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SigmaCloudSigmaCloud2 years ago
Hey MFC, this is going to be my first loot post since I usually don't order enough stuff during any given month to justify one. Bakugou came from KotoUS, but the rest shipped from Amiami which means super high shipping cost (Yay).


I was considering taking a pic of each box, but I figured I'd skip to the stuff that's actually worth taking pictures of.


First up is Kotobukiya's Bakugou. This already gets a ton of points for just being a figure of Bakugou aka best boy, but this is easily the best of the three Koto MHA figures so far. The more dynamic pose does it a lot of favors. I would have preferred a better alternative faceplate, like an open mouth screaming face, but whatever.

Next, Leaf and Squirtle from Kotobukiya. The Pokemon Trainer series is probably my favorite ongoing line of figures, so it's always nice to get one more in the mail. Compared to Red and Green, Leaf's always been weirdly snubbed in the main games, so it's always cool when she's acknowledged.

Bonus shot of the series so far.

I know I said Bakugou was best boy earlier, but Fate Gilgamesh is probably my favorite character in general. It's not his iconic look, but it was the first scale of him that I thought looked worth buying. Already have Myethos' figure preordered and I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on FREEing's 1/4 Gil.


Going back to Kotobukiya, Nero and Dante are up next. To be honest, when retail pics started showing up on twitter, I started getting nervous. I was about to write these two off as a loss, but they actually look pretty good in person. I guess warm lighting suits these figures better. Bonus thought: Nero's cheekbones look great when the light hits them just right.

Finally, Flare's 2B, easily the best figure I've bought so far. The pose may be basic, but it's nuts how good the quality of the sculpt and paint job are. I genuinely hope this isn't a one off situation with Square Enix and there's potential A2 and 9S figures down the road.

This is the point where I realize that I forgot take pictures of Beam Kirby, but thanks for reading this either way. It's cool to post a haul for once, but for the sake of my wallet I hope there's no big months like this coming up.
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I'm hoping to pick Leaf up as well, I have Serena already but they're my favourite girls ;u; also good taste in Gilgamesh husbando choices c;
2 years ago
evenstar882 years ago#68182859Totally loving your Kotobukiya Pokemon collection!
Thanks, it's definitely my favorite figure series so far.
floatingcloud12 years ago#68231703Love Nero and Dante. They look super cool!! Wish that I got them instead of skipping. The Pokemon collection is also pretty awesome.
The detail in Nero and Dante's clothes are super rad. If you get a chance to get them cheaper, I highly reccomend them.
2 years ago
Love Nero and Dante. They look super cool!! Wish that I got them instead of skipping. The Pokemon collection is also pretty awesome.
2 years ago
Totally loving your Kotobukiya Pokemon collection!
2 years ago