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Heartlessxox1Heartlessxox111 months ago
I have been looking for new animes to watch that have figures coming out in the future, I normally can find new animes easily but this time around I'm struggling. I'm a big fan of thriller and horror but I do like my general cute stuff. My favourites and ones I've watched are:
Attack on titan
tokyo ghoul
black butler
Re: zero
ouran high (my first anime)
kamisama kiss (Also, one of my first)
seraph of the end
maid sama (Can't remember the full name)
Future diary (I can't remeber it's name, I just remember the awesome psycho girl with pink hair)
The ancient magus bride (Awesome, my favourites, read the mangas and then started watching it and it's brilliant)
vampire knight

Those are the ones I can clearly remember and love, I've been watching anime for five to six years so there are a lot that I've watched and can't remember, (For example just while writing this I've remembered a few). I'm not very aware of the newer animes, for example i thought vocaloid was an anime (I know now its not). I just need stuff to be able to watch because I'm dragging out watching season three of tokyo ghoul, attack on titan, and finishing Re: zero simply because I don't know what to watch afterwards.
Others I've tried watching and didn't like was Sword Art Online (I couldn't get into it, I tried and read the novels as well but I just couldn't stick with it), Fate stay night (Another I couldn't get into). There's not many that I couldn't really get into and I don't have reasons behind it other than the fact I couldn't follow them for some bizarre reason.
Please recommend as many as you like (If you want to link upcoming figures that go with it please link them, that would give me a deadline and force me to watch them), I also want to hear peoples opinions on them so even if someone else has commented the anime you were also going to recommend please comment so I can hear your opinion on it too.

I saw a lot of people recommending Death note, I thought I had added it to the list, I have already watched that but thank you to everyone for recommending it (I've watched all of it, including the shitty netflix movie)
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1) From the New World
2) Claymore (manga/anime) - manga is great
3) All I need is kill (manga/lightnovel) The story is not very long. The movie Edge of tomorrow is based on this novel.
4) Gantz - manga is great
5) Fafner in the Azure
6) Fate zero [May be you should give this a try although you don't like fate stay night.]
7) Berserk
8) Kakegurui
9) Ao no Exorcist Kyoto Fujouou Hen
11 months ago
For you, can't go past that Death Note I reckon.

Also in no order, a bit of a mix of things:
Steins Gate
Carole & Tuesday
Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
Hunter X Hunter 2011
Monogatari Series
11 months ago
Gakkou Gurashi- a great horror series that is totally just about cute girls living in a high school. Honestly made me cry when I finished it because of how much I enjoyed it.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni- another great horror series that's a favourite in the anime community, even if the art style does look a bit jank these days. A solid mystery that had me wanting to write notes while watching.

The Promised Neverland/Yakusoku no Neverland- personally would peg this more as a thriller than horror, and my favourite example of how to build tension in a season. Seriously, some of the camera angles used in this have just stuck with me as great directing.

Made in Abyss- just overall a gorgeous series with a good mix of adventure and mystery. Do have to warn though that some people call one of the eps the most gruesome they've ever seen, and most tap out at that point. But it does also feature one of the best anime soundtracks of all time.

Neon Genesis Evangelion- look, I liked it, but I don't worship it as the best anime ever like everyone else does. Starts very action-y and then goes off the deep end into some more trippy psychological aspects. May not entirely be your cup of tea, but it's one of those things I always feel I have to mention.

As for shows I haven't watched, I hear good things about Shiki, Claymore and Shinsekai Yori, but can't give a full judgment. Still thought I should include them though in case any take your fancy.
11 months ago
Watch the One Piece Wano arc that's airing right now. Best animation in the whole series.
11 months ago
As for horror / psychological , I can recommend Psycho Pass (Season 1) and Mononoke (the 2007 series). The former is a pretty "classic" straightforwards example of this genre, but very well made. The latter is a very artsy, deliberately "weird" series and one of the best pieces of animation in existence IMO. I highly recommend it
11 months ago
-Golden Kamuy (3 seasons): great action and stories.

-The Promised Neverland (1 season): best psychological anime in the last couple years imo.the manga goes so much farther into the craziness of this world. Cant wait for season 2 :)

-Witch Hat Atelier (3 volumes): this is a manga comparable to magus bride in feel and level of enjoyment.

Gleipnir (3 volumes): again a manga, great action/psychological with character designs out of the horror genre.

-Frau Faust(5 volumes and finished series): a manga by the mangaka as magus bride, kore yamazaki. Great read

Now for a lightning round:

* = what i think might suit your tastes best

Code geass*
Spice and wolf
Panty and stocking with garterbelt
No game no life*
Steins gate*
Yuru camp
Fullmetal alchemist and fma brotherhood*
One punch man
Hero academia
Avatar the last airbender (not an anime technically)
Follow the clouds north by northwest (manga)
Death note
Ergo proxy
Food wars
Angel beats
Rans grey world (manga)
A place further than the universe (10/10)
Made in abyss*
Goblin slayer*
11 months ago
Stuff I haven't seen listed in the comments yet:
-If you like horror, you should definitely try reading Junji Ito's manga. Uzumaki is getting an anime adaptation soon.
-Fullmetal Alchemist. Amazing characters, storyline, action sequences and there's a few horror elements as well. I'd recommend Brotherhood since I enjoyed the storyline more, but the original anime branches off in a different direction so you can start with whichever you want.
-Baccano. It can get a bit gory at times but it's easily one of my favorite series. It moves at a very fast pace, the setting is unique, and the characters are awesome. There's some scary stuff in this one as well since it involves alchemy and the mafia, and some characters View spoilerHide spoilerlike Elmer and Czes have genuinely heartbreaking backstories. You may want to skip the first episode if it's your first time watching, it jumps all over the place and has little impact on the plot.
-Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. It's relatively short but it's a hilarious slice of life series with some cute romance.

General recommendations
-Mob Psycho 100. The characters are all wonderfully developed, the animation and action sequences are amazing, and it has a uniquely pacifistic approach to fighting. There's a lot of supernatural elements as well since the main character is psychic so you might enjoy it.
-Cowboy Bebop. It's just a good series all-around, the dub is great, and many of the episodes are their own self-contained stories so you can pretty much jump in at whatever point you want.
-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It's very long but there's a lot of great protagonists to root for and the villains are over the top. The plot can get a little ridiculous at some points later on but it's just very fun to watch/read.

Edit: Forgot to mention Hellsing! Lots of vampire fight scenes in this if that's to your taste.
11 months ago
If you are looking for a good romance/slice of life, I would definitely recommend the Fruits Basket (2019)
11 months ago
If you are looking for a good romance/slice of life, I would definitely recommend the Fruits Basket (2019)
11 months ago
There’s too much to recommend, but out of the genres you mentioned liking, and based off the list, I’d say watch these:
Parasyte: The Maxim, Elfen Lied, Another, Shiki, Higurashi: When They Cry, Mononoke, Neon Genesis Evangelion can become very horrifying, Hell Girl, and the film Perfect Blue. Manga horror is often much superior imo. Those are the horror essentials.

I don’t know a lot about romance or romantic comedies, which seem to be your first anime, but Spice and Wolf has a unique, charming humor and a FANTASTIC romance. It is a god-tier romance.
11 months ago
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