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September & October HaulSeptember & October Haul

ChibiSaturnChibiSaturn1 month agoLoot
September & October Haul Post

So, since my August AmiAmi order actually came in August there wasn’t enough that came in September to justify doing a haul post. So, I saved it to do a join September + October haul post.

September Haul

So, I found these Miku items in Five Below and figured why not get them? It’s two magnets and a super cute set of stickers! There are four sheets total - two different designs & then one is plain and one is sparkly.

An item I was looking forward to already and was surprised by! The Bluray/Digital Download Steelbook YuYu Hakusho DVD. I already own the original dvd set, but I liked the idea of this one. I didn’t expect it to come with anything, but it came with two art cards. It looks like the one art card as well as the dvd’s will end up connecting to form a full picture, which is pretty cool.

Also, just for fun, I compared it to the original DVD set - I got these preowned years ago, so they’ve seen better days, but the DVD’s work great.

And Vol’s 23-28 of Attack on Titan! Up until this point I was buying the box sets, but, if I wait until season four to buy the box sets they put out I’ll be waiting FOREVER. Depending on what they come with as extras I might still buy them when the time comes and pass these along to someone else. But, I’m happy to have these as I do plan on re reading it when it does reach its end.

I had been watching Hottopic for this shirt to pop up as I saw someone post about it on IG and when it finally did I had to have it. Fruits basket is a major favorite of mine since way back when and I’m glad it's getting the treatment it deserves.

Lastly, for September we have the 2nd blu-ray for Kyo Kara Maoh! A favorite show of mine, now I just need a blu-ray player (lol).

October Haul

Time for my AmiAmi order! What I was most looking forward to got delayed again so my order was a little light. I added in two pre-owned items I have been eyeing to add a little more.

Let’s start with this Levi figure set. I got it for just under 7,000 yen because it had a C/B rating for “fading on hair” which I figured if it was bad, okay, his hair is black that’s an easy fix. There might be SOME fading on the side, but it’s not bad and overall I’m really happy with the purchase.

Also, I wanted to display both and honestly, I think Levi fits in perfectly here.

Next up is another Taito Miku. I wasn’t sold on the pictures of her online, but, she’s much nicer in person. Just as cute as all the other ones.

For the first nedoroid let's start with Hange! Excited to have her around. The only mild disappointment is that for her battle glasses the straps are part of her head piece, so even in regular glasses, they can’t be taken off.

Next up Aoi from Shirobako. She’s super cute and I love that the car moves.

I only really got this Sena Nendoroid to use the accessories elsewhere, lol.

Elsewhere, is here.

Lastly, for figures we have Rimuru by Pulchra. He came out really great, only disappointment was that his packaging really couldn’t be saved, but quality wise he looks amazing and is true to the prototype.

In addition I got a set of Four Given clear file folders as well as two keychains.

I also got two AniArt No Game No Life Keychains

And lastly from AmiAmi this Hiei AniArt Shirt <3 I was bummed to have missed the first set but I like this one better since he’s facing front on it.

Next up is the 2nd Limited Edition Vol of Cardcaptor Sakura. The books are really pretty and I’m glad I decided to pre order them as I love the series and the art is one of my favorite things about it.

Rounding out October we have Bakugou & Todoroki’s Nendoroids.

Now, to wait for November when I should finally have Good Smile Schwi and Phat’s Jib’s in my hands. Ahhhh, much excitement!
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NyxLuna (1 month ago) #69669597There are several other figures I had to prioritize, so I wont be getting her anytime soon.
Well I hope when you can get her she'll be easy to find. I can't see her skyrocketing in price
1 month ago
ChibiSaturn (1 month ago) #69652396Where you not able to get her? Hopefully you can! She came out really well and her car is super cute.

There are several other figures I had to prioritize, so I wont be getting her anytime soon.
1 month ago
NyxLuna (1 month ago) #69630771Great haul! I'm so jealous of the shirobako nendoroid >.<
Where you not able to get her? Hopefully you can! She came out really well and her car is super cute.
1 month ago
Great haul! I'm so jealous of the shirobako nendoroid >.<
1 month ago
galablue (1 month ago) #69621683
Yess. Stickers are amazing I still have a whole collection. Never too old for stickers.

Yeah its not my favorite Taito Miku as they did make some weird choices on her and the clear hair starts really high up but she was cute and cheap!

Can't wait to wear my Hiei shirt to my convention next month
1 month ago
i love those stickers! i am a sticker fool and i just LOVE stickers of every shape and size and kind lol. glad i didn't see those or i would have been forced to buy them. yup, totally forced.

fun haul. i was wanting to buy the miku figure but i read a review and it said her hair was pretty stringy looking. i think yours looks better than the review i read hair wise, but i still am not sold. it's a really cute concept though. also love the hiei shirt ... and rimuru is cute but his eyes in that figure are just a little creepy for me, but he's just so darn cute! x)
1 month ago
SebastianLover (1 month ago) #69621028
At one point I was saying Wow I'm glad I never got into Miku because her figures are so cute and now... I got suckered in. Yup. Fell down that and the love live figure pits of no return. But for $1 I figured why not get the stickers and the magnets

I was honestly expecting her to get delayed again. Now, I just have to wait for the announcement that her two freeing figures are getting delayed, because, I have no doubt that they will.
1 month ago
Those stickers are so cute! I might just have to hunt them down even though I mostly try to avoid Vocaloid merch because I know what a rabbit hole it is. I think Hatsune Miku gets enough of my money these days with all her figures lol.

I'm also super stoked to get Jibril in the next few weeks! When she first got delayed I was so disappointed. I was half-expecting to get that dreaded delay email again this week.
1 month ago
BlazeDazzleDusk (1 month ago) #69619501Amazing loot, I especially like the Vocaloid stickers and the Rimuru Pulchra figure is adorable!
Thank you!

I'm really glad I got him despite what people said about Pulchra. He came out so good and I like that he's small (and cheap lol)
1 month ago
Amazing loot, I especially like the Vocaloid stickers and the Rimuru Pulchra figure is adorable!
1 month ago

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