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OmegaWerrierOmegaWerrier3 years ago
♢ Hiya everybody! ♢


Hiya again everyone! Back again with another loot. It's been quite a while since my last one. Mainly because I didn't get much stuff in Summer & early Fall + being busy with work.
It was in October through to early December that I got my main pre-orders of the year, so exciting stuff in here.

Anyway, enough of chit chat, let's get to it.

Obvious heavy picture blog warning is obvious.


♢ Hobbylink Japan ♢

Really small package from HLJ since the storage time ran out. Just two clear files plus a keychain.


♢ Etsy ♢

It's been quite a while since I got anything from Etsy, but while looking for Fire Emblem Three houses merch, I found Cwilock's store (www.etsy.com/sh...) and his stuff is so cute. Plus, he did a gorgeous poster of my dear FE3H wife (It's Edelgard btw, and no, she did nothing wrong), it was an instant purchase. And even though I didn't pick any up, his the keychains of the FE3H cast are so precious. I also picked up his prints of Land of the Lustrous characters.


♢ eBay ♢

Speaking of Fire Emblem Three Houses, obviously, I got the game. I was quite skeptical before launch, but the game surprised me a lot, it's really deep (200 freakin hours to play all routes!! I'm only on my second one), fun and addicting. The cast is superb and the story and worldbuilding are top-notch. Oh, and the music... I'm blasting it on the daily on my headphones.


I actually didn't get the limited edition, which I later came to regret, so I bought the art book off eBay (the artbook was the only thing I cared about). This is my favorite of the Limited Fire Emblem art books I've gotten. It's quite rich in concept art, and the monastery shots are mesmerizing.

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♢ Amazon ♢

Manga galore!
I didn't get all these at the same time, some should have been in the last loot blog even, but here they are now.
Completed the After the Rain series, got another volume of Komi-san can't Communicate, started collecting Saga of Tanya the Evil and I'm reading through Watakoi now.


♢ Neokyo ♢

After watching the Saga of Tanya the Evil movie, I was itching to get something from a show I like so much. I scoured Neokyo and found this lovely poster done in the Light Novel art style, which is gorgeous. I got a few more things from there (doujins), but they're very NSW, so I'm not showing them off.


♢ Amiami ♢

The first pre-order of the bunch arrived at last. I'm talking about ITEM #675824.
Now, I'm kinda conflicted on how I feel about this figure. I'm overall happy with her, but at the same time, I have a lot of gripes with her. I'm not super bothered with the face which was the main complaint from what I've seen. But she is TINY. Sure she's a 1/8, but more than half of my scales are 1/8 also, and she still feels smaller. Chiyo as a character is supposed to be pretty tall too I'm pretty sure, especially in her demon/succubus form. So that price/size is my main problem with her.
But anyway, other than that she's pretty great, and don't regret getting her. I'm just glad to have a Chiyo in my... *sees ITEM #676142 and the price*


♢ MFC Seller ♢

Even though my wishlist doesn't reflect this, I have a couple of figures that I've been interested in since I first got into collecting back in 2016, but I gave priority to getting other figures since their aftermarket prices seemed stable. In October I finally decided to get what most likely was my most wanted in that list. I talking about ITEM #165800.
Not feeling like waiting a long time for her to arrive from Japan + customs, I decided to go with buying her from a fellow MFC member from Europe.
I really like her, especially the face. The base IS a bit too big for my liking, but at least it isn't a huge black circle.


♢ Amiami ♢

And here is a figure I've low-key wanted for a long time. The tsundere queen of the first Waifu Wars: Asuka. Even though she is somewhat simple, her posture and facial expression speak volumes for the presence of the figure, and that oversaturated red definitely helps. She pops in my collection, that's for sure. She's really well made, great painting and sculpting as usual of Alter, and she's dang sexy.


♢ Amiami & Amazon ♢

Here we have the first time I intentionally bought a second copy of a figure I already own (Shimakaze Nendo). Ever since I got the first one I've been meaning to get another one for more displayability, so here we are.
Also picked up the 1st volume of Don't toy with me Nagatoro-san from Amazon. Really excited to start reading this one.


♢ Toy Japan ♢

To finish the loot off with a bang, here's my first ever 1/4. And since I low key to have an obsession with her, of course, it's the Freeing's Shimakaze. Unsurprisingly, her box was humongous, and she's really, not only tall but, heavy. Rensouhou-chan alone is the size of your regular 1/8, so Shimakaze naturally dwarfs everything else in my collection my a long shot. She's really detailed, and I love the painting. The only thing I don't care about her is the base (which is your typical plain monochrome disc), and I kinda wish they'd chosen a different facial expression.


Bonus shot with all my Shimakazes.


And here are some of my media additions too.



Little round-up for the year of collecting.

Pretty big year for me, coming back to collecting after a near year hiatus. Got a lot of now-favorite figures like ITEM #675224 & ITEM #165800, and my first ever 1/4. Nearly filled my second Detolf display unit, so I'll need to expand sometime next year. I noticed my preferences in figures changing up a bit as well, which is weird and funny.

Well, that's it for this loot blog.
Thanks for reading,
Happy holidays.

Until next year, OmegaWerrier out.

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OmegaWerrier3 years ago#71625225Thanks. I have already played through God of War (Platinum'ed my digital copy actually), I just bought it again since I like to see my gaming collection on the shelf. Excited to eventually play The Witcher 3 though.

Congrats on the platinum!
I prefer having physical copies of my games too. They look so nice organized on shelves.
The Witcher 3 is a great game too, I'm sure you'll have tons of fun with it. Just like GOW, it's loaded with quality content.
3 years ago
StardustCrusader3 years ago#71623417Nice loot! I especially dig the Witcher 3 and God of War games. If you didn't play them yet, you're in for a real treat, especially with God of War IMO :DThanks. I have already played through God of War (Platinum'ed my digital copy actually), I just bought it again since I like to see my gaming collection on the shelf. Excited to eventually play The Witcher 3 though.
3 years ago
Nice loot! I especially dig the Witcher 3 and God of War games. If you didn't play them yet, you're in for a real treat, especially with God of War IMO :D
3 years ago
Não sabia que tambem havia aqui users portugueses. Muito bom!
3 years ago
Nice haul you've got there! Especially Chiyo
3 years ago
Eu vi a loja ToyJapan e fiquei hummm... Eu conheço isto, será que é a loja que estou a pensar?! Fui ver o teu perfil e mistério resolvido! ahahah Sempre bom conhecer coleccionadores portugueses!
E já agora excelente loot!
3 years ago