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Kelly doll shoes for nendoroid dolls pt 2Kelly doll shoes for nendoroid dolls pt 2

Animaster888Animaster8883 months agoReview
It's true that Kelly doll shoes fit nendoroid dolls perfectly, however it depends on the era and type.

I bought some of the newer era shoes off of wish. I also have the older ones in a review here. BLOG #43725

These are the new ones that fit perfectly

The reason the newer shoes tend to not fit is because the newer Kelly dolls vs the vintage ones have larger feet.
So these types are far too big.

Thanks for reading!
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ahh! this is really cool to know! ₍՞๑´ȏ´๑՞₎! thank you for sharing! ٩₍՞๑´▿`๑՞₎۶
3 months ago
that's actually really interesting to know! I bet you can modify them yourself too and add rhinestones or paint it yourself. Will probably try that some day!
3 months ago
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