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Say, remember that time MegaHouse, the One Piece lads, made 1/6 doll/action figures? You don’t? Well me either until I found out in the mid-2000s MegaHouse went,

“You know what we need? Chicks with big tits. But as action figures. And no dudes.”

And so it was! They had a few big names under their belts including Gundam Seed, Code Geass, Bleach (with just one character), and of course To Heart 2. Sadly despite the output of figures MegaHouse decided to stop making doll/action figures... likely because they got the license to Queen’s Blade. Something MegaHouse never got over apparently.

I digress. Let’s talk about today’s figure. MegaHouse’s 1/6 Tamaki! So, quick backstory about Tamaki. She’s a character from the video game To Heart 2 and one of your possible love interests (cause of visual novels taught us anything is women love planks of cardboard). She became really popular during the mid-to-late 2000s and while her popularity has diminished, she still has a big fanbase for a character of her age. Some fans even still call her “Tama-nee” to this day. I myself like her and have amassed a small collection of Tamaki figures (that my mom hates), so when I saw that there was a 1/6 figure I decided to add her to my growing 1/6 collection.

So, as always, let's look at the box.


So I got mine second-hand off Mandarake, so the box was listed as "heavily damaged"; i.e. some little tears and creases. Overall, nice enough box. Big window to see the figure inside, and some little pictures of the figure and clip art they stole off Google.

So let's look at the figure herself!


So right off the back, fantastic figure to pose. Benefiting the double-jointed elbow and knees she has a really nice range of motions. As for accessories she comes with her famous school uniform with long socks and black shoes, a gym uniform, a second pair of shorter socks, sexy black underwear, and an extra set of hands. The two hand sets are one relaxed and one clinched in a fist. This does mean she has no holding hands so if you want her to carry any accessories you'll need to improvise. Or switch out the hands. Because this Tamaki is rather, well, modular.

We can rebuild her. We have the technology!

So Tamaki can be broken down into five components. Hands and feet, legs, arms, torso, and hips. Now, I'm not a doll expert at all so I'm not sure if she can swap out parts with other dolls. But seeing how easy the body comes apart leads me to believe that she can, or MegaHouse just had some shitty quality. Speaking of, the build quality! Normally I don't bring this up in my reviews because everyone has good quality. But Tamaki is... not bad but her actual plastic quality feels cheap. Not knock-off-Barbie-at-the-Dollar-Store cheap, but not something on par with Hot Toys. This said, while it feels cheap nothing broke on me while playing and posing with her, all the joints were smooth (although made a squeaky sound), and while she can be broken down she's not going to fall apart anytime soon. Now, interesting to note, is her torso and hair are molded in a soft rubbery plastic. Could be silicon, but feels more like soft plastic to me. Her torso also has an ab crunch hidden under the plastic, which is really nice. Finally, I want to bring up the fact her feet are freakishly small. Like... seriously. What the fuck MegaHouse?

So, I know what you're all thinking. She's a doll, right? She can remove her clothes and all. And don't worry, I know what you're thinking ;)

G.I. Joe clothes are just too big.

So I don't have any Barbies nearby and not going to run out and buy one or clothes (yet), so I tried letting Tamaki wear some G.I. Joe clothes. Yup. Too big. But smaller clothes are going to likely fit. I'm going to assume Azone and Barbie outfits will fit with minor to little changes. Speaking of outfits, her gym uniform!

Strike a pose!

So, the gym uniform is nothing to really talk about. Short-sleeve shirt and those gym bloomers that apparently they stopped using in the 1980s but are fetish fuel regardless. The clothes slip on-and-off with ease and fit over her underwear... although her bloomers look bunched up. Now speaking of clothes, the actual build quality of the clothes is pretty good. They're not skin-tight and can be removed on-and-off with ease. Except the underwear which is a bitch to take off. This said, the clothes are baggy as expected but not too bad. They fit fine and like said, quality is good.

But I know. I know. You want to get to the lewd stuff.


And here's her fully naked.


So you get an idea of what the articulation is. Pretty basic but still good. Double-jointed elbows and knees, basic swivel pegs everywhere. I think the head is on a ball joint but I'm not too sure honestly. Didn't come off either. Now remember when I said the torso was made with a soft rubbery plastic? Yes, Tamaki's boobs are indeed squishy. Nipples are molded in the same colored plastic but feel free to paint them yourself if you like. Also as mentioned, there is the ab crunch in the torso hidden under the plastic.


Here's she next to my Hot Toys Stormtrooper. In fairness, Tamaki is like from 2007 and the Stormtrooper is new. But hey. She looks better than the Luke Skywalker that came out the year before.

TFW you only wanted to hang with your friends and some crazy old man convinced you to fight the Empire by yourself.

So, she's no Hot Toy and I would say she's about on-par with other 1/6 figures from her time. Not extraordinary but still very good.

"Who are you?"

"You but smol."

So compared to the Neuromancer Tamaki, my favorite Tamaki, OFC the MegaHouse is going to be bigger. But is she better? Well... kinda? Neuromancer is a weird scale and doesn't fit with any other figures except Neuromancers while MegaHouse can easily fit in with like Hot Toys, Real Action Heroes, Azones, etc. But they're still both the best Tamaki action figures on the market ATM. Seeing as there isn't going to be anymore Tamaki's these might be your best bet.


So, final thoughts here? Well, I really like her. She's an old figure, almost twelve years now, but still a great figure if you ask me. So, if you want my recommendation if you like Tamaki, like dolls, you'll like this Tamaki. Mine was about fifty-five dollars on Manadrake, plus shipping, so doesn't appear to be hard to find on the after-market.

So that's it for me today. I'm ZF2, signing off. Enjoy these parrots.

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I had to chuckle at "those gym bloomers that apparently they stopped using in the 1980s but are fetish fuel regardless". I always found it absurd how with anime even produced today, the characters still get put in those bloomers. I guess people will riot if they can't see their favorite school girls in bloomers. :^)

Anyway, nice review! MegaHouse has a super interesting history (much more interesting than the mediocre and small scaled figures they churn out today). Except for the gym clothes set, this doll/figure doesn't even look that aged to me. The fact that she has nipples surprised me though! And except for the tiny feet the quality of the doll body looks very good to me. I also like how her hair is sculpted.
7 months ago
Tama-nee brotherhood is alive nyahahaha!!! that was a fun read... I can't believe there are still fans/collectors of this long forgotten figure line... thumbs-up to you...
11 months ago
I thought Megahouse's obsession with big boobies was recent, but I guess that's been their MO for a long time.XD
11 months ago
This figure really does feel like it's from an era long gone by. Love your opening, made me laugh. I also like that her boobs are squishy? I don't know why but it just seems like a good thing? Fun review.
11 months ago
Ty for the parrots, but now you enjoy these: https://media2.giphy.com/media/8zCmylwilObfO/source.gif

Anyways, a great review. Usually I barely read reviews but I really enjoy your’s. A fun read, as always, written with admirable passion and humor. :)
11 months ago
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