nice loot :D
4 months ago
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