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Tour of USPS Sorting Facility (8 minute video)Tour of USPS Sorting Facility (8 minute video)

ReinierReinier1 month agoDiary
Hey everyone,
I think as collectors who frequently import things from Japan using the United States Postal Service (USPS) some people might enjoy watching this 8 minute tour video of what USPS sorting facilities look like inside. The video is not mine, I came across it in a Google article about how packages get damaged during shipping.

Anyhow enjoy the video :-)

I liked this video because it shows you how big boxes get tossed around in the sorting facility by a machine that flips them upside down and throws them on a conveyor belt. The actual tour begins 57 seconds into the video.
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Criscokid (1 month ago) #68995796So having 'Fragile' and 'Handle with Care' on the box is apparently pointless?!

It encourages the USPS workers to beat the packages up more for demanding special treatment because they assume that the sender has a sense of entitlement and wants to be treated special.
1 month ago
So having 'Fragile' and 'Handle with Care' on the box is apparently pointless?!
1 month ago
skylinedo BANNED
My pulchra figure, nooooooo
1 month ago
Holy Crap, it's like Joe Pera Talks With You taking a tour of a sorting facility.

This is great!
1 month ago
Wow that was a very informative video! Thanks for sharing!
1 month ago
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