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SconesScones11 months ago
If You Were A Scale Figure

Hello China plates, and welcome to a new article! So, if you were a scale figure.

Guide questions:
What would your manufacturer be?
What would your scale be?
What would your base be?
What would your pose be?
What would any accessories or faceplates be?
What is your description?
(Expression, outfit, paint job, sculpt)

What type/version of figure would you be?
What art style would you resemble?
Would your figure be representative of a certain genre? A fantasy, horror, etc. themed figure, for instance?

You’re free to take artistic liberties, of course, like imagining your figure in a certain scenario (as a Neko maid, for instance), you don’t have to follow the questions, and you can list multiple ideas. (This sounds like a bill of rights, so you know at least you can never offend anti-federalists if there are any left. Protect yourself from anime haters and anti-feds.)

My Figure

How to simplify my personality and life into a figure, and pick from all of my ideas, lol...decisions, decisions. Anyways, as for me; I’d be a 1/7th scale by Good Smile Company, with either blue, blue-green or grey eyes (the variation of green-grey-blue eyes is a menace) and with cool-colored blonde hair, and it’d want it to be flowing. Possibly tilted head.

My base would be intricate/complex and include many attached props, or be very beautiful and orante. Either way, heavy aesthetic value would be placed on it. My pose would be a cross between Phat and Good Smile’s Shiro figures’ poses, as in levitating but with one leg up.

I’d be holding out a Kill la Kill/Eva-inspired sparkle(s), as well as snowflakes, and my outfit would be a brown suede jacket with white fur trim, a white button-up shirt, plaid pants and boots. Some snowflakes sculpted onto the shoulders of the jacket would be nice. (Similar to the water droplets on some hot springs figures.)

For accessories, chibi miniature figures like those of Phat’s NGNL line, mine of my best friend and my sister. A kuudere, tongue-out and/or smiling faceplate (minus one.)

My depiction would be a cross between that of Hiroyuki Imaishi and Vofan’s artistic styles, or with No Game No Life / NekoPara eyes.

That’s my simplest and most realistic idea, aka half-assed, and so it doesn’t represent any genre or anime plot. I’d love to see some deeper figure interpretations though, and some with high priority on aesthetics!

Thanks for reading, have a good one.
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SuperMilk11 months ago#68071941I would be the prettiest golden trash can. Even though I'm trash I deserve to be the prettiest trash. JK I don't deserve that and I'm sure people wouldn't want a 1/7 or 1/8 scale of a trash can either. T_T

ITEM #150946 they exist and I have one

I also have various little toilet bowls so those are wanted too

I'm the 1/1 scale dust to be brushed away from precious figures
11 months ago
Late to the party, but this is such a fun question.

I would say I'd be a scale figure, 1/8 or 1/7. I'm not very tall, so maybe a 1/7. Since I'm not an idol or shounen character, GSC or Koto would be my manufacturer. I'd be wearing a light blue floral knee-length sundress with a different shade of blue sash belt, white high-heeled sandals sandals, and a white sun hat, maybe one of those vintage 40s hats or a straw hat. My eye and hair color would be a light brown, just like mine. My base would definitely be some kind of rose garden. There's two ways I could be portrayed. I could either be strolling along with a slight breeze blowing (so my hair and dress would be a little windswept) carrying a white lace parasol with a smug, kind of evil smirk on my face like this: ITEM #604194 to capture my more yandere side, or I could be sitting at a table with a cup of tea in hand with more serene expression like this: ITEM #287697 to capture my classier side. I honestly think Koto would go classy, and GSC would go yandere.
11 months ago
sulukung11 months ago#68091721If im a scaled figure, im a bootleg for sure.Naf11 months ago#68111470Probably a banpresto prize figure, I would be the unpopular prize character in an ichiban kuji and get sell cheap

Then I guess I'm a bootleg of a prize? Basically Sader-quality.
11 months ago
Probably a banpresto prize figure, I would be the unpopular prize character in an ichiban kuji and get sell cheap
11 months ago
I'd say 1/7 or 1/8 made by GSC (or Koto, they might do something like this). Me, a moderately chubby guy with a beard, wearing blue jeans and a black UA hoodie, hunched over in a gaming chair with an angry, open mouthed expression that clearly shows I'm loudly cursing into a headset. Art style I would depict as something like to Umarua-chan(anime) ENTRY #71810 and as a pre-order bonus, an alternate, straight out forward right arm with the bird up.
11 months ago
What would your manufacturer be?

Prime 1 Studio

What would your scale be?


What would your base be?

A red gear and a pile of blankets

What would your pose be?


What would any accessories or faceplates be?

Kuudere expression faceplate
Smug grin faceplate
Yandere grin faceplate
Wooden cane
Pre-order bonus: Aviator sunglasses faceplate
Preorder bonus: Longsword

What is your description?

A slightly chubby but dashing figure in a black hooded sweater with a white wool lining, with the hood up and the zipper open. Highly detailed, down to the teeth on the zipper, the wrinkles in the black sweatpants, and the symbol on the tshirt, and the purple nailpolish on the bare toes. Leaning on a simple wooden cane (swappable with the longsword if you preordered), my long, messy, ruddy-blonde hair would fall off to the side, framing my face. Very pale skin.

What type/version of figure would you be?


What art style would you resemble?

I honestly haven't seen a style of figure that I think would suit. Definitely something with good realism and high detail though.

Would your figure be representative of a certain genre? A fantasy, horror, etc. themed figure, for instance?

11 months ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku

A sfw and nsfw ver.
Starting with sfw

Manufacturer: alter
Scale: 1/6
Base: heart shape
Pose: shyly posed as im flustered, hands a bit down
Faceplate would be lovey dovey tsundere style. An agitated face as well which represents my tsun side and an overly excited face (I tend to be like that when I get a new fig, I made something and am proud of it etc)
Accesoires would be a louise figure, a gyaru magazine and a ministure of my bf
Genre would be slice of life or ecchi
Art style like tabe koji :)


Manufacturer native
1/4 scale
Flirtatious pose :) where my finger is in my mouth but not far, a bit hard to describe
As well as a laying down position
Base would be a bed
Outfit woukd be a sexy babydoll,see through and can be cast off.
Also a different outfit option where im wearing a more kinky daring outfit and tied to the bed option
Genre a hentai or ecchi
11 months ago
I would like to be one of those nsfw posable figures XD
11 months ago
I'd be a Nendoroid with nothing but the faceplate painted. For accessories, I'd come with a box of milliput, some paint, and a craft knife with like thirty extra blades.

My limited edition counterpart would would be exactly the same, but with a Ziploc bag full of random body parts from other Nendoroids.
11 months ago
If im a scaled figure, im a bootleg for sure.
11 months ago
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